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My Vampire System 214 A new world

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When Vorden explained to Leo about his abilities, Leo was doing his regular thing checking to see if he was speaking the truth or not. It was for this reason that Leo wasn't as cautious.

With experience, Leo knew it wasn't; a good idea to have contact with someone's ability you didn't know. Certain abilities had conditions that needed to be set before using them. This was called a cost.

Cost abilities were usually stronger than regular abilities but there were only a few that the public could obtain. Two examples of cost abilities were Vorden's where he needed to touch a user's bare skin before being able to use their power, and Jack's who could only absorb their power through the user's mouth.

Cost abilities were quite rare and were even still being discovered today. Sometimes families had passed down ancient scripts that their ancestors knew nothing about but practised them out of tradition. To only later find out that there was a cost involved unlocking their ability.

Many people assumed this very thing was what had happened to Truedream. In a world without abilities, Jack would have never discovered his very own ability.

Vorden looked at Leo's hand once again and this time was hesitating slightly.

'Just do it.' Raten complained. 'Do you have to be so careful about everything you do'

With Raten speaking his mind like the little devil on his shoulder, he eventually took the plunge and shook Leo's hand.

A new energy was felt flowing inside of Vorden. The cells in his body were finally changing, it was the strongest force he had ever felt enter his body before. Even when touching the hand of Berg, a member of the big four and a level eight user he had never felt this type of energy before.

Finally, the two of them let go.

"Well?" Leo asked. "Do you see what I see?"

Vorden activated the ability and his whole vision went black. He could no longer see using his regular eyesight. Instead, the walls and floor appeared like wireframes that were constantly moving. As if the ground and the walla round were alive.

Then when he looked at his own hand, he could see the flow of yellow energy appearing off his own body. He turned his head and looked at Quinn who was giving off a different colour. A dark purple hue, which burned brightly.

Vorden now understood why Leo was able to tell that Quinn was different, it was the colours of energy. Finally though when he looked at Leo the largest shock came to him. Leo's flame was yellow just like Vorden's.

However, there was a big difference between the two. The flow of energy-burning was much more intense and it seemed to be at least four times bigger than his own.

'But how?' Vorden thought. It didn't make sense to Vorden. When using his ability not only did he copy the ability but also the number of mutant cells in their body. Even if Leo's ability was beyond that of level eight of the military scale, Vorden should have still been able to copy it.

But when looking at his own aura and looking at Leo's there was a big difference and he didn't know why.

Then, Vorden started to notice something else. The sword around his waist was also burning a bright red colour and the energy coming off it was nearly just as strong as Leo himself.

While Vorden was looking at Leo, he started to point towards the weapons on the wall. As he turned his head he noticed that all the weapons that were hung up, they too were burning with a bright red colour.

"Is this normal for beast weapons?" Vorden asked.

"It seems like you really can see what I can see." A regular beast weapon does not shine in colour. As I said before these are different." Leo explained.

"And what about you?" Vorden asked. "Why are you…"

Just before Vorden could ask his question Leo immediately suppressed the yellow aura around his body and brought it down to the same level as Vorden.

Seeing this action, Vorden knew Leo was telling him not to ask about it, and it was clear he had done it on purpose for another type of reason.

Leo then tapped the large metallic circular object.

"This here is a portable teleportation device, it's an old one but it still works. As you know these are a one time use thing. It will allow you to go to a destination, but not come back." Leo explained. "The location of this device is set to a planet called Lintarnia, it's a green portal planet that I once came from so it should be safe."

"There is one problem though." said Leo. "As you can see it's very big and very heavy. There is no way to move this without being suspicious and the other teachers or soldiers seeing this. This is as much as I can help you."

Quinn then walked up to the device and tried lifting the thing up, it was indeed heavy, and would most likely take the two of them to carry it back to Logan's room.

"We could bring, Erin over to the portal?" Vorden suggested. ��Although it would be risky taking her out of Logan's room with all the people around."

As Vorden made his suggestion an idea suddenly popped into Quinn's head.

He touched the shadow just underneath the large metallic object.

[Dimensional space]

The shadow underneath the object grew and then when it encased the whole thing it eventually dropped down, as if the object was sucked into a black hole.

"That solves that problem," Quinn said.

With the dimensional space, as long as the object wasn't of living matter, he was able to take it with him and take it out whenever he liked. So it was perfect for this type of situation.

"I wish you two good luck," Leo said. "It's best if we don't communicate with each other often other than our classes."

As the two boys ran off, Leo looked at the back of the two of them. "The future ahead will be dark for you two, but it seems you will be strong enough to overcome it."

Back at Logan's room, Layla had arrived before the two boys did. It didn't seem like Logan's room had come for inspection and Peter hadn't gone on an outrage which was the first piece of good news all day.

Instead, Peter was carefully reading files on the new students to identify who he was meant to take over. He needed to get his birthdate and background details perfect in case he was asked or if he ever needed to fill in forms for the school.

While waiting, eventually the two boys had finally arrived. "Looks like we did it," Quinn said.

The circular portal was set up in Logan's room while Layla sent a message with details about which planet for an agent of Pure to pick her upon. Once Layla received a confirmation back it was finally time for them to say their goodbyes.

Logan tapped a few buttons on the side of the circular machine and two claw-like objects opened up from the side. A few moments later and a green coloured round fuzz of energy was produced. The portal had been activated.

Before stepping into it she looked back at everyone in the room. "I know you losers will still do well without me, become the best and keep my top place warm for me when I return." She said with a smile.

When looking at Erin smile. Their hearts started to melt a little. It was the first time they had ever seen Erin smile and it was beautiful. She was already a beauty but with a smile, it was the icing on top of the cake.

The one that seemed to be upset about the whole thing though was Layla. Tears wouldn't stop falling down her face as she felt she was truly losing a good friend of hers.

"Remember, if there are any problems and you need to contact us. Use the watch!" logan shouted.

With those last words said, Erin stepped into the portal experiencing a whole new world.

'Please don't let anything bad happen to her.' Layla thought.


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