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Most of the people inside were wearing fancy clothes, they looked like nobles that also came to this beach for touring, while others looked like adventurers but wore clean clothes 

Everyone was minding their business at their own table, john wasn't sure why but they drew a little attention. Even though there were other kids there... 

[It's probably because they came accompanied by an adult, unfortunately for us, our adult is Serena] John thought 

"Hey john, did you say something just now?" Serena asked 

"Nope, it might've been your imagination, anyways, let's go look for a seat 

However, the three didn't mind, they were wearing clean simple commoner clothes which were easy to move around in, and also didn't have their armour on. 

As john walked towards the giant counter to order something, he could see the chefs hurrying and pouring their heart into what they were cooking, through frame on the wall. He knew that it was going to be good 

Suddenly a servant stopped him 

"Hello there, are you kids lost?" 

brown hair and he wore strange glasses with a black suit. He nearly twice as tall as john and was dropping off a leaking a little bloodlust and hate in his words 

[What's with this guy?] 

"Do I know you?" John asked 

"Not at all, I believe this is the first time we've met." 

"I see, well then, could you please step aside? I'd like to order something" john kindly asked 

"Unfortunately, you need to make a reservation to eat here" Said the servant 

"Is that so... My bad for misunderstanding, this looked like a good restaurant so I didn't consider that, but it makes sense..." Said john as he turned to leave 

Serena and Ariel glared at the man before following behind john 

"See you soon, dear customer" Said the servant 

With his back turned to the customer, john waved back when suddenly, his pouch slipped from his hand. 

As the pouch dropped on to the ground, gold coins spilled out. Because of that, john managed to draw other's attention 

"Oh... My bad... I ended up dropping my pouch on accident" Said John as he turned around once more to pick it up 

A smile was formed on john's face, and it was directed at the servant, that's right, john was getting a little revenge 

"*sigh* And I was in the mood to be spending a lot today..." 

A grin was formed on serena's face as she saw this, and a smile was formed on Ariel's 

"I heard there was another restaurant nearby which was just as good" Said Serena 

"Judging by how kindly they've treated us, customers, I'd assume the other one is better." Said Ariel 

The other customers started to mutter amongst themselves, the smile on the servants face turned upside down 

Right as he was about to say something, a lady who seemed to be the owner or manager came and smacked the servant in his head 

"I hope you'll excuse this foolish one if he offended you three in any way, don't worry he will be punished accordingly" Said the lady 

"It's fine, we were just about to leave anyways, we lost our appetite for eating, moreover we didn't book a reservation" Said John 

"Reservation? That is optional, it is not a requirement to dine in our restaurant" She said 

"Oh really, then I might've heard wrong, because it sounded like your worker said only those who have set a reservation are allowed to dine here" Said john with a confused expression 

"That's right, I heard the same" Said Serena who also looked confused 

"Me too" Added Ariel 

"Is that so... Well then, me and him will need to have a little talk" She said as she grabbed on to his shoulder 

John had just finished up picking up his pouch full of gold coins. 

"Apologise" She said as she looked at the servant 

"Tch, Sorry" He said as he gave a half-hearted bow 

[Did he just click his tongue?] 

"I apologise for his disrespectful attitude. Would you three be interested in dining in?" She asked as she bowed 

"Hmm I'm not sure, after being treated that way, surely anyone would lose their appetite?" Said john 

"Of course, we codemn behaviour such as this, so as a further apology for the way he's treated you three, you'll receive a good seat and have your meals at half price" Said the lady 

"Thank you, but there's no need for you to bow, It's nice to see that there are workers here who know of the term respect" Said john 

"We consider our restaurant meals, the best in the city." She said 


[Originally I planned on leaving but... With an offer like that... Not to mention how annoyed he'll be once he sees us happily eating in here] 

"Then we'll take you up on that offer" Said john with a smile 

The servant was much more annoyed than usual, he was struggling to keep his façade up. 

"Very well" She said as she clapped her hands 

Another butler came in 

"Yes ma'am?" He asked 

"Escort them to a table" 

"Right away" 

The butler escorted john to a four person table near the window, it was a good seat and you could see the people passing by 

The table was squeaky clean and aesthetically, it looked great. 

"Here is your menu" He said as he handed john the menu 

"Thank you" John replied as he took it 

Serena and Ariel also got their menu's and looked around to see what they'd like. 

"I'll have the roasted beef with... Rice?" Said john 

[No way... They have rice?!] John thought to himself 

He wrote it down on a piece of paper, which he held on his hand 

"hm... I already have sea food, so I'll have that too" Said Serena 

"I'll also have the same" Said Ariel 

"Very well, what about your drinks?" He asked 

"Red wine" Serena replied 

"I'll have some orange juice" Said John with a nervous smile 

"Then, I'll have mango" Said Ariel 

Ariel really took a liking to mango juice after trying it before 

"Understood, would you like anything else?" He asked 

"Not at all, thank you" John replied 

The man nodded before leaving 

After that the three of us looked at each other with a victory smile 

"Serves him right." Said Serena 

"Haha, true" Said john 

"More importantly, The servant didn't ask Serena if she was old enough to be drinking..." Ariel mentioned it 

John didn't want to mention it, but ariel mentioned it, and she did it in a way which wasn't offensive 

"It's obvious, he could feel the mature air around me." Said Serena 

"Yeah right..." John mumbled 

"What was that?" Serena asked 


Seeing the two argue again, Ariel started to chuckle, then shortly after john and serena also chuckled a bit 

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