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The Incubus System 18 Chapter 17. Envy

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The Incubus System Chapter 17. Envy

My eyes fixed on Camila who was standing while swept her gaze around her in anxiety. The place she was standing now was where she met me two days ago. Some male prostitute approached and offered her their business cards. She took their cards and talked with them for a few moments, before long the prostitutes shook their head then left.

"I knew it! That damn manwhore must be just playing with her," Olivia said. Even though her voice was low, her anger was clearly heard from her tone.

I glanced at her, her eyes filled with anger as she dragged her nails against the tree trunk until it left scratch marks. I gulped hard. I think if she knew that person was me, she would not only literally kill me but she would torture me first before killing me.

Actually, I have saved Camila's number yesterday but haven't contacted her. I don't know how I should start our conversation. There's no way I can send a message 'Hey, it's me, Damian. The guy who just banged you yesterday. If you want to rent me again, call me. ' Those words really screw up, right?

Both of us watched Camila who was sitting on the bench while looking at her surroundings in silence.

"Why you did not approach her? Didn't you say you were looking for her?" I said breaking the silence between us. I can't bear to see her looking for me like that.

"No, my goal is not to bring her home, but I want to know that jerk's face looks like."

"What's your plans after finding out?" At least I want to know what will happen to me if I get caught.

She looked at me sharply with anger.

"I will make sure he doesn't play with her. If it turns out to be true ..." She mimicked breaking something with her both hands.

"I will break his dick and skin him alive."

I gulped again, I could not imagine if it really happened to me.

'That's even worse than death ...'

"Why is your face turning pale?" she asked, frowning in confusion.

"Ah, I just feel sorry for him," I said, grinning awkwardly.

She gave me a suspicious look for a moment and then returned her gaze to Camila.

Feelings of guilt continued to envelop me, I felt I wanted to turn into Damian and take Camila away from there. But if I do that now then our quarrel can't be avoided especially since Olivia saw me bump to Emma yesterday. I don't want to make a fuss here nor complicate Camila's position and ... I also don't want my 'future' to break.

"Do you really not want to take her home?" I said again.

"No, I'll wait for that jerk to show himself," she replied.

After waiting for 2 hours, without success finally, Camila stood up from her seat and left with a disappointed expression. We followed her out of Ledred to a luxury car that was parked outside the district.

I heaved a sigh of relief, at least she had returned safely.

'I'm sorry Camila, I will definitely contact you tonight. I didn't know you were looking for me, 'I thought as I watched her car move away.

"That jerk is really a coward!" Olivia's voice returned my attention to her. I could see her anger clearly on her face and eyes.

I was speechless. I understand her anger at me, if there is a man who treats Celia like this I will also be furious at him.

Seeing me silent, she took a deep breath trying to calm her anger.

"Don't put on such a sad face. I'm upset but I'm not scolding you," she said in a softer voice.

"I know ..." I replied.

Realizing my gloomy expression had not changed, she grabbed my hand.

"Come on," she said as she pulled me away.

"Where are we going?" I asked while following her.

"I know a nice cafe around here. How about we have a drink before we get back?"


Two of us sat facing each other in a street cafe while drinking two hot chocolates accompanied by the sparkling little lamps like stars in the sky.

"Ethan, thank you for accompanying me today," she said.

"You are welcome." Then I lowered my head again staring at my glass in my hand. My feelings are mixed but the feeling that dominates me the most right now is guilt towards Camila and Olivia. Although I know this is not entirely my fault, somehow this guilt makes my chest feel tight.

She held my hand slowly, I was quite surprised by her sudden gesture. I lifted my head and realized she was staring at me gently. I never think I can see Olivia like this.

"Do you find me scary?"

Realizing she misunderstood me, I immediately gave her a reassuring smile.

"No. I'm just thinking about something else," I said, pulling my hand away from her.

"Thinking of your mother?" she guessed. Her eyes remained fixed on me.

"My mom?"

"I heard your mother remarried, leaving you and your sister."

Her words pierced me, I realized why this guilty feeling continued to bother me. Damian's existence was the same as my stepfather who took my mother from me and Celia.

"I'm sorry," I muttered unconsciously.

"This isn't your fault. Why are you apologizing?"

I can only be silent, I can not say a word to her.

Seeing my reaction, she sighed while leaning back in her chair.

"Actually, I also can't blame the man who seduced my mother completely. I know he's a prostitute, I know he only does his work. Maybe I'm just envy of him ..."


"Two days ago for the first time, I could see my mother smiling happily. She excitedly told me everything. But in just one day my mother's smile faded as she couldn't find him at Ledred. I hate a man who likes to play with women."

'Wait?! Camila has said everything that happened to us? Isn't that the same as killing me? ' Even though I look calm but actually I was really panicked after hearing her story.

"My father treated my mother badly and now he is bringing his mistress to our house just to make my mother sign their divorce letter faster. At least I want to make sure this man can make her happy," she continued.

"So you don't mind that man being with your mother?" I said in disbelief.

"If he can make her happy ... Why not?" she answered lightly and took a sip of her hot chocolate. But despite her words I could clearly see the disappointment in her eyes. After she placed her glass on the table, her expression turned serious.

"But if he dares disappoint her ..." Her hands was about to imitate breaking something, but I immediately stopped it.

"I understand, I understand. Don't say it again." For some reason every time she said it, my lower part ached.

Seeing my expression, she chuckled.

"Ethan, will you accompany me here again tomorrow?"

"Do you still want to look for that man?"

"Of course. But if you're bored, we can watch her from inside the cafe. There's no need to stand behind a tree like before. We can pretend we're dating." I can see her cheeks are slightly red.

Hearing the words 'dating' my face also blushed. I have never dated a woman before while I'm not sure what I did with Camila and Mia yesterday could be called a date.

"I mean ... Right now my house's situation is chaotic. I don't want to be at home for a while," she quickly added.

I looked down to cover my reddened face.

"I have a work schedule tomorrow." I have to fill my DP, apart from that I also plan to meet Camila, I can't possibly let her keep looking for me.

"Too bad ..." Her expression turned disappointed.

An idea crossed my mind.

"But I will try to arrange my time for you. I'll contact you later." I have decided, I will take care of everything.

Her smile developed, her face turned brighter. I didn't expect Olivia to look cute when smiling like this. My smile also blossomed after seeing it.

"Okay. I'll wait for your message," she said.

Suddenly someone took my glass and almost poured it into my head. My eyes could clearly capture all of his movements. At the same time, I hit his wrist, while Olivia could only be stunned in shock.

[You have hit a human for 5 HP.]

My glass fell from his hand. Faster than a blink, I catch it with my other hand and put it back on the table.

- Tak!

My hot chocolate remained steady in the glass even though it was quickly put down.

I turned my gaze to the man who tried to pour me with a displeased expression. A tall, fierce-faced man with a muscular body. Olivia stood up from her chair with the same expression as mine, her eyes staring at him with rage.

"Franz! What do you want ?!"

He snorted in annoyance while giving me a hateful glance.

"Olivia, this thin man doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend!" His sentiment came clearly from his tone.

For some reason, that annoying tone reminds me of someone.

"It has nothing to do with you!" She turned her gaze to me.

"Let's go."

I was just about to stand up but he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back to sit.

"My business with you isn't finished, Ethan."

I frowned in confusion.

'How does he know my name?'

Olivia brushed Franz's hand away from me and stared at him with a displeasure expression.

"He has nothing to do with our business. Besides, didn't I say I wasn't interested in you? "

Franz smirked.

"I really like your angry face." His hand moved almost to touch her chin. Olivia was ready to brush it off, but in one breath I stood up and caught his hand.

Both of them were shocked by my movement's speed.

"I don't know what your relationship is but I don't like your insolent act to my friend." My eyes stared at Franz sharply.

"Brother, didn't I already say it would be better for you to beat him up immediately," Another male voice came from behind him.

He pulled his hand away from me as I looked at the familiar-faced man who walked toward us. Now I understood why Franz knew my name and remembered the person who had the same annoying tone as him.

"Bern, what do you want ?!"

"How do you know Bern?" Olivia asked.

Before I spoke, Bern took my chance to answer her question.

"Of course he knows me, I'm his sister's boyfriend."

"Ex-boyfriend," I clarified.

Bern snorted.

"I'm sure Celia will return to me if I can defeat you." He gave me an evil smirk. "Especially if I send her a picture of her battered brother ."

"I heard you are a good fighter. How about becoming my sparring partner? My family's fighting studio is not far from here," Franz said.

I glanced around us and realized that the people's attention were starting to focus on our commotion.

"Fine." I know that place is dangerous but I'd rather finish it in a quieter place. I don't want other people to get involved in our fight, let alone street fights will definitely make us have to deal with the police.

They turned and walked, I was just about to follow them but Olivia held my hand.

"Ethan, you don't need to follow them."

"Stay here, I'll be back as soon I finished with them."

"No. Franz is my problem. I'll accompany you."

"Hey skinny! Hurry up!" Franz snapped.

I ignored Franz and resumed my conversation with Olivia.

"Okay, but if there is something wrong you must leave immediately," I said again.

Her cheeks turned red once again and she nodded in agreement, then both of us walked after them.

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