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The Incubus System 3 Chapter 3. Incubus Rage

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Chapter 3. Incubus Rage

I ran along the crowded sidewalks, ignoring the people's views as I passed by. After I felt safe enough, I slowed down and dropped on a bench. I caught my breath, trying to calm myself. My attention returned to the strange announcement before my eyes.

[Welcome to Incubus System. Do you want to skip the tutorial?]

[Yes] [No]

'Am I hallucinating? Is something wrong with my eyes?'

I moved my head from side to side trying to throw the annoying announcement out of my sight but couldn't. It followed me wherever I looked.

'Maybe I have to choose between yes and no? But how? '

The announcement was before my eyes I could not press anything to choose one of them. I was thinking about trying to figure out what to do.

'Looks like it all connected to my mind. '

I looked at the announcement and thought.

'No. '

It disappeared and was replaced by another screen.

[Welcome host to Incubus System. This system will help you become stronger and conquer every woman you want.]


[Name: Damian Lucio] [Age: 18]

[Level 1] [Exp: 0.00%]

[Race: Demon-Incubus] [Title: N / A]

[HP: 200/200] [DP: 10/100]

[STR: 20] [VIT: 20]

[AGI: 25] [LUK: 15]

[INT: 20] [WIS: 10]

[Partners - 0]



I frowned as I read it. I understood most of the information and numbers since I had played game before. My attention is focused on my name and race.

'What the heck?! I'm a demon now?! And that's not even my name!'

'Change name. '

[Request denied. Change name is not allowed.]

I laughed awkwardly by myself, hoping all of this was just a joke.

'Okay. So it was not only my face that changed but my name and race also changed. '

My attention was shifted on the words 'DP', I could guess that it was a kind of 'SP' (Spiritual Power) or 'MP' (Magic Power). But why isn't it full?

'What is DP?'

[DP: Demonic Power. Power used by demons to use skills or heal themselves. You can get it by performing a sexual activity with women. Warning! Deficiency Demonic Power will trigger Incubus Rage]

From this information, I can conclude that my DP is not full because I just healed my wound.

'What is Incubus Rage?'

[Incubus Rage: A state where an Incubus will have a high sexual urge to perform random sexual acts on the woman nearby.]

'Does that mean I will become a rapist if my DP is empty ?!'

I laughed awkwardly once again like a fool. This system not only turned me into a demon but also turned me into a pervert.




[Charm Lv 1 (Requires 5 DP) - Skill used by succubus or incubus to attract the opposite sex's attention. Provoke them to do sex with him. The higher the level of this skill the higher your opposite sex's desire to have sex with you.]

[Dark Healing Lv 1 (Requires 10 DP) - Skill used by the demon to change 10 DP to 100 HP. The amount of healing will increase each level. ]

[Demonic Energy Lv 1 (Requires 10 DP) - Skill used by demons to strengthen their attacks and increase speed in combat. Strength and speed increase by 30% per level. ]

[Demonic Erection Lv 1 (Requires 5 DP) - Allows incubus to erect without having to do foreplay. Gives greater pleasure, increasing cock length and amount of semen will increase each level.]

[Manipulation Lv 1 (Requires 7 DP) - Manipulate someone to do something you want. Work less effectively on strong-willed targets. The chance of success is determined by skill level. ]

[Observation Lv 1 (Requires 2 DP) - Skill used to analyze targets.]


[Incubus Form - Status: Activated]

[Contraception Spell - Status: Activated]

[Scent Recognition - Status: Activated]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated]

[Demonic Form - Status: Deactivated]

'Incubus Form Activated?'

Suddenly, I grasped with my face and body changes. This is my form as an incubus, as Damian Lucio. But once I deactivated it, I would most likely be able to return to being human, as Ethan. A smile developed on my lips as I heaved a sigh of relief.

' Thank God, I thought I really turned into someone else.'

"Um ... good evening, sir," a woman's voice called out to me.

I raise my head. A woman in her twenties with a beautiful face. Her slim body covered in a black mini dress and a nice blazer coat. Her long brown hair was left loose on one side. Her face slightly reddened as her eyes looked at me shyly.

"How much ..." she said.

I frowned in confusion.


"How much is your price, sir?" she said shyly.

"Price?" I'm more confused by her words. I turned my gaze around me and realized that I was in Ledred, a red light district specifically for male prostitution. When I escaped earlier I did not pay attention to where I was running. What was important to me was to go as far as possible from that place.

'It seems like she mistook me for a prostitute. '

"Sorry, miss. I-" I was about to refuse but suddenly an announcement with a red box appeared in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Your Demonic Power is under 10%.]

[Incubus Rage will trigger in 60 seconds.]

'What ?! Seriously ?! '

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