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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak 85 What about I join your group?

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Souta said that he had a plan to collect the red flag of other classes. He knew that it was never going to be easy but he still wanted to try it. He's itching to test his power right now.

Lumilia stared at him before she nodded her head. She closed her eyes and seemed to think about something. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and looked at everyone.

"It's reassuring that Souta, one of the strongest in our class, is planning to contribute to our class," Lumilia paused for a moment before she continued, "Then, we will divide our class now. The first group will protect our red flag while the second group will focus on gathering the red flag of other classes."

Bryan raised his hand and said, "Me too, I wanted to fight other classes, so I think I will help Souta in gathering the red flag."

Lumilia looked at Bryan for a while before she opened her mouth and said, "Okay, for those who wanted to gather the red flag you can raise your hands."

Souta turned his head and looked at Alice who was silent beside him. She didn't even utter a single word ever since they arrived here in this place.

"What do you plan to do? Do you want to stay here or join us?" Souta asked her.

Alice looked at him for a second before she replied, "I will stay here. I think your planning to do something that will gather everyone's attention. I don't like it when everyone's paying attention to me."

"Okay, I understand." Souta nodded at her.

He could see that she doesn't like it when she's in a limelight. She doesn't want any attention. She preferred to be alone, or more like a silent place. But there's a possibility that he was wrong. He really doesn't know her but it seems that she's a good person. That's what he concluded from the past two months.

Souta looked around and saw that eighteen people volunteer to collect the red flag with him.

Lumilia was surprised to see her friend. "Lynn, you wanted to gather the red flag!"

"Um... Mila, you know why I'm joining this group." Lynn lowered her head and said in a tiny voice that only she and Lumilia could hear.

"Ah!" As if something struck Lumilia's head, she turned to look at Souta. Coincidentally, she met his gaze but she quickly averted her eyes after a few seconds.

She took a deep breath and looked at Lynn. "I understand it. I will support you, Lynn."

"Thanks, Mila, you really are my friend!" Lynn jumped and hugged Lumilia.

"Are you really sure about that, Lynn?" Nayo asked with a grin on her face. "You've said before that you're interested in him but nothing happens in the past two months. You're just watching his ranking battle every time he fought."

"Don't mention it." Lynn shook her head heavily and tinged of redness could be seen forming in her cheeks.

"But I'm worried..." Nayo said as she looked down.

"About...?" Lynn tilted her head in confusion.

"Of course, it's you. I'm worried about you." Nayo said as she looked at Lynn.

"Thanks." Lynn thanked her.

"No, that's not it. I'm worried about different things." Nayo shook her head.

"And what's that?" Lumilia, who was watching her friends, asked.

"You know. I've also watched Souta's fight and I've got one thing to say. He's too brutal in his every battle. It doesn't matter if you're a girl or not. All of his opponents suffered the same thing." Nayo said with a worried expression.

Lumilia recalled what Souta said when they fought in the mini-tournament.

"I'm not going easy on you just because you're a girl. Remember, on the battlefield, there's no girl or boy there's only life and death. So do not expect your opponent to go easy on you just because you're a girl."

Lumilia still remembered his words clearly at that time. She looked at Nayo and said, "That's not it. I think that Souta is a good person."

"See, what are you saying, Nayo? Even Mila thinks that Souta is a good person!" Lynn said to Nayo.

"He doesn't have any friends except Bryan and Alice. He also doesn't talk to any of our classmates." Nayo said.

"Still... I think that he's so cool." Lynn said with a hint of redness in her cheeks.

"Hais... You're hopeless. If you really like him then I will support you." Nayo said as she placed her hand on Lynn's shoulder.

"Thank you, Nayo!" Lynn said with a smile.


"George, Joshua, you're going to join us?" Bryan said in a loud voice.

"Yeah, yeah, I wanted to test my new spell against the other classes," George said as he clenched his fist tightly.

"Me too," Joshua said as he smiled.

Everyone started to talk about what they wanted to do in this special test. The whole class got noisy as everyone was talking to their friends.

Lumilia then raised her voice to gather everyone's attention. "Everyone!"

Everyone stopped talking and they looked at Lumilia.

When Lumilia gathered her classmate's attention, she opened her mouth. "Then, what should we do about the class leader. Should we keep quiet about it or not?"

"Class rep, I think we should let the class leader decide it." One of her classmates raised his hand and said.

Lumilia knew that if the class leader kept silent about it then there's a high chance the other classes would not know about it. If the whole class knew about the class leader then there's a possibility that the information will be leaked to other classes.

"Okay, I understand." Lumilia nodded her head. She then looked at everyone and said, "I will count one to ten. If the class leader wants to reveal himself/herself then you should just raise your hand. If you don't want then you don't have to respond. Just stay in your position."

The whole class shut their mouth and they waited for someone. In the end, a man raised his left hand in the air.

They looked over and saw that it was Yujin Drune. Yujin was a man with long black hair that was tied in the back of his head. He had sharp features and his build was average. His ears were pointed like an elf and there's a long black tail sticking out behind him.

A half-elf and half-beast kin.

The one who surrendered when in the semi-finals before. He's opponent at that time in semi-finals was Souta but he surrendered before even fighting Souta. He knew his limits so he thought that there's no point in fighting a match that he couldn't win.

"So, you're the class leader?" Lumilia looked at Yujin.

"Yeah, I'm the class leader. I will stay here and protect the red flag." Yujin nodded and said.

"Are you sure? It's harder to capture you if you're going to wander around this mountain." Lumilia asked and suggested something to him.

"Nope, I'm going to stay here. I'm quite confident in my skills." Yujin said as he gripped the sword on his waist.

"Oh~" Souta looked at Yujin with an amused expression. He looked at the sword on Yujin's waist and thought that he was a magic swordsman.

There's no magic swordsman class in this institute, so Yujin joined the Mage Class. He must be pretty confident in his sword skill that's why he decided to join the Mage Class. If he found that he's lacking in terms of sword skills then he would have joined the Sword Class instead of the Mage Class.

'One of the rare class, Magic Swordsman.' Souta thought. He guessed that's the reason why Yujin surrendered before even fighting him. It must be because he saw the couldn't saw himself against Souta without using the full potential of his class.

"Okay, I understand." Lumilia nodded her head then looked at the students who volunteered to gather the red flag of other classes. She opened her mouth and said, "We will divide you into three groups since there are eighteen of you."

Souta immediately raised his hand and said, "If possible I wanted to fight alone."

"Eh...?" Lumilia was surprised when she heard his words. She didn't think that Souta would fight alone.

"What are you saying, Souta?" Bryan said from the side.

"Okay, then I will change my condition. If possible I don't want a lot of people in my group." Souta said as he opened his palm.

"Um..." Lumilia then looked at Lynn before looking back at Souta. "Then, we will divide you into five groups. Each group consists of four people except for your group."

"That's okay four me." Souta nodded.

"I'll join you, Souta!" Bryan raised his hand and said in a loud voice.

"Nope, that's not possible." Souta shook his head. He doesn't want Bryan to join him this time. He wanted to fight the enemy alone, so why would he bring someone who's a battle maniac.

"No." Lumilia also shook her head. Souta was strong and Bryan too. If the two join in one group then the strength of the gatherer group would be focused on Souta's company. She wanted to distribute the strength of the group equally not focus it in one company.

"Then, what about I join your group?" Lynn shyly raised her hand while looking at Souta.

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