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The Incubus System chapter 12. Mating Period?!

Realizing that she was still in that demon manipulation skill, I held her shoulders and shook her body.

"Ms Mia! Wake up!" I tried to wake her while her tail slithers, wrapping my feet to my waist tightly.

But in vain, her eyes still remain blank.

"Hot ... My body feels hot ..." she muttered. Her hands slipped into my t-shirt and touched my body while she leaned her head, trying to kiss me.

I could feel her soft hands touching my skin, exploring my chest and abs.

"Ms Mia. Stop it!" I shook her body once more, hoping she would wake up soon.

But rather than awaked, her hands instead moved to unzip my jeans. I grabbed her hands to stop it. As soon as I took my hands off her shoulders, she leaned forward and pushed me. We fell, her body over mine, her soft breast pressed against my chest but her wrap did not weaken.

Her tongue licked my neck. My heart was beating fast, my man instincts began to be provoked. I remember when I manipulated Emma, she immediately regained consciousness after we bumped. But it looks like her condition is different.

She bumped her lips at me, her tongue slipped in and twisted in my mouth. I can taste a strange flavour from her kiss.

[Stimulants are detected.]

The announcement made me realize, besides they were casting manipulation skills, they were also giving her stimulants.

'Those damn demons!'

In the midst of panic, I had no choice but to use force to break away from her. But before that, I want to confirm something.

I grabbed her hands and pushed her body away from me. I could see her cheeks turning red and her breasts moving up and down since she was breathing heavily.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Mia Ashelis]

[Age: 24]

[Level 1]

[Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 36/36]

[MP: 15/15]

My worries become a reality. If Bern, who often won the match, was only level 3 with 100 HP then Ms Mia, who had no fighting ability, was definitely far weaker than him. With my current STR status, if I'm not careful, I could easily hurt her. My mind sank into consideration, but judging I could do critical damage up to 40 points without the Demonic Energy at the rat demon earlier. Even though I avoided her critical point, I could have injured her at least 20 points or worse than that.

Finally, I cancelled my intention to release myself by force.

'There must be another way.'

"Ngghh ..." A moan escaped my mouth as I felt something slip into my jeans and began to wriggle between my groins. Even though I couldn't see it since my body was wrapped tightly, I could guess that was the tip of her tail.

My brain tries to find a solution when my body starts to enjoy her touch. Even I could feel my cock starting to harden and my face began to redden. The only thing that occurred to me was to increase my observation skills. I hoped I could find more information about her condition and the way out.



[Charm Lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Dark Healing Lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demonic Energy Lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demonic Erection Lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Manipulation Lv 1 (Requires 7 DP)]

[Observation Lv 1 (Requires 2 DP)]

'Raise observation skill by 1 point.'

[Your Observation skill is level 2.]

[Profession, relationship status and skills information has been added.]

My guess turned out to be right, I just needed to improve my observation skills until I could get information about how I could handle her.

"Ahhh ...!" I gasped when her tail slipped into my underwear, wrapped around my half-hardened cock and shook it slowly. I didn't deny, I actually enjoyed her touch but I didn't want to take advantage of her condition. Even though I have become a demon I refuse to lower myself.

I panted holding back the pleasure from my lower part, my demonic instincts began to screaming, demanding to make love with her.

'Raise Observation skill by 1 point.'

[Your Observation skill is level 3.]

[Emotion, love meter, condition information has been added.]

[Now you can check your partner's information from the status menu.]

[Congratulations! You just unlock new skills.]

[Dispel - Removes negative status effects from the target.]

'Yes!' I shouted happily internally. This is a skill that I need right now.

'Raise Dispel skill by 1 point.'

[Your Dispel skill is level 1.]

[Dispel (Requires 5 DP) - The chance of rate success is 60%. ]

Suddenly an extraordinary pleasure was fired from my bottom into my head as she stimulated my cock's tip with her tail. "Ughhh!" I jerked, my cock was twitching in pleasure and getting harder. My hand grip on her weakened, she took the opportunity by pinned both of my hands to the floor. Her lips fell on my shoulder, her tongue licked me slowly and sucked while bit me slowly. I'm sure her bite will be marked afterwards.

My heart beats faster, my breath is getting hard, the urge to mate with her is getting stronger, my body feels hot and my cock is tense. My body is begging to channel my desire right now, but my heart is refusing.

'No ... I'm not a pervert demon ...'


[Dispel skill succeeded.]

But despite the announcement saying it worked but I could still feel her tongue exploring my neck and her tail was still moving, playing with my cock. I leaned my head to the floor in resignation, letting her play with my body.

'Is the skill can not neutralize it?'

A second later, she stopped. She pulled her body away from me and looked at me with a surprised expression. I can see her eyes are back to normal.

"Ms Mia, are you awake?" I said while breathing heavily. There is a sense of relief since I saw her already back to her senses, also disappointment since my desire for mating has peaked.

Her panic was clearly visible on her face. She quickly released my body from her tail and pulled her blazer, covering her breast.

I rolled to the side to get up while my hands fixed my underwear and my jeans that were halfway down. I pulled my zipper slowly. Since my cock still tense, my jeans felt very narrow.

After I finished, I checked my DP.


[DP: 15/110]

'I don't have much DP left. I only have 2 hour before triggering my incubus rage. '

Ms Mia's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"I-I'm sorry," she said, bowing in embarrassment. "I-I hope you don't report me to the police ..." she continued in a trembling voice.

"It's okay. Besides, I work as a prostitute so you don't need to think about it," I replied awkwardly. After all, this incident was not her fault.

She raised her head and looked at me.

"You are a prostitute?"

"Yes ..." Normally a prostitute will refuse to acknowledge his job but I admit it as if it were nothing.

"Are you Davin's acquaintance?" She looked around like she was looking for something. "Where is he?"

"Huh?" I confused by her words.

She returned her gaze to me.

"The man who came with me earlier. He said he worked as a prostitute and his name was Davin."

I was quite surprised to hear her words. I just saw her crying because of her boyfriend, why she seek a prostitute just a few minutes afterwards?


"Ah ... Davin. He - he had an urgent business to do so he left. Since you suddenly fell asleep, he told me to wake you up and deliver his message." I can not possibly say that man is a demon and now he has turned into ashes.

"Is that so... " Her eyes bewildered, confusion clearly visible on her face.

"Since you're awake, I'll excuse myself." I just walked away but she stopped me.

"How about you? Can you do it with me now?"

I was surprised to hear her words, my steps stopped. Her offer is certainly tempting for me. But although this is a good opportunity to fill my DP which is almost empty, at least I don't want to do it with my own neighbours.

She grabbed my hand and looked at me with a pleading look.

"Please ... I'll pay you. Help me --- ahhh!" She startled and pressed her abdomen with her both hands. Her pain was clearly seen from the expression on her face.

I held her body that almost fell. "Are you okay?" I said worriedly.

She grabbed my t-shirt and looked at me with panting breath.

"Make love with me - hah - now ..."

I don't understand why she keeps pushing herself at times like this.

"I'll call an ambulance to take you to the hospital."

But she tightened her grip, preventing me from leaving.

"Mating period ... Today is the mating period for lamia - hah ... hah ... We have to find a partner for mating --- hahh ... if not we will feel pain all night long or worse we could not bear offspring in the future."

Note: Mating Period is taken from snake's mating season and woman's monthly period. Usually snake mating season once a year, but since Lamia is half human and half snake, I will follow a woman's monthly cycle. Mia's pain is caused by cramps that are commonly experienced by women during periods.

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