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Versatile Mage Chapter 87 - Amaze the World with a Single Feat

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Chapter 87 - Amaze the World with a Single Feat




At this moment, the fat yet agile Feishi was fixated on Mo Fan. After hesitating for a while, he finally opened his mouth and whispered to his teammates next to him, “Don’t you guys think that this guy looked like a certain person when he cast Lightning Strike?”

“You also think so?!” Xu Dahuang immediately widened his eyes.

On the side, Xiaoke was biting into an apple while she continually nodded in agreement.

Li Wenjie had a strange smile as he glanced at Guo Caitang.

It was very obvious that Guo Caitang had also sensed something. Her beautiful face was filled with an unwillingness to accept reality.

“Fan Mo, Mo Fan; shit, it’s him!!” Xu Dahuang yelled out as he suddenly came to his senses.

The entire Hunter Squad came to the same realization. The expressions on their faces couldn’t be described with mere words.

They always knew Fan Mo was young, but they definitely hadn’t imagined that he was a third-year high school student who hadn’t even graduated yet!

The most important thing was, not only did this guy have the Lightning element, he also possessed a ferocious Fire element! The power behind his Fire element was actually not inferior to their Captain, Xu Dahuang!

Guo Caitang was probably the person who felt most the complex about this revelation. In fact, after interacting with him for the past year, she had developed a good opinion of their mysterious Lightning element user, Fan Mo.

Everyone knew that a Lightning Mage had infinite prospects, and most Lightning Mages chose to head into an easy job with a high income and high position. The young and promising Fan Mo had instead been part of their Hunter Squad, and not only did he excel among his peers, he was also very calm most of the time. Additionally, he had once single-handedly saved her life, and another time he had used his Lightning Strike to save the entire Squad. Thus, having a good opinion of him was a certainty.

In the end, Fan Mo and Mo Fan, the two had suddenly turned into one. Combining a person who you have a good opinion of with one whom you loathe and disdain, that was… That truly made her speechless!


“Everyone, I have something to say.” Principal Zhu spoke out once more.

Principal Zhu had a good moral bearing and reputation, so naturally everyone paused to listen to him.

“An Innate Dual Element is an astonishing talent, and the Magic High Exams are coming soon. Our school plans on using this extremely rare opportunity to properly pull off a big move and make the people from other places see the might of our Bo City. Thus, I hope everyone will not leak the matters that happened today. Wait until the national Magic High Exams have started, we will give our incredible Magician of Bo City, Mo Fan, an opportunity to cause a sensation across the country, how about it?” Principal Zhu’s voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

This kind of large matter, it would most likely be spread across the media, covering the skies and earth.

(Ed. Note: Must ask Tofu if this was written before the true cell phone age. There’s no way a lid could be kept on it nowadays…)

It was almost time for the incomparably important Magic High Exams, and Principal Zhu hoped to use the opportunity of these Magic High Exams to firmly fly the flag of Bo City. It had been far too long since Bo City had this kind of glory.

“That, I don’t mind. However, I can at most postpone the reports to the higher-ups for two weeks,” said the Magic Association representative, Yang Zuohe.

“Principal Zhu, who would dare to spread news of this kid with me here?” Boss Zhankong agreed.

Zhankong wasn’t stupid. If the bigger organizations caught news of this guy, they’d come running here to dig for him. If that happened, then he, Zhankong, could only start crying. No matter what, they had to suppress this matter!

With this place having so many people, it was only natural to be unable to control everyone from running their mouths off. However, as long as they were able to control the media and prevent them from spreading this matter outside the city, then those people could run off their mouths as much as they wanted. Either way, they were only keeping this a secret until the end of the Magic High Exams, when they would announce it.

“Speaking of all this, isn’t this a bit exaggerated? They even have to block off the media for the Magic Innate Dual Element?” Wang Sanpang whispered.

Mrs. Tangyue was sitting with the students, her heart still hadn’t calmed down from the shock. After hearing Wang Sanpang’s question, Tangyue couldn’t help but explain, “You have only been in a small place like Bo City, so it’s natural you don’t know how incredible the Innate Dual Element is. If the news were to spread out, then Bo City would be occupied by incredible forces within a day. Furthermore, if Mo Fan were to choose a faction, then some with sinister intentions would rather kill him than let him grow. After all, killing a Primary Magician like Mo Fan in secret is not a big matter to them. By suppressing this information, it will benefit Mo Fan as well as everyone else.”

“No way, there really are people that scary? Doesn’t that make them no different than the Black Vatican?”

“When a human’s heart is evil, you need to be cleverly cautious,” Tangyue replied.

“Brother Fan really caused a sensation this time… Speaking of which, just how did Brother Fan cultivate? Since he has dual elements, then it should take even longer for him to cultivate, so how could he be so much further along than us with both of his dual elements?” Zhang Xiaohou couldn’t help but ask.


The corner of Xu Zhaoting’s mouth began to twitch. Zhang Xiahou, can’t you shut up??

“I reckon Yu Ang will cry until he turns stupid.”

“Exactly. Did you not see that old scoundrel Mu Zhuoyun? Even though he had some problems with Mo Fan before, now he would immediately accept Mo Fan as his godson…”

“How could that be? Even the Chief Instructor wants to make Mo Fan his sworn brother! With the Chief Instructor, an Advanced Magician, backing Mo Fan, who would dare to touch him?”

“Sigh, comparisons are odious.”

While Mo Fan’s classmates were discussing this, Tangyue’s eyes had been watching Mo Fan this entire time.

Tangyue finally understood how Mo Fan was able to kill the Spirit Wolf back then.

Speaking of which, Mo Fan really gave people endless surprises. He had actually been hiding his Innate Dual Element this entire time...

However, doing that was pretty smart of him. Having a low profile while his strength wasn’t high enough was not a bad thing. Now that Mo Fan had people who were backing him enthusiastically, like Zhankong, his future growth would be a lot smoother.

It was just that they didn’t know if this guy would be able to properly use his incomparable Innate Dual Element, and be able to distinguish himself from the other exceptional geniuses from across the country.


Tonight, Mo Fan had naturally amazed everyone!

The Magic Association, Hunter’s Union, and Bo City Army combined to suppress the news together. It naturally wouldn’t be possible for this matter to spread out in a short period of time.

(Ed. Note: Someone has not heard of telephones and the internet age, methinks…)

Of course, this Magic Duel’s biggest profit wasn’t just retrieving his family’s dignity from the past. The most important thing was obtaining the opportunity to enter Bo City’s Underground Holy Spring to cultivate for a whole week.

With the Magic High Exams approaching, Mo Fan wanted to advance tremendously in his cultivation with the nourishment from Bo City’s Underground Holy Spring before taking the exams. That way, Mo Fan would be able to have a stunning performance on the Magic High Exams and take away the breath of people across the country!

When that happened, he would truly be renowned everywhere. It could be said that it would give Mo Fan a perfect road for his future Magic cultivation.

“The Underground Holy Spring, just what kind of special cultivation ground is it?” Mo Fan couldn’t help but look forward to it.

It was reported that many Magicians who were stuck at the Primary rank had broken through to Intermediate with the help of the Underground Holy Spring. An Intermediate Magician in Bo City was seen as very good!

Furthermore, Mo Fan was an Innate Dual Element Magician. Once he reached the Intermediate rank, he would possess a third element of magic! That kind of versatility would hold an absolute advantage among Intermediate Mages.

Alright, I must definitely use this rare opportunity to substantially increase my strength!
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