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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Five percent, hehe, the world is so big, why don't you go and have a look?" mocked Mo Fan with a hollow laugh.

"What do you mean, I enjoy staying in the Ancient Capital! My parents have passed away, but I do have a wife! I bet my son will be born once the war ends. My wife is tall, so my son is most likely going to be a handsome, tall Magician. I'm going to let him join the Enforcement Union..." continued Shorty.

"I mean you should piss off. It's scary talking with someone without knowledge. Oh, your wife is about to give birth?" Mo Fan asked in surprise.

"Well… hang on, let me slay these goddamn zombies first. Every single one of them is so tall and huge, even a bunch of zombies is trying to mock me," Shorty quickly summoned a puff of flames. Mo Fan had no idea he was a Fire Magician...

That being said, every Magician would Awaken two Elements after reaching the Intermediate Level. On top of that, apart from Lightning, it was possible to awaken specific Element through Guided Awakenings. As a result, the Fire Element was not as rare among Intermediate Magicians. After all, Fire Element was the most destructive Elemental Magic. Most Intermediate Magicians that were wealthy enough would spend a fortune to Awaken the Fire Element as their second Element!

Mo Fan could easily tell that Shorty was just here to fill the numbers, hence why he was hanging around with the Vice Captain instead of charging with the frontier. The guy had yet to cast an Intermediate Spell.

However, when Shorty was going against the zombies that were relatively huge and tall, he simply used Fiery Fist to blast them away!

Shorty completely vented his hatred and grudge toward his own DNA on the zombies' faces. The punch he threw was incredibly powerful, instantly killing the huge zombies. He continued with the joy of fulfilling a man's role of having descendants, "It's a boy, I secretly brought her to do the scanning. I know everyone likes to call me Shorty, which I don't really mind, but it doesn't mean I don't want a son that would completely shut them down. With the savings I have built up over the years, I'm pretty sure I can guarantee him a head start!"

"I didn't expect you to be a real man aiming to alter your destiny, but based on the American TV Series I've watched so far, basically everyone that mentioned your son being born after you returned from the war, or those that have decided to retire after their current operation, they normally end up dead in the end. Your words of describing how much you're looking toward to your future will pretty much become your final words..." said Mo Fan sternly.

"Pooh, curse me dead? Shorty, I, still have a long life ahead. I've killed eight hundred of these assholes, if the count hasn't reached a thousand yet," Shorty blurted out anxiously, feeling the urge to throw a punch at Mo Fan's knees.

"Why aren't you ranked on the Undead Ranking then?" Mo Fan had no intention to give up.

"What were you saying just then..."

"Which one?"

"Something about the world is so big, I'm giving it back to you!"

"Have you two assholes finished chatting? A Cloth-wrapped Corpse General is coming toward us at five o'clock. Take one or two men with you and eliminate it," Yao Nan's voice appeared out of nowhere.

As the captain of the team, Yao Nan had already seen his two comrades with low morale goofing off in the fight, but he was not too bothered by it, since there would eventually be a chance where they would need to try their very best!

"Captain, that's a Corpse General; I don't think the few of us are enough to handle it. Besides, even if we could eliminate it, our army is advancing so rapidly, what would happen if we were left behind?" complained Shorty.

"Then just wait for your death, don't disobey my order. I'm not joking with you. You… the woman, and the guy with the scar, go and help your Vice Captain kill the Corpse General!" Yao Nan's voice instantly turned cold, leaving them no room to negotiate.

Scar Face and Qing Lajiao withdrew from the battle. Both of them seemed fairly well-trained. They were a lot more obedient than the two slickers, Mo Fan and Shorty.

"I don't mind going, but they have to listen to me. I don't want a student fooling around just trying to earn some glory commanding me and leading us to death," said the Magic Vine Battlemaga without mercy.

"It's an order, don't you negotiate with me. Apart from me, your Vice Captain is the only one giving orders," Yao Nan glanced at the Battlemaga coldly, as if he had always been cold towards women.

The Battlemaga definitely had a grudge, since she was being put under an inexperienced young Magician who was still studying at school even though she was ranked seventh on the Undead Ranking. However, she had no choice but to nod, as she did not have the guts to disobey the order.

The man with the cross-shaped scar was not too bothered, his expression implying that he only wanted to kill the undead. He was no longer satisfied killing little zombies since he could simply charge into a bunch of them and return perfectly unharmed. It might be more interesting fighting a Corpse General.

"Yao Nan, if you don't wait for us, you're going to die for sure!" snapped Mo Fan at Yao Nan, while glancing at the black tide of undead surrounding them.

"If you are left behind, I do look forward to seeing you avenge yourself, but you're most likely going to be stopped outside the outer walls… you have twenty minutes, since we need around twenty minutes to clear the obstacle ahead. If you haven't come back by then, you should look for a way to stay alive yourself," replied Yao Nan indifferently.

Yao Nan tapped the wings on his back and hovered above the team at a consistent height. He was the only one that could fly on the team.

As soon as Yao Nan left, Shorty immediately grumbled, "I knew from the beginning that joining the operation was risky. If our team stumbles into a Commander-level creature, I don't think Yao Nan, who's the only Advanced Magician here, can help us stop the creature."

"We should hurry up and kill that Cloth-wrapped Corpse General instead of wasting time complaining here," Qing Lajiao interrupted with a cold harrumph.

Scar Face followed behind Qing Lajiao. Along the way, he conveniently stomped two of the frozen zombies into pieces with a pleasant chuckle.


Assuming the army was advancing toward twelve o'clock, five o'clock was pretty much the opposite direction of where the army was heading.

As Mo Fan, Shorty, Scar Face, and Qing Lajiao backed off to the tail of the team, they immediately saw gray-white winding sheets scattering across the place. The sheets looked like skin peeled off from a monster, which were still wiggling on their own.

"Where is it?" Shorty stood on his toes as he tried to find the creature.

There was a group of zombies behind them, yet they were completely scattered. After all, a group of Intermediate Magicians had just advanced through the area. Those that managed to survive the continuous blasts of their spells were most likely the elites among the zombies.

"Is our target that mummy, the one standing on the little slope? It looks like it's performing a Flowing Sleeves Dance..." Mo Fan, who was able to see further in the dark, pointed at the little slope nearby.

"Mummies are found at the Pyramid in Egypt. Even though the Kingdom of the Undead at the Pyramid in Egypt and the Land of the Undead of the Ancient Capital are equally famous in the world, our zombies here are definitely leading the world in terms of their shape, aesthetic, and elegance," said Shorty.

"The Pyramid? There's a Kingdom of Undead there too?" said Mo Fan in astonishment.

"Of course! Was your Demon Beast Class taught by a teacher on probation?" replied Shorty.

"To be honest, I've only transversed to this world not long ago."

Mo Fan and Shorty never stopped talking. Meanwhile, Qing Lajiao's forehead was already full of black lines. She totally lost interest in teaming up with them. She took the initiative to make her way toward the slope, hoping to eliminate the Corpse General as soon as possible!

Scar Face glanced at Mo Fan and Shorty, before charging forward, riding the ice chains with a chuckle.
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