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Versatile Mage 583 Black Rotten Corpse Army

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth


There was a strong presence of death: everything within the Magicians' range of vision was devoured by the same black tide that consisted of black rotten corpses. It seemed like the hatred from the Dark Abyss served as a great nutrient for them: each undead was wearing black armor, resulting in a formidable army.

"Little Loach, time to eat at will, but help me to pray that nothing wrong will happen to those righteous leaders. Otherwise, if your father dies here, other people who find you will assume you to be a piece of junk and smelt you, so you won't be able to eat more souls anymore!" Mo Fan grabbed the pendant hanging in front of his chest as if he was having a pleasant conversation with it.

Little Loach would never let his father talk to himself like an idiot. The pendant shuddered, implying that it had clearly heard him.

"These undead seem like they could provide more..." mumbled Mo Fan.

When Mo Fan was fighting the undead on his way to the villages, he discovered that the Little Loach Pendant really enjoyed eating the final soul wisps that the undead turned into. It refined the Servant-class Soul Essences at a faster rate. Otherwise, Mo Fan would not have strengthened thirty-three of his Fire Element Stars.

The greatest benefit Mo Fan could possibly get from taking part in this battle was without a doubt these Soul Essences. Either the Soul Essences refined from the Soul Remnants, or the rare Soul Essences that the undead dropped, would simply be collected by the Little Loach...

Therefore, when Mo Fan saw the overwhelming number of Servant-class zombies, he strongly believed that they would all turn into food for the Little Loach. No wonder the Little Loach Pendant seemed to be so excited today!

"Kill, kill'em all!" the man with the cross-shaped scar screamed while an Ice Star Pattern surfaced under his feet.

Four icy chains circled the man within the blink of an eye. The guy was a very experienced Ice Magician, and his control over Ice Lock had reached an extreme level. As he leapt into the air among the icy chains that were dancing wildly in front of him, he adeptly stepped on the flying ice chains in a stern and confident manner, which sent him straight at the group of rotting black corpses...

The black zombies were everywhere. Even when glancing into the distance, they could not see the end of the army. Not everyone was able to charge forward so courageously when facing such a large group of zombies!

The man with the cross-shaped scar helped motivate the Magicians. When the others saw his courageous move, they quickly started utilizing their Magic as they clashed with the black undead.

"You should just stay underground and rot to turn into nutrients for the plants if you're dead! Don't come out and trouble those who are still alive!" said a magnificent Battlemaga whose long robe was drifting in the wind as she moved.

Thick magic vines immediately grew out from the soil her finger was pointing at. The vines were covered in dense thorns, which would immediately peel off a layer of skin when they wrapped around a demon beast. However, it simply would not work the same way against undead that had no sense of pain. Even when their bodies were torn into two parts, their upper body would still crawl forward with their sharp claws, as if they would win by simply crawling in front of their target. Unfortunately, the Battlemaga controlling the magic vines would simply stomp on their brains with her heels!

"An empress type," Mo Fan grumbled in his heart. He tried to take hold of the opportunity to ask her name since he was only a short distance away from her.

The Battlemaga glared at Mo Fan with a proud and icy look that told him that she had no time to befriend him on the battlefield.

"Her name is Qing Lajiao, she's from the Magic Association. She's not in the Enforcement Union, yet she's more violent than those who are. She once led a group of students in their training, and one of the foppish students from a renowned family was lashed by her magic vines for over an hour. His clothes were completely ragged… she's ranked number seven on the Undead Leaderboard, killing 1,330 Servant-class undead and 78 Warrior-level undead, in just the past five years!" a familiar voice with a hint of pervertedness appeared.

{TL Note: 'Lajiao' here means chili.}

Mo Fan turned around and was greatly astonished when he saw a man who was so close to kissing his knees talking to him with an eerie grin.

"Shorty, why are you here?" asked Mo Fan in astonishment.

"I've always been here. Damn you, didn't I tell you that I live just across the street from where people of Bo City are? I came straight away when I saw the signal!" protested Shorty with wide eyes.

"Oh, sorry, It's pretty hard to see you among the crowd, unless you try to get my attention," Mo Fan nodded.

"Please, even though I'm trying to make money through various strange methods, I did swear the oath once at the Hunter Union, to be a righteous Magician for world's peace..."

"Speak human, please!"

"The Hunters who participated in this operation will be given the title 'Honorable Hunter', something that I can sell for at least eight million!"

"You should be a businessman, not a Magician. I despise you!" said Mo Fan.

"Brother, I was at the tower too, I saw the Councilman drag you into the team. You didn't even volunteer!"

"Err… oh, what was the Undead Ranking you mentioned before? What's with the chili or capsicum?" Mo Fan was a past expert at switching the topic.

{TL Note: The girl's name is Qing Lajiao, where 'qing jiao' means capsicum and 'la jiao' means chili.}

Shorty immediately wore a disdainful look. While his eyes were fixed on their comrades that were fighting the undead ahead, he continued, "It's the leaderboard for Intermediate Magicians. Every faction has it; it is based on the number of undead everyone has killed. That Qing Lajiao you tried to flirt with is ranked seventh, killing over a thousand undead. It's an achievement that ordinary Magicians have a hard time getting… asshole, a little zombie like you dares to ambush me, stomping you to death would simply make my shoes dirty!"

Mo Fan lowered his head and saw a zombie with only half an arm left trying to grab Shorty's ankle. It immediately infuriated Shorty, whose five-foot-figure jumped into the air furiously.

{TL Note: The foot here is referring to a Chinese foot, which is around one-third of a meter.}

"I see, so we do have some experts in this randomly assembled team… eat this, eat it, this fiery dragon fruit has a great taste," said Mo Fan as he shoved a Fire Burst into the mouth of one of the zombies nearby. He was so gentle that it felt like he was a kind man feeding a refugee starving on the street.

The Fire Burst ate through it rapidly. The zombie immediately erupted in flames as the Fire Burst entered its throat and burned into a pile of ashes. Not even the bones were left.

The Little Loach Pendant puffed its cheeks and sucked the wisp of green soul away after the undead was killed.

"Brother Mo Fan, you ain't ba, either. If I knew you were the one with Double Innate Elements ranked fifth on the Innate Talents Leaderboard, I would have given you a… Brilliant Light! Allow me to help you to transcend… oh, I wasn't referring to you, Brother Mo Fan; I was trying to say that I would have given you a five percent discount!"
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