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Versatile Mage 561 Mutated Undead

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Xiao Luo, is the medicine ready yet?" said a middle-aged man.

"It's almost ready, come and sit by the fireplace," Su Xiaoluo's voice responded from inside the hut.

"Sure, I heard from Old Yang that you've already come up with a medicine. That brought joy to everyone. You know, since Uncle Guan passed away, we're completely clueless when anyone contracts a disease. Luckily, we still have you..." the man smiled.

"Well, you should thank Fu Da instead. He still went to collect the herbs even though it's raining so heavily outside," said Su Xiaoluo.

{TL Note: Fu Da here means "big fortune".}

"Oh, oh, I'll go talk to Fu Da."

Inside the hut, the fire in the furnace would crack at times, and sparks would jump out from the furnace and leave scorched marks nearby.

The middle-aged man was wearing a woven rush raincoat. He placed it in a bamboo basket, revealing a fairly well-preserved face, full of wrinkles when he was smiling, allowing anyone to easily guess his age.

"Fu Da, you're a lucky man," said the man Xie Sang with a smile, grabbing the skinny young man's shoulder.

"It hurts," the young man slowly turned around and said in an emotionless tone.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you have wounds here too," Xie Sang smiled as he took a seat opposite the young man.

The young man sat there with a blank face, showing no response to Xie Sang's words.

The man let out a sigh and asked, "Did he lost his memory, or completely turn into an idiot?"

"I don't know, but he sure looks dumb," replied Su Xiaoluo.

"It's fine if he had only lost his memory, since he either suffered a great shock, or a great blow to the head. There's still a chance that he will recover, but if he's actually turned into an idiot, the chance of him recovering is very slim," said Xie Sang.

"The medicine is ready!" Su Xiaoluo carried a bowl of pitch-black medicine over.

Xie Sang received the bowl, but almost knocked it over. Su Xiaoluo immediately reminded him that the medicine was still hot.

"Still so clumsy at your age, how could you possibly take good care of the village!?" Su Xiaoluo mocked him.

"Hehe, don't blame me for not reminding you, you're not young anymore; if you continue to stay in the same house with this guy..."

"Hurry up and deliver the medicine!"


Su Xiaoluo patted her sore shoulders after Xie Sang left.

She glanced at Zhang Xiaohou, who was sitting in front of the fireplace like a wooden log and harrumphed when she saw that the guy was not paying any attention to her.

After a few harrumphs, Zhang Xiaohou still did not show any response. The girl immediately stomped her foot and turned around, not bother to waste any more time.

"Crap! This is bad!"

"Hide, everyone hide!"

A cry of panic came from outside.

Su Xiaoluo quickly pushed the windows open and saw Madam Xie running into the village in a panic. She was in such a rush that she even tripped and fell to the muddy ground.

"Madam Xie, what happened!?" exclaimed Su Xiaoluo.

"Undead, there's an undead at the village's entrance… the old man was eaten alive!..." the woman trembled.

"I'll go and take a look..." Su Xiaoluo immediately put on her raincoat and went outside.

Zhang Xiaohou quickly followed behind when he saw her running out, as if he were afraid that something would happen to her.

More cries of panic from the villagers were heard. Those who were timid immediately fled deep into the village...

Su Xiaoluo and Zhang Xiaohou ran to the village's entrance and saw the path covered in red stains. The blood had mixed with the rain, forming a little stream flowing out of the village.

A few young, strong villagers were standing in the rain with hoes and sickles. They did not dare to get any closer to the entrance, and were simply staring at the zombie that was eating the old man guarding the entrance...

"What happened? Didn't he drink the water from the Kun Well?" Su Xiaoluo's face turned pale after witnessing the gory scene.

"Of course he did, yet something's wrong with this undead. It still attacked us… it's most likely a mutated undead!" said a trembling villager with a hoe.

"It must be a curse, our Hua Village is cursed! Old He died to the undead a week ago, and another one died at night three days ago. Now, the undead are attacking us in the evening. Eventually, they will simply barge into the village… and eat all of us alive! It's a curse, I told you we shouldn't be involved in it, we're cursed!" said another middle-aged villager who was completely terrified.

The zombie was extremely savage. It seemed unsatisfied after eating the old man's organs, immediately pouncing at another villager that was trying to chase him away.

The young villager did not even have the chance to swing his sickle when the zombie simply bit his head off. Fresh blood jetted out from the stump, a shocking sight in the rain!

The villagers had relied on a unique way to avoid being attacked by the undead, yet when something went wrong, they could not even stop a zombie!


The rest of the villagers immediately fled into the village.

"We can't let the zombie get inside the village!" Su Xiaoluo tried to tell the villagers, yet they had all run into the village straight away.

Su Xiaoluo clenched her teeth and made her way to the wooden barrier...

The zombie had yet to enter the village. If she could drop the wooden barrier at the entrance, she would be able to resolve the situation. The barrier was made of Ash Wood, something that the undead were not fond of. They would simply stay away from the village...

Su Xiaoluo ran toward the switch, yet the zombie's glowing eyes were already fixed on her.

The zombie let go of the young villager that it had eaten half of and lunged at Su Xiaoluo like a starving stray dog.

"What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?" screamed a woman.

Su Xiaoluo turned around and saw the zombie running at her. Its speed was so shocking that it felt like it was right behind her within the blink of an eye.

"Fire Burst!"


In the nick of time, a puff of flame erupted in the rain and landed accurately on the zombie.

The fireball exploded and blasted the zombie away. Its body was shattered into pieces by the impact.

"You all have no chance against the undead, leave now!" said a young man with a frown.

The villagers who were running away reacted as if the young man was their life savior...

"Praise God, Hong Jun, you're in the village. We're safe!"

"Hong Jun, the zombie is quite fierce, shouldn't you have waited for your father before trying to kill it?" the villagers quickly backed off and stood behind the young man called Hong Jun.

"Humph, it's only a zombie, I can handle it myself!" declared Hong Jun, a hint of pride on his face!
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