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The Incubus System 15 Chapter 14. Alter Ego

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The Incubus System chapter 14. Alter Ego

My hand that stroked her hair moved down rubbed her face while my lips approached and kissed her slowly. I realize something is wrong with me, but my urge for mating continues to dominate me. She is my neighbour and my initial purpose is just to relieve her mating period's pain, but why now I'm the one who feels so thirsty of her? Why do I feel addicted? What's wrong with me?

My demonic instincts overwhelmed my mind, seizing my common sense. My consciousness as Ethan was like sinking in the pool of dark mud. I can't breathe ...

My hand rubbed down to her neck, my entire body has been controlled by my demon part.

* Knock * * Knock * * Knock *

I just about to make my move when a knocking sound came.

She broke my kiss.

"I'll get my clothes." She almost got out of the bed but I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms.

"Ignore it," I said.

My lips fell on hers once more, but a few seconds later the knocking sound came back.

* Knock * * Knock * * Knock *

"Excuse me. May I speak for a minute?" A male voice followed it.

I broke my kiss and clicked my tongue in annoyance. What an annoying person, I really want to tear him in two.

"I'll answer him," I said, getting out of the bed and walking toward the door with an upset expression.

"What about your clothes?" she asked in confusion.

"I don't need that."

I opened the door indifferently, the security looked at me in surprise since there was not a single strand that covered my body.

"What's wrong?" I said curtly. My annoyance was absorbed in my tone.

He lowered his head in embarrassment.

"We got some complaints. Your room is too noisy, it disturbs other guests. I hope you can keep it down a bit."

"Tell them my apologies," I replied nonchalantly. Then without further ado, I closed the door.

I turned around and was about to return when I saw a beautiful woman with purple hair standing near the bed. Without the system's announcement, my instincts can already tell that she is a demon and I don't like another demon around my woman.

Without thinking twice, I dashed towards to attack her, but she disappeared before my eyes. She appeared behind me and pushed me onto the floor.

[You have taken 36 physical damage.]

The pain struck me. I was surprised by the damage she gave me, even though she only pushed me a bit but her power was huge. Also, her movements are very fast, I can't cope with her. A second later, she had pinned my hands against the floor while she sitting on top of me.

I glanced at Mia and saw her stiffened in her place like a stone statue.

"What did you do to her ?!" I snapped while struggling.

"She is fine. I only gave her a stun spell so she will not disturb our conversation."

I lifted my head to her face while keep struggling desperately, my eyes staring at her with anger. "How dare you touch my woman!"

"Looks like your demon's instincts have begun to overwhelm you... Ethan. " Her eyes glared at me.

"Ethan? Who is Ethan?" I said in confusion. My name is Damian, I don't know who Ethan is. This crazy woman must be mistaking me for someone else.

She brought her face close to my ear, while I kept struggling to get away but an invisible force bound me.

"Ethan, listen to me. Calm yourself, adjust your breath," she whispered. Her hand covered my eyes.

Breathe? Yes ... I have to breathe ...

I stopped struggling and took a deep breath, trying to regulate it. My consciousness as Ethan began to recover, but my chest still felt tight.

"Open your eyes slowly. Do you see the light?" she instructed.

"No." I can only see the darkness around me.

"Imagine you are in clear water. You look up and you can see the sun shining through the water around you."

Clear water ... And sunshine ... Just like when I swam in the Green Lake with father and Celia ...

Slowly I seemed to be able to see a ray of light.

"I can see it..."

"Now go into the light."

I tried to reach the light and swim to the surface but I feel like someone was holding my feet and pulling me back down.

"Ughhh..." I grunted. My breathing became irregular and I struggled once again.

"Ethan! Now imagine you are in a kids pool. You can reach that light easily!"

Kids pool ...

Suddenly the light became brighter. The power that pulled me disappeared and slowly my consciousness as Ethan returned completely.

She distances herself and removes her hand from my eyes as I take a quick breath. I felt like just woke up from a nightmare.

"Are you awake, Ethan?" she made sure.

"Yes ..." I frowned and my eyes blinked in confusion. I know this woman. She was the one who saved me when I almost died yesterday. Slowly I could feel the power that bound me disappear, she moved away from me and I stood up.

"What was that?" I asked.

"You lost control of yourself. You shouldn't let your demonic instinct take over your body completely."

I did let my demonic instinct take over since I didn't know what to do, but I didn't know the consequences could be this fatal.

"Is this all because I let Damian take over me?" I asked.

"More or less," she answered simply.

As expected, all of this because of the system. Even though I didn't mind with this strange system and have accepted the fact that I have turned into a demon, but I don't want to lose myself. I still want to maintain my human consciousness.

"Then take that crazy demon out of me! Take this perverted system from me!"

"I can't. Once the system is removed, you will die. Because Ethan died yesterday."

I froze to hear her words in disbelief.

"I am... dead?"

"Yes, that system has kept you alive and created another you."

"What do you mean?"

"Damian Lucio is not a demon but Ethan Strongheart's alter ego. Both of you are one," she asserted.

My eyes widened in surprise.

'Damian is my alter ego?' I was always obeying the rules and maintaining my attitude. How can I have a wild alter ego like that?

"You just need to control yourself and never let your demonic instinct take over you completely. That system and your other self will make you stronger but you must learn to control it. If not ..." She stopped at the last sentence and looked at me.

"If not?" I asked her to continue, even though I knew it would not be a good news.

"I will have to take you to the dark dimension. Where we, demons belong."

I'm speechless. 'Dark dimensions ... Demon like me should be there, not here.' But the image of Celia's sad face crossed my mind.

'No ... I can't go now. I can't leave Celia alone.'

"I will learn to control it," I answered firmly.

She smiled in satisfaction at my reply.

"Alright. Do you remember my instructions? If your demonic instinct starts to devour you, just do it like that."

"I understand."

Then her smile faded and was replaced with a serious expression.

"One more thing, I must warn you. Currently, some cracks appear in the dark dimension, many demons use it to escape to the human world. There will be more demons hanging around. Some of them are stronger than yesterday's rat demons. You have to be more careful, "she warned.

Her words reminded me of my previous battle. To be honest, I felt strange about the demon's appearance in the last 2 days. Usually, demon attacks only occur in 10 cases per year. But just from my incident that has been attacked in 2 days in a row, I can draw conclusions that their numbers have increased drastically. I looked at her.

"Miss, who are you?" Although I'm sure she is a demon but after she helped me today and yesterday. It seems like she is not an evil demon like the others.

"My name is Lilieth. I am the same as you. What distinguishes us is that I have lived longer than you."

"You are a demon. Why did you help me yesterday?" I asked again curiously. I've never heard of a demon that cares about humans.

"Help you?" She chuckled. "I'm only doing my duty to fix the problem caused by this crack." Then she leaned her face close to me while her hand caressed the side of my face.

"If you can help me to deal with the escaped demons, that would be better."

I distanced my face nervously.

"I will help you as much as I can." Even if she doesn't ask for it, I'll do it anyway. I was lucky yesterday, while other victims may not be as lucky as me.

"I just want to warn you about that. I'll excuse myself." She turned and swung her hand, creating a portal nearby.

But then, I remembered today's incident that still bugs me.

"Ah ... wait!"

She stopped her steps and turned towards me. I continued my words.

"Today this system gives me a perverted quest. Do I have to go through a quest like that every day? I mean ... I—"

"That system is connected with your mind and heart. It will bring out your deepest desires and turn it into a quest or mission. Everything depends on you," she interrupted.

My heart beat fast when I heard her answer. 'So I'm the one who wants to do that to Emma?'

"Like I said before. Control yourself. Damian is your friend and your enemy. It all depends on you to control it. Good evening, Ethan, " she continued. She walked into the portal and disappeared.

'My friend and my enemy...' I clenched my fist in determination.

' I will not give up. I will take control of this system and power. Also, my alter ego ... Damian. '

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