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The Incubus System 16 Chapter 15. Hickey

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The Incubus System Chapter 15. Hickey

"Damian? Why are you suddenly there? Didn't you just open the door?" Mia's voice dispersed my thoughts, her confusion visible on her face. It seemed that the stun spell's effect had disappeared.

Panic overcame me, but I tried to maintain my composure and approached her.

"I already opened the door. The security said we were too noisy," I said, sitting next to her.

"Why didn't I see you return?" She frowned in confusion.

I responded to her confusion by gently stroking her hair.

"You were dazed when I returned. Are you okay? Am I ... too rough?"

Her face turned red when she remembered what we had just done, then she looked away.

"I don't think so ... Maybe I'm just too tired after what happened."

"Get some rest. I'll get your clothes." I stood and took our clothes that scattered on the floor.

"Thank you," she said, taking her clothes from my hand. But she did not wear it, but only stared at it in silence.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Damian, what do you think of me after we do it?"

I frowned in confusion. I am her prostitute and she is my client. Shouldn't I be the one to ask her that question?

"Sorry, I don't understand what you mean."

She suddenly brought her face closer and looked at me with a serious gaze, while I reflexively leaned my body backwards in surprise.

"I mean is it weird to do it with a Lamia? Have you ever done it with another Lamia or other hybrid-beasts?" she said in a serious tone.

To be honest I was shocked by her sudden act. "This is the first time I've done it with a hybrid-beast."

"What do you think?"

"I really don't understand what you mean," I said, giving her an awkward smile.

Her cheeks are getting redder. "I mean ... Is it weird?"


"We have different anatomy from humans ... And we will wrap our tails around our male when we do it. Do you find it weird?"

A chuckled out of my mouth after I heard her question. I didn't expect her to worry about such a small thing.

"Why should I feel weird about what a Lamia should do? Isn't what makes you different makes you more beautiful?"

She paused for a moment with a blushing face before speaking again.

"Are you telling the truth? Or are you just afraid of hurting my feelings?"

"Wasn't I the one who asked you to wrap it harder? Do you think I was lying to you?" I needed to admit it, even though Damian took the lead while doing it with Mia, Ethan enjoyed it too.

"Ah ..." She remembered what had just happened and clearly remembered my expression clearly.

My hand rubbed her face while my eyes gazed at her gently.

"Is there something bothering you that makes you think like that?"

She lowered her head for a moment before returning her gaze to me. This time I saw the sadness clearly from her eyes.

"Actually, I wanted to do it with my boyfriend ... But we broke up and he said he couldn't stand with me anymore. He hated when I wrapped him. I tried to hold myself back, I didn't even mind he tied me up ... But how could I possibly go against my own instincts? " Her eyes trembled and began to glaze over while I remained silent listening to her.

"Finally he said I was nothing more than a slut who had to sleep with a man every month. He said that I had only used him ... I didn't understand ... I really didn't understand. He was the one who said that he loved me and would accept me as I am. "

My other hand held the other side of her cheek and rubbed it slowly, trying to comfort her.

"If he can't accept your true self, he doesn't deserve to be with you."

"Over the past 4 years, I've changed partners more than ten times and in the end, they all said the same thing. They couldn't accept me as Lamia. While the other people blamed me and said that I was a playgirl who likes changing partners." The tears in her eyes were getting full but she tried to hold it back.

Seeing her hold back her tears my heart ached. My hands moved to hug her, bury her face in my chest. I know she's trying to be strong but doesn't everyone have their weak moments?

"If you want to cry it's okay ... I'm here. You can cry to your heart's content," I said softly, my hands moving to brush her hair.

Her hands hugged me tightly, slowly I could feel her tears wet me.

"Damian ... Sniff, sniff ... I'm really tired. I'm tired of giving opportunities to people who don't appreciate me ... I appreciate their feelings, but they don't want to do the same. Is it that unfair? " Her voice sounded wistful.

I understood her difficulty, Lamia is a hybrid-beast that rarely travels far from their territory, the kingdom of Serpent Rock, a small kingdom on the Vihrasil Continent. I never know the reason behind it, but now I knew it was because they avoided the public's bad judgment due to their mating period.

"Take a rest. Wait until you are ready to accept new love. There is no need to force yourself. Don't hurt yourself again ..." I said sincerely. I didn't think Mia, who always looked passionately, had a problem like this.

Silence filled our room for a few moments. Only the sound of our hearts beating in my ears.

"You're right ... Maybe I've been forcing myself too far." I noticed a smile that began to develop on her face as she pulled her body away from me. "Damian ... Are you willing to do this again with me next month?"

I'm speechless in confusion with her words. Isn't she able to book me anytime? I can only guess maybe this is her first time she has done this with someone other than her boyfriend.

Her face flushed in embarrassment and panic.

"I-I mean ... Since I don't want to date anyone for a while, at least I need someone to ease my mating period."

"You can contact me, whenever you want to do it," I said, wiping tears from her face.

A second after my words left my mouth, an announcement appeared.


[Congratulations! You have got a partner!]

[Mia Ashelis - Hybrid-beast (24)]

[Love Meter 1/10 - I'm so excited to see you again. ]

'Eh ?! She's my partner now? '

Not finished with my surprise, she held my hand that was placed on her face and moved it, wiping her face slowly. From her expression, she looks comfortable with me.

"Thank you, Damian."

* Beep * * Beep * * Beep *

The sound of the electronic alarm interrupted our intimacy. I approached it and pressed the red button to turn off its sound. An announcement appeared on the alarm screen.

"You only have 10 minutes left. Do you want to extend your stay? Yes / No"

I turned to Mia. "Do you want to stay longer?"

"No. We'll check out shortly." Her hands began to move to wear her clothes.

"Okay." I turned and pressed 'no' on the screen.

The writing on the screen changes.

"Thank you for your stay at our hotel."

I turned around and put on my clothes.

"Anyway, you haven't told me your rates," she approached me with her cellphone.

I remembered I hadn't told her, but I thought 1000 Creds per hour was too expensive. I do not want to take the opportunity of this accident.

"How about the same rates as Davin?"

"Okay, what's your account number?"

I took my new cellphone in my bag and showed the barcode. She scanned it and typed some numbers in it.

* Beep *

A notification appears on my cellphone screen.

"Virtual account number XXX-XXXX-XXXX just sent 1200 Creds to you."

My eyes widened in surprise.

'1200 Creds? Is a prostitute price that high? '

Honestly don't know anything about prostitution's world, nor I know what their average rates are. I only consider 1000 Creds expensive based on my life standard.

She noticed my expression.

"Is that not enough?"

"Of course not. Thank you for using my services," I said, giving her a slight bow.

"Don't forget to save my number. I will definitely contact you again."

I answered with a nod.


A breath came out of my mouth as I sat in the fast train to go home. Right now, I had deactivated my incubus form and also worn my sweater to cover my thin body. After we checked out, I offered to escort her to the station, but she refused. So we parted in front of the hotel.

My mind sank in the earlier incident when my consciousness sank devoured by my demonic instinct. Even though I can see and feel everything, but I'm not me...

There was fear when I found out that this system created another me but it also gave me great power. The power that can make me fight demons and protect my loved ones. Therefore I will try as hard as I can to control it. There is no power that comes without a price, right?


I used my travel time to check on my progress.


[Name: Damian Lucio] [Age: 18]

[Level 5] [Exp: 85.78%]

[Race: Demon-Incubus] [Title: Iron Fighter]

[HP: 184/220] [DP: 118/120]

[STR: 32] [VIT: 22]

[AGI: 28] [LUK: 16]

[INT: 21] [WIS: 12]

[Partners - 2]

[Camila Creststream - Human (35)]

[Mia Ashelis - Hybrid-beast (24)]

[Unused stat - 10]

I just realized I still have unused status points. 'Haaa! I should have added it into my WIS before doing it with Mia. '

With more WIS I can do more skills for fighting since I don't know when I will meet the other demons and how strong they are. But in a panic and confused after seeing Mia in pain like that I also could not blame myself.

My train stopped and the announcement was heard.

* Ding Dong *

"Attention please, we have arrived at Ironshade Town."

My feet stepped off the train and exited the station while continuing to flip through my status and skill screens.

'I have 1 skill point remaining. Looks like I'll use it to increase my demonic energy.'

A tap on my shoulder surprised me.

"Ethan, did you just come home from your work?" a woman's voice followed it.

I turned to a Lamia who smiled and walked beside me.

"Mi - I mean Ms Mia, did you also just come home from your work?" My heart pounded, it felt strange after what we did before, now we meet again and I have to act as nothing has happened between us.

"No, I just returned from the convenience store," she said, showing me her groceries. Now I understood why she didn't go straight to the station after she left.

"Ah ..." She seemed to notice something, her eyes focused and carefully observed me.

'Does she realize I'm Damian?' I began to panic with her gaze.

"Is there something wrong with me? "

She pointed to her hickey on my shoulder near my neck.

"Did you just have a date with your girlfriend?"

I immediately covered her hickey with my hand in panic.

"I don't have a girlfriend," I replied quickly.

A teasing smile spread across her face as her eyes looked at me in disbelief.

"Hoo ~? Really? Then who is the owner of that love mark? I'm curious ~"

An awkward cringe developed on my lips since I couldn't say it was hers.

"Ethan, I'm still waiting for your answer ~" she teased once more.

"Er ... That ... From ... Um ..." My panic was clearly visible on my face.

A small laugh came out of her mouth after seeing my reaction.

"Never mind, if you don't want to tell me it's fine. But if you love her you must take good care of her. Don't make her cry, ok?"

"Okay, " I answered simply. This is seriously awkward for me.

A few seconds later, we are already in front of our house.

"See you tomorrow, Ethan."

"See you tomorrow, Ms Mia." I stepped into the yard and unlocked the door.

"Celia, I'm home," I said as I went into the house and took my shoes off.

"You don't usually come home this late, " said Celia who sat nonchalantly in front of the TV.

"I had to take care of something today," I replied while taking off my sweater and putting it on the sofa with my bag.

"Have you had your dinner?"

She stared at me for a few moments before answering.

"I have ... I also made dinner for you."

"Really? Thank you," I said excitedly. It has been a long time since I tasted her cooking, she never cooked for me again after our father died. My feet stepped into the dining room and found my favourite fried rice.

I was just about to sit down but Celia pulled my shirt from behind several times.

"What's the matter?" I said, turning my head to her.

She looked at me with a wistful gaze.

"Did Bern do something to you?" I guessed worriedly. I never thought he would still dare to bother her after I beat him up yesterday.

She shook her head.

"Brother ... Are you also going to leave me like mom?"

My forehead wrinkled in confusion after hearing her.

"Of course not. What makes you think like that?"

"Are you going to leave with the woman who gave you that mark?" she said, pointing at Mia's hickey on my shoulder.

I pulled my t-shirt neckline to cover it.

"Of course not." I grabbed her shoulders.

"Celia, listen to me. I won't leave you alone. It's a promise." My eyes gazed at her in seriousness.

"Then do you mind if I erase that mark?"

"Erase it?"

"Stay still." She released my hands and brought her face closer to my shoulder. I could feel her naked breast without a bra under her thin sleepwear pressing against my chest.

"Celia, what do you - ngghh ..." I flinched as I could feel a bite accompanied by suction in the same place as the hickey on my shoulder. Suddenly my heart beat fast, I could hear it clearly in my ears.

She moved away from me, while I still stiffened in shock by her act.

"Now the hickey belongs to me. Because you only belong to Celia." I could see her face turning red with a shy smile adorned her lips.

"Good night, brother." Then she turned and left.

I leaned my back against the wall trying to calm myself, my heart and especially my mind that was getting wild. One of my hands covered my face that was red with embarrassment and my other hand touched Celia's bite marks on my shoulder.

'Celia ... I'm your brother... What have you been thinking ...'

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