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Naked Sword Art 59 Little Hei's Taboo 18+ Unedited

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\"Mmm, Xiao Fang you're awake. W-why are you looking at me like that?\".

\"Little Hei, would you mind helping me practice my new technique today?\"

\"Of course\", she said as she jumped off of him.

She ran over to the other side of the room then 10 meters away then waited patiently for Xiao Fang to pull her.

\"Oh, I want you to know, if I can pull you over to me then I will punish you. Do you understand\".

\"How will you punish me?\", she asked, but she could make a good guess at what he was thinking.

\"Let's begin\", Xiao Fang replied without answering her question.

With both hands behind his back he began to execute the technique. The next moment Little Hei had to take a step forward to stop herself from moving. Her cultivation always mirrored Xiao Fang's meaning she was also in the Solid Body realm like him. 

Every second that passed the harder he tried to pull her. Although she had a lot of strength, she lacked the weight to combat his pull; she was too light. The moment he could make her lose her footing she would be as light as a feather.

She tried to keep a low center of gravity but for some reason it made it worse. Xiao Fang seemed to be reaching his limit, but she knew she wouldn't last a second longer. The lights flickered wildly in the room and the objects around her shook and fell to the ground, but she still stood firmly on the ground.

Just before her feet could slip, she grabbed for the closest thing she could find and held on, regaining her balance. Xiao Fang was disappointed by this, but he knew to even get this far was incredible. 

With one hand now casually extended, he began to focus his technique on her alone. The room stopped trampling and the lights became as still as the candle it stood on, but Little Hei was feeling the full grunt of his attack. 

She could feel whatever she was going to break so she let go and went flying towards him. It happened way to suddenly for Xiao Fang to react. In one moment she was resisting his pull the next minute her butt was on face, making him fall back first on the bed. 

\"Are you going to punish me?\", she said shyly after climbing off of him.

\"I am a man of my word\", he said righteously as he stood up. 

He picked her up as if she were just a weightless doll, and brought her cute butt up then stuffed his face between her small but plump cheeks before he started devouring her little pussy. 

She grabbed his dick and played with the tip, but Xiao fang pushes her head in with Reaper's Grasp as he began to thrust into her throat. He fucked her face like a savage as she struggled to stop herself from gagging, but as soon as Xiao Fang's started releasing his dual cultivation spirit energy she became far more aroused and way more loose. He was now able to fuck her throat much more smoothly. 

Her saliva messily covered her mouth nose and forehead as his balls smacked against her face with every thrust. Her eyes crossed as they began to roll back. To his surprise she seemed to be enjoying it. Till now he assumed she didn't like playing dirty, so he was starting to assume it must of been the dual cultivation spirit qi he was releasing.

\"Mymmmhm!~\", she moaned as she squirted on his tongue.

Xiao Fang released his Yang qi deep into her throat and slowly slide it out. Even as he was pulling out he could feel her wet tongue licking his shaft joyfully.

He bent her over on the bed and spread her 2nd hole open. He was a bot hesitant to try, it was small but not as small as Xun Wei's.

\"Punish me\", she looked back at him innocently.

With those words, he didn't hold back. He pushed his naked sword into her tighter 2nd hole but could only get the tip in, after some time he was eventually able to fit half of it inside of her. That was enough.

He changed positions, making her lay back on his chest as he laid down facing up at the ceiling. His hands were like two hooks, he put one in her mouth and the other in her pussy as he began to thrust wildly in her ass.

They filled the room with lustful claps and the scent of their naughty juices permeated the room.

\"Xiao Fang I was a bad girl, don't stop fucking me ahha~\".

In that moment, Xiao Fang released his Yang qi into her tighter hole as she climaxed again. Her back and feet arched as her toes pressed down on his firm thighs.

Before she could recover he flipped her over on her stomach and pushed his twitching dick into her quivering pussy. She nearly jumped away because it was too sudden, but she still stuck her butt up for him as he pounded her slimy hole with his powerful meat.

[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ] 

His Naked Sword grew a few more inches, and she could feel the bulge in her stomach getting bigger. 

This technique was usually very slow but it compensated with its size, but Xiao Fang didn't like that. His speed slowly rose.

\"Ah~ ahh~ ahhh~\"

His speed kept rising till making her approach another orgasm.

[ Naked Sword Pumping Piston ]

His speed was now nearly as fast as his other techniques, so he gave it a new name. The evolution of 'Naked Sword Growing Pillar', 'Naked Sword Pumping Piston'.

Her innards wrapped tightly around his long hard sausage as he spanked her on the ass till they turned red. No matter how many he released his Yang qi inside of her she still kept going.

\"Xiao Fang, am I your slut? Will you fuck me like this again? If you feel horny in the future are you going to come inside me again? Mhmm!~\".

Her lower body shook, and her asshole squeezed, but Xiao Fang didn't release his Yang qi, he pulled out. Before she could know what was happening, she felt his long drenched dick sliding on her tongue and down her throat. She looked up at him cutely as he released his Yang qi down her throat. She didn't even flinch. 

He gently tapped her full cheeks then said, 

\"You talk too much\", before pulling out.

He didn't know when she became like this, but it was as if her animal side was finally coming out, but he couldn't say he didn't like it.

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