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Versatile Mage 621 Blasting the Corpse Official Away!

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The bright red from the Rose Flame combined with the brown and scarlet of the Calamity Fire. The flames surged forward across the street, turning the raindrops falling from the sky into white mist.

The spell that Mo Fan cast when possessed by the little Flame Belle was none other than the terrifying Meteorite Fist. It swept along the street like a meteor as the brilliant, destructive sparks scattered everywhere. However, since all forty-nine Stars were strengthened, the flames produced during the drawing of the Star Pattern were much fiercer and wilder!

It was neither Nine Palaces, nor Meteorite Fist. Mo Fan's arms were wound about by several tiny fire dragons. It felt like these vivid and lifelike dragons were about to lunge forward from his arms!

"Meteorite Fist!"

"Nine Dragons!"

The flames exploded from Mo Fan as he threw his right fist at the Flesh Mound Corpse Official, the accumulated energy level approaching its limit!

Following the punch, nine fire dragons engulfed in blinding flames jetted out from his arm with a flare of bright flames. The loud, howling flames sounded like cries of dragons echoing down the whole street!

The dragons lunged forth, leaving a trail of fierce flames on the street. The river of flames rolled ahead between the buildings, while the glass windows shattered into pieces as it passed.

The Flesh Mound Corpse Official was currently in mid-air, its bulging eyes staring at the crowd, driven by the desire to produce more skeletons. However, it saw formidable flames consisting of a bright red and red-brown fire engulfing the figure of an unremarkable Magician, before nine spectacular fiery dragons flew right at it!

The sound produced by the flames stacked together into a huge explosion. All nine fire dragons rammed into the Flesh Mound Corpse Official's body simultaneously. The tremendous impact immediately knocked the enormous creature flying into the distance!

The flames burst into their surroundings. The nine fiery dragons turned into several hundred tongues of fire after they collided with the creature. The flames danced wildly along the spacious street, turning it into a blazing red fiery river covering over a hundred meters!

Meanwhile, the Flesh Mound Corpse Official flew in the opposite direction of the crowd, rolling like a wrecking ball a few hundred meters further, smashing the vehicles on the street flat along the way.

The flames were still burning fiercely on it, especially its stomach where the hit had landed. It appeared that its thick, sturdy stomach had a hole blasted in it, where the flames were still burning. The wound was nothing serious compared to the Flesh Mound Corpse Official's size, yet it still left the creature in incredible pain despite its thick hide!

Imperial Magician Zuo Feng beat his Wind Wings and turned around in astonishment.

Just a moment ago, the Flesh Mound Corpse Official had flown across the sky just half a meter above him. Wasn't the Flesh Mound Corpse Official less than a hundred meters away from the crowd?

Zuo Feng glanced at the young Shadow Magician in disbelief. His figure was still shrouded in wild flames...

Did he really knock the Flesh Mound Corpse Official flying with a single punch?

That's a Flesh Mound Corpse Official; even an Intermediate Spell was not enough to hurt its skin, how could the Intermediate Magician possibly deal such a serious blow to the creature!?

"Fourth-tier Fiery Fist?" Zuo Feng soon collected his thoughts, yet quickly denied his own speculation.

Even though a fourth-tier Fiery Fist was fairly powerful, it still was not as astonishing as the nine fiery dragons. The spell was already comparable to an Advanced Fire Spell!

"Zuo Feng, what are you waiting for? It's injured, hurry up and cast Mind Control!" blurted out the other Imperial Magician.

Zuo Feng finally recovered from his shock. The Flesh Mound Corpse Official had been knocked flying by the blast. It was still dizzy from the collision, and hurting from the wound on its stomach. It was the perfect time to cast Mind Control. Even if he could only control it for a few seconds, it was enough to crush the Phantom Generals close to it!

The two Advanced Magicians knew to take advantage of the opportunity. They immediately utilized this moment to control the Flesh Mound Corpse Official.

Zuo Feng managed to take control the Flesh Mound Corpse Official. It began to charge in the opposite direction of the crowd, dealing a destructive blow to the Phantom Generals and skeletons that were following it. Scores of undead were rapidly crushed to pieces by the massive creature!

As the danger was resolved, the crowd that had come to a standstill burst out cheering!

All those with a sense of relief after surviving, or those that were overwhelmed by the lingering fear after barely escaping the jaws of death, had experienced fear, then despair, and finally hope after realizing their lives were saved. They could no longer keep their emotions under control after going through such immense torment!

Meanwhile, the Magicians who were on the verge of giving up were looking at Mo Fan as if he was a monster!

The guy had just sent a Commander-level undead flying with a single punch; what else could he be, if he wasn't a monster?

The river of flames across the street had burned countless undead to death. It simply eliminated the threat endangering the crowd!

Was he seriously just an Intermediate Magician?!

"Wha...what are you all waiting for? Do you want to die?! Start running!" yelled Shorty, who was the first to gather his wits.

As a matter of fact, even Shorty had only recovered from his great astonishment himself.

He was the kind of Magician that liked to collect all sorts of information. He had heard many times about how outstanding Mo Fan's Double Innate Elements was, which alone guaranteed Mo Fan a spot representing their country in the World College Tournament. To his surprise, the guy was as strong as a monster!

"My God, a Commander-level undead… was the creature he blasted really a Corpse Official?" screamed someone among the Magicians.

The Magicians were split into two groups. One consisted of people who were screaming OMG like the person before.

The other group was completely stunned. They had yet to recover from their overwhelming fear of the Flesh Mound Corpse Official when they witnessed an Intermediate Magician blasting the Flesh Mound Corpse Official away.

To everyone who was screaming or had fallen mute, Mo Fan's punch had left great astonishment deep in their souls. They simply could not calm down for a very long time!


The crowd safely crossed the dead street, pushing their way into the pedestrian walk on the other side.

Magicians were setting up barriers to stop the undead from catching up from behind. Meanwhile, there were also quite a few Magicians on the other end, who quickly lent a hand when they saw such a huge crowd coming in their direction.

The crowd continued to advance, before scattering into different streets and alleyways. The area was still not occupied by undead. The evacuation from here on was a lot smoother since they had crossed the deadly street. The people did not stay for long, quickly fleeing to the inner walls.

However, no one would ever forget their astonishment from witnessing the punch from the young Magician in the black shirt!


Meanwhile, somewhere close to the zebra-crossing, Mo Fan was panting heavily. His face was pale white after expending too much energy, yet his expression showed no sign of fatigue. Instead, he had a vicious grin, like an imperious CEO!

He swung his arm around, as it had gotten sore after he kept the posture for too long...

Mo Fan felt like bursting out laughing after feeling the formidable strength of the Meteorite Fist: Nine Dragons!

At last, he had finally learned the move he had been looking forward to for a very long time!
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