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My Vampire System 108 Logan an Android

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The boy standing in front of Quinn was quite short. His height only reached to about Quinn's chest, and he had dark green coloured hair that had a middle parting going down both sides. But what was most noticeable about him was the enormous black bags he had under his eyes.

But hearing the words come out of Logan's mouth took a while for Quinn to process. He looked around to see if there was anyone else around the two of them. But the few users who were using pods were either still inside or several rows away.

"So how did you do it, huh?" Logan asked. He immediately walked past and shoved Quinn to the side and started inspecting the Pod he was just using.

He placed his hand on top of the machine and closed his eyes.

"Doesn't look like any modifications have been made to the pod. Then how?" Logan mumbled.

Then when looking at Quinn, he spotted that his watch had the number one displayed.

"What, that's impossible though, you used such powerful skills in the game, you should at least be a level five. I could have sworn you were an Original?"

In return, Quinn looked at his watch and saw the number eight on it. The highest level the watch was able to display. At that moment, just looking at the number struck fear into his heart, and he froze.

'Should I make a run for it? If I do, will he attack me right here and now. I had so much trouble with the level four in the game there's no way I can go against a level 8 right now. And he might be even higher than that.' Quinn thought.

Although the watches displayed up to a power level of 8, there were actually people considered stronger than that. The system was based only on the abilities the military could get a hold of. Meaning the highest power level, they were able to hand out was that of eight.

But even within their own ranks and between other originals some powers went beyond. So, by default, if a user mutant cells were beyond, it would display eight.

"You're not thinking of running, are you? Because I haven't finished questioning you. I need to know how, how did you manage to break my game!" Logan shouted as he started to go off into a rant. "I could understand if you hacked into the system but this, this, this. I just don't understand. I need to understand." Logan started getting closer to Quinn as he rambled like a mad man.

'Why do I seem to attract the strangest people.' Quinn thought.

"If you don't want to answer me here, then you can go with me to my dorm room. There's plenty of time, and nobody will be able to see us." As Logan touched Quinn's hand to pull him over something strange had happened.

[Ability detected]

[Alterations to the system are trying to be made]

[Alterations have been blocked]

But the strangest thing was, Quinn wasn't the only one who was seeing these messages, Logan was too.

He animatedly let go and touched his hand as if he had been scratched by something.

"You, are you a…."

This was it. Before Quinn could do anything, his cover had been blown. Maybe Layla and Vorden understood, but there was no way a stranger would understand. Would he have to fight to the death to keep his identity a secret? Or would he use his shadow cloak skill to hide and run away?

Maybe he could run to one of the portals and live his life on another planet.

"Are you a robot?!" Logan shouted.

"Huh?" Quinn replied, confused.

"You, you have a system, my ability confirmed it, for the first time as well I was rejected by a computer. You must be a robot with a powerful master an ability that goes above mine. Did Richard Eno create you? That would also explain the game. My system and the level 1 on your watch. A robot can't have any MC points, and those attacks must be programmed into your artificial brain!"

Looking at little Logan now, he just seemed like an excited little kid. He didn't seem threatening at all, but this did put Quinn in an awkward situation. Logan know knew he had some type of system and somehow, he confirmed it with his ability.

Was it better off telling him the truth, or coming up with some other type of lie?

Quinn thought hard, but he could come up with nothing that would explain why he could use certain abilities in the game without reviling everything.

He took a deep breath.

"I'm not a robot, but for some reason one day I woke up and had this system ability, maybe it was a gift from a god who knows, the skills you saw are some of the things I can do," Quinn replied.

"Is it an ability similar to mine then? I wonder who did this to you. Maybe they turned you into an Android. Android technology has come a long way, but the use of AI systems inserted into their brain was banned. They were afraid that an ability user may come along who could take control of them all and use it against the army. But this is the first time I have seen an android as powerful as yourself."

Quinn looked at Logan who now wouldn't stop staring at him. Then a thought came to his mind. He had been looking for someone who would be able to help him out with the watch. It was clear that Logan knew a lot about machinery and something like changing the number displayed on the watch would be easy for him.

"Can you can keep this a secret?" Quinn replied. "Maybe the two of us can work together, perhaps find who did this to me. There are a few things I need help with."

Logan was genuinely fascinated by this ability. He had never seen anything like it before, and the curiosity was already driving him mad. Maybe it was even an original who was able to pass on his ability like a computer system rather than training the person.

But then why did the watch not display his level. This was why Logan could only assume Quinn was a type of android that didn't have MC points and didn't even realise it himself.

"Of course, it would also give me the chance to study you." Logan then put out his hand. "The names Logan."

"Quinn." He replied as the two shook hands.

[Ability detected]

[Alterations to the system are trying to be made]

[Alterations have been blocked]

Logan then pulled his hand away again, almost immediately.

"That does not feel good, maybe we avoid touching each other for now?"

"Agreed." Quinn laughed nervously.

Just what was the system, and who created it? Quinn thought. The only person he could think of was the man in the video. Quinn seemed to recall the blonde man stating that his experiment was a success. Which would suggest that other Vampires like himself didn't have a system?

So then, why did he? And why did his parents have the book in the first place?


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