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Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 81 Episode 10: Mystery and Feng is back

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The serious Feng calculated that he will be erased from existence, within a minute or two.  

The serious Feng had many important information existing in thoughts and as an idea. Thoughts of why he had become an hopeless anti-social fatty with no goals in life.

The serious Feng knew that he won't end up becoming a anti-social fatty, even if he were to die ten thousand times. His personality was strong. So much that he won't suffer from depression even if he luckily drowned to death while taking a shower. So, how could he suffer from depression and become a anti-social yet eccentric otaku. Even though he obtained another chance to live his life?

Sadly, Soon all the abstract information will be expunged from his mind.

He will lose all these information the moment personality change happens. The only way to preserve these information was to have a physical evidence of them.

The serious Feng couldn't rely on the third Evil Empyrean 'Deicide' who was still under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, deicide was a demon. A demon that won't help anyone for free, unless absolutely necessary.

Hence, the serious Feng, came up with an immediate antidote to his dilemmas.

His solution was to 'Write down all the important information before his personality changes back to eccentric Feng Mei'.

The serious Feng Mei found out that he didn't have his smartphone with him. He have given the smartphone to his male robot 'Dracula'. He also did not have a pen or paper near him. It would be fine even if Feng only had a paper. He could use blood as ink and write down the important information on the paper. But there was no paper. The land also couldn't be used. As it was charred black by the flame dragon spell. And there was no guarantee that the eccentric Feng Mei will bother looking down at the ground.

He also couldn't go inside the Mall to get a paper because he didnt have time. As the personality change was already happening.

The serious Feng took off his shirt and grievely peered at his milky white left hand. Feng felt that his poor left hand gazed back at him and was shouting "Daddy, don't destroy me".

Feng gritthed his teeths and underwent an unwilling wild ride of pain.

Feng Mei was using his right hand finger nails as a keyboard and the entire left-hand as an notepad app or diary. 

He began typing in comprehensible words on his left-arm for the eccentric(original personality) Feng Mei. The serious Feng performed a deed ten times more dangerous than ghajini(INDIAN MOVIE). His left-hand silky smooth white skin was penetrated by his right-hand forefinger nail. So deep, that it gorged some of his meat and blood seeped out. But it was no biggie as the «art of blood absorption» re-absorbed the blood seeping out from the freshly self-induced wounds.

Soon pain overwhelmed all five of Feng Mei senses but not even a single moan of pain came out of his gritted teeths. After all, the personality of the serious Feng matched the personality of the Tenth Evil Empyrean.

The serious Feng had decorated his entire hand in English sentences. Currently, four paragraphs are written on his lefthand.

The serious Feng had written all the important must ask questionarees on his left-arm. He belived that even a kid in primary school will be able to understand the words written. There was also hundred percent certainty that the original Feng Mei will read these words. There was no way a person can overlook his own wounds, alright!

The serious Feng gazed at the gloomy clouds and he remembered what these cloud are.

He hurried to jot down words on his left-hand pinkie. The only spot on his left-hand that was free of words.

Yet, he only managed to write two words on his pinkie.

"Nooooo" The serious Feng shouted and the personality called serious Feng Mei vanished from existence. 

The otaku Feng got welcomed back to existence with a 'No' shout that came out from his own mouth. 

'Wtf, mother faker' Feng Mei felt a lot of pain in his left-arm. He gazed downwards and saw that his entire left arm was badly disfigured.

Not only that, his right hand finger was still impaled inside the skin of his left-hand pinkie.

His right-hand forefinger nail actually felt the fucking bone of his pinkie. His finger was impaled bone-deep!

Feng Mei almost pissed his pants because of the pain he was feeling. He swiftly pulled out his right hand fingers impaled in his left-hand pinkie.

Feng sight reflexively wandered towards his injured left-hand because of the stinging pain he was feeling. Feng worriedly stared at his wounds that was still healing. He wondered why the serious Feng Mei hurt himself that badly. Coincidentally, he was able to make out some words, thanks to glancing at his wounds.

Feng began to read.   

On his pinky finger two word were written. That said "Doom Clouds". 

On the middle of his palm "Ask Elder Bai" was written. Elder and Elder Bai are the words Feng utilizes to refer to the 'First Evil Empyrean' *Divintor*.

His entire left-hand was covered in sentences. Feng began to read them one by one.

"Five years ago, Something must had happened to my soul. Something that damaged my soul and made me vulnerable to emotions."

"I, the serious you, think it is highly plausible that my soul must had undergone weird changes, after my soul was dragged into the void."

"It is also weird that the Evil Empyreans are slumbering in the soul space of the soul line of Evil. Deicide shouldn't be in the soul space.

Elder Bai also shouldn't be here. No Evil empyrean should be in the soul space except Sunny(The fourth Evil Emperor)."

The words stopped here.

The eccentric(original personality) Feng wasn't stupid. He managed to understand what these sentences meant.

He will obtain the answer to all these question from Elder Bai(First Evil Empyrean=FEE).

Elder Bai used to be the fate scripture of the heavenly court. In mortal words, he was an librarian who documented historical happenings of numerous wordly events and lives.

Hence he will have an understanding about the real predicament Feng was facing 'The zombie Apocalypse'. The gloomy clouds, floating in the skies, that shrouded the entire world in darkness, appeared only after the Apocalypse began. Hence, it must be linked to the Apocalypse. Obtaining information about these clouds will be extremely helpful for Feng Mei.

Feng stopped grinding his teeth and a heavy hiss of pain came out.

The blood seeping out of his wounds was being re-absorbed but the flesh wound wasn't restoring. It was also stinging, almost as if thousand queen bee was kissing his butt.

t will probably take some time to naturally heal up. Hence, Feng activated self-healing energy present in his first energy-field. He also used divine energy to fasten the recovery rate.

Feng left-hand got covered in green luminionus. His mangled flesh began to recover at a speed visible to naked eyes.

It didn't even take two minutes before his wounds were totally healed.

"I have become a healer, haven't I. I won't be suprised if a class change Npc will pop up in real life"

Feng rolled eyes at his own words and stood up from the hard-ground. He patted the dust off his butt and walked towards the Flamingo Mall.

While walking, Feng wondered what's taking Dracula and Arnold so long. Are they trying to move the entire Mall itself?

When suddenly he got pulled out of his thoughts as a violent engine roar resonated in his ears. 

Four huge, black and gray iron welded, sixteen-wheelers fastly came out of the underground parking slot of Flamingo Mall and rushed towards him. They had the same design. Basically, the four truck-kun are quadruplets.

In the dark night, eight beams of light emitted out of the headlights of the four truck-Kun and illuminated Feng Mei sight. 

 Feng Mei mouth opened up when he saw them. He said, "Not one, not two, but four!". Four TrucK-Kuns were rushing toward him. He didn't have much blood left to cast blood magic. Furthermore, he didn't have time itself as the truck suddenly appeared in front of him. 

His physical body that was seven times stronger than a adult mortal could survive a collision with two of them but what about four!

Feng was gonna jump aside to evade being run down by the trucks, when suddenly,


The four truck-kun stopped right in front of Feng Mei.

The windows of the first black truck-Kun rolled all the way down. Dracula and Arnold head popped out.

"Bro, Hop in. Let's return back to our home" Arnold passionately said to Feng Mei.

"Master, It's extremely comfy in here. The air conditioner of this truck is also working. I will tell you, nothing is more better in summer than cold airs."  Dracula affixxed his lightly closed glasses and said to Feng Mei.

Arnold and Feng Mei both thought 'Bro, you are a robot. So how can you even feel exhaustion?'

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