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The Rise of Purple Phoenix 51 The Horror of Reality

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Lloyd who woke up from his trance was surprised by the uproar.

The crowd was staring daggers at Lloyd. If their eyes could kill, he could have died serval times by now.

'What the hell is wrong with these people?' Lloyd thought as he looked them.

Lloyd wanted answers, so he looked towards his brothers.

As he heard the reason and the existence of the twins, Lloyd was shocked.

'why the hell did I not know of this?'

'From the explanation of Leland, those twins fame far exceeds both of the Phoenix clan' Lloyd thought.

"Lloyd look there. Do you see any similarities among the crowd?" Derek said as he pointed towards the crowd who was the shouting at Lloyd.

Lloyd's eyes followed and fell on the crowd. There were many of them consisting of both Phoenix clan and the crazy part was that even females were mixed in.

As Lloyd looked he found that they had one thing common. That was a badge on them. The badge was the like the yin-yang symbol.

At first, Lloyd thought it was a symbol for some kind martial art group. But it looks like there is more than that.

"that badge. What is it?" Lloyd asked.

"that badge represents that all of them are in the same club," Derek said.

"club… what club?" Lloyd asked.

"fan club… a club for Nadine and Carla" Derek said.

"this..." Lloyd was surprised but not for the fan club, but the reason he didn't know any of this.

'why?' Lloyd thought, and he tried to think back.

As he thought back, Lloyd's face started to get pale and at last, it turned white.

"this…this…this is terrible. Why didn't I notice it before?" Lloyd murmured to himself.

the thing got Lloyd scared was because of his and previous Lloyd's past.

The previous Lloyd was a loner. The only people he talked about was his parents and brothers. He distanced himself from others because of his fear that they will bully him because he couldn't cultivate. Most of the time, he could try to cultivate which in turns made him isolate from worldly happening.

When Lloyd found about previous Lloyd's past, he again thought of his life back on earth. His life was even worse. He didn't have any need to hide or had any fear of bullies. He spent most of his time on the internet. He wasn't the only one, most of the people around his age also spent this way. He would hate news channels on TV and watch movies for entertainment. He also didn't know any worldly happenings. He only cared about his own comfort and ignored anything other than that. He didn't even know the name of the neighbors living around him.

'looks like me and the previous Lloyd was a perfect match. No wonder I was able to reborn in his body' Lloyd thought.

'I should have picked this up when I came to know that previous Lloyd didn't know about the country he was living'

'looks like my habits multiplied with previous Lloyd when I was reborn' Lloyd thought as he sighed.

'what should I do...' just as Lloyd was thinking of a solution. He heard a shout.

"SILENCE" Elder Wade shouted at the crowd.

"sit down. The tournament will continue" he said.

Hearing Elder Wade, the crowd went silent. they know that they shouldn't disrespect him, or there will be trouble.

"Now then. The final match of the day. The participant with the ball no 5, come to the stage" Elder Wade said.

Hearing Elder Wade, two participants entered the stage.

Both were from ice phoenix clan. One of them was Malcer Felix. Just as Malcer was passing by Lloyd, he looked at Lloyd. While others will think that it was a normal eye contact, but Lloyd could see a deep killing intent in them.

'Is he going to take revenge for his sister?' Lloyd thought.

The opponent of Malcer was different from other participants in the tournament. From Leland, Lloyd came to know that he was called Kevin. He wasn't a member of ice phoenix clan or fire phoenix clan but an outsider, who joined ice phoenix clan as a disciple and regarded highly for his talent.

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