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Chapter 88 - Star Atlas Book

The Underground Holy Spring was located beneath the Silver Commerce Tower, surprising Mo Fan. This was because the roof he met Mu Ningxue on was only one building away!

This Silver Commerce Tower looked like a straight, towering pentagon. People described it as a skyscraper, but it looked like a big pentagonal pagoda that was located in the center of Bo City.

The height of the Silver Commerce Tower was around two hundred meters. The entire exterior was covered in reinforced glass. Beneath the sun, it looked like the tip of an unsheathed sword. When night fell, the entire tower would be filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. City areas in the distance were still able to see its swirling rainbow colors in the evening.

It was considered a symbolic structure of Bo City. It was said that the super big conference hall on the top floor belonged to Mu Zhuoyun.

And Bo City’s heavenly treasure, the Underground Holy Spring, was actually located beneath the Silver Commerce Tower. The white and gold collar workers within the Tower didn’t know that this place even had a fifteenth sub-floor!

An elevator that seemed like the ones from a secret services headquarters had taken Mo Fan down to the fifteenth sub-floor of the Tower. Mo Fan was stunned to find out that this place really looked like a secret organization; they had actually dug out a secret protective underground hall.

The Underground Hall was built using special crystalline rocks. At one look, you could tell it came from the hands of a very credible construction master.

The Underground Hall had only one patrol squad guarding the place. The patrol squad’s Captain was also an Intermediate Magician.

An Intermediate Magician was guarding the entrance?

This showed just how important the Underground Holy Spring was to Bo City!

“Behind this totem door is the Underground Holy Spring. You are allowed to enter for a period of one week to cultivate. The Underground Holy Spring will maintain a cycle by itself, so don’t touch it. All you need to do is to sit in the middle of the Underground Holy Spring, on the leather mat, as you enter meditation or Control.” Mu Zhuoyun was in a bad mood as he said this to Mo Fan.

This Underground Holy Spring was originally supposed to be taken by Yu Ang; who would’ve thought that it would be taken by this kid Mo Fan? How could Mu Zhuoyun’s mood be good at this time?

Accompanying Mo Fan here was Mrs. Tangyue. Mrs. Tangyue slowly nodded to Mo Fan, hinting that he should go inside and enter his seclusion.

“Oh, I have something to give you,” Mrs. Tangyue said to Mo Fan as she thought of something.

“Something to give me?” Mo Fan was surprised.

Mrs. Tangyue took four different purple and red colored books out from thin air. The books were engraved with what looked like light specks from the stars and Star Path prints. It looked like some kind of completed Magic Diagram.

“Mrs. Tangyue, you really are magnanimous when you hand things out. This is a precious Star Atlas Book, and you’re even given out four of them! This really is making me, a rich provincial, broaden my horizons.” Standing off to the side, Mu Zhuoyun immediately recognized the books Mrs. Tangyue was giving away, his face turning sour.

“What is this Star Atlas Book?” asked the confused Mo Fan.

“After you have experienced the baptism of the Underground Holy Spring, you will surely not be too far from becoming an Intermediate Magician. I’m not certain whether I’ll still be here to teach you. Thus, I’m giving you these Star Atlas Books as parting gift, so you can have some way to protect yourself after you’ve broken through to Intermediate level.” Mrs. Tangyue stopped for a bit before continuing to explain the functions of the Star Atlas Book, “You already know that Primary Magicians are required to link their stars to form a Star Path. After a Star Path emerges, a spell will be formed.”

Mo Fan nodded, it felt as though he was listening to his teacher give him an even higher level Magic Class.

“After you reach Intermediate level, your Stardust will turn into a Nebula. The Nebula will be even more vast than Stardust, and it will have 49 stars in total. Intermediate Magic requires you to connect the 49 stars into a Star Atlas. Intermediate Magic will only be born after the Star Atlas has emerged…” Mrs. Tangyue explained.

Stardust turning into a Nebula!

49 stars interconnect to form a Star Atlas, which becomes Intermediate Magic!

Mo Fan’s heart silently remembered these crucial words.

“You should understand that completing the control of seven stars requires an incomparably long time to cultivate. The 49 stars’ difficulty won’t be just two or three times as hard. Even if you change your Stardust into a Nebula, you will still need a long time before you are able to cast an Intermediate level Magic spell. This Star Atlas Book’s speciality is that when you pour your intent into it, the Star Atlas Book will release a special attraction that will cause your 49 stars to form into the arrangement on the Star Atlas. Even if you don’t have enough power to take control of all 49 stars, as long as your Nebula has enough Magic energy, then it will be able to cast its Intermediate Magic spell!” Mrs. Tangyue explained sincerely.

Mo Fan’s jaw dropped: he never thought that this world would have such a magical thing.

With something like a Star Atlas Book, what was the point of Magicians bitterly cultivating Control? They could just bring along a few books and they would be fine!

Mu Zhuoyun looked as though he could read what Mo Fan had in mind before he coldly humphed, “Even if you had money, you still wouldn’t be able to purchase a Star Atlas Book! Your Mrs. Tangyue isn’t as simple as a regular teacher.”

Mo Fan looked at the mature and beautiful teacher in front of him, astonishment building in him.

Thinking about it carefully, a teacher who was able to casually settle the matter with a Stardust Magic Tool shouldn’t be as simple as just being a High school teacher. Furthermore, Mo Fan had witnessed Mrs. Tangyue’s Shadow spells; this meant that Mrs. Tangyue was at least an Intermediate Magician!

“You possess an Innate Dual Element, it will be hard for you to escape the jealousy of smaller people. These books are given to you to protect yourself. Naturally, if you want to use these Star Atlas Books, the prerequisites are that you need to turn your Stardust into a Nebula, and 7 stars into 49 stars. If not, the Star Atlas Book will absorb your body and turn you into a mummy,” Mrs. Tangyue informed him earnestly.

(Ed. Note: Ah, I think Mo Fan totally missed the part about becoming a mummy.)

Mo Fan nodded his head in sincere gratitude, he felt really moved.

He and Mrs. Tangyue only had a regular student and teacher relationship, and yet, she was caring for him so much. It seemed he must hurry up and cultivate to the level of an Intermediate Magician, and then earn lots of money so he can marry her; only then will he be able to return this favor.

“Thank you Mrs Tangyue, I will definitely do my best!” Mo Fan said sincerely.

Tangyue smiled, her bright eyes had some expectations of him.

“You shouldn’t be too proud of yourself. The Heaven and Earth Spirit Pond of this Underground Holy Spring isn’t bad. However, it won’t be able to help you reach the Intermediate level. It will only give you a big push toward the Intermediate level checkpoint, if you really want to break through… Hehe, still far for you!” Mu Zhuoyun coldly humphed.

Tangyue no longer said anything, she had already given him what she wanted to give him, so she turned around to leave.

Mu Zhuoyun was too lazy to look at the kid that made his entire being feel like babbling rubbish. He waved his hand to signal to the protectors of the Underground Holy Spring to pull Mo Fan in and lock him inside.

“Pull yourselves together. Last time, the Ground Gutter Rat almost found this place. If the warm waters of the Underground Holy Spring were to leak out and attract calamity, then you guys will definitely be questioned!” the Captain of the guards, Liang Bin, shouted.

“Captain, don’t worry. That matter will definitely not happen again!” The other guards made a solemn vow.

This last thing Mo Fan had heard from the guards before he had entered the Underground Holy Spring made Mo Fan think of that One-eyed Magic Wolf that had almost evolved.

The One-eyed Magic Wolf had precisely acquired the leaked warm waters of the Underground Holy Spring, turning it into something dreadful. With that logic in mind, if I was to cultivate here for seven full days, wouldn’t my entire being soar?
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