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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The sound produced when bones were crushed gave the group goosebumps.

In a few seconds, the zombie had simply turned into a lump of frozen meat. Although it did not die completely, it was no longer able to move.

"A Li, don't waste your energy," said the black silk woman when she saw the man with the beard used an Intermediate Spell to kill a mere zombie.

The man called A Li immediately performed a strange gesture in a seemingly obedient manner.

"By the way, we've spent a long time on this journey, yet we still don't know what to call each other?" asked Shorty with a chuckle. He was long aware that the woman's identity was nothing ordinary.

"Ye Meng'e, Ye as in ye zi (leaf), Meng as in meng jing (dream), and e as in e'nuo (elegant), you can call me Meng'e." The black silk woman seemed fairly serious when introducing herself, as if she was afraid that she would make a mistake.

{TL Note: 'e' here pronounced like 'uhh'}

Mo Fan chuckled when he heard the name, "Is this a Chinese name you just came up with?"

The black silk woman did not answer the question, but asked, "Is there something strange about the name?"

"E as in e'nuo... Meng'e, it's rare to see a Chinese with this name. To be honest, Cuihua sounds better. You can even add it to your surname, like Elizabeth Cuihua, to show that you're knowledgeable in both cultures," Mo Fan said wisely. 

{TL Note: Cuihua is a very common name for females in the 70s, and the name has become an Internet meme in China.}

Shorty, muscular man, and Liu Ru were Chinese, hence they almost vomited the Ash Garlic out when they heard Mo Fan's words! The guy was simply pulling a joke on the woman from foreign countries!

Meanwhile, the black silk woman nodded as if she had learned a great deal from it, assuming that she would consider Mo Fan's suggestion. It was most likely that her two companions were not Chinese, either. It was impressive enough that they knew how to speak Chinese, but they would never understand the meaning behind the name.

"Don't listen to him, sister, you have a nice name!" Liu Ru quickly betrayed Mo Fan.

The black silk woman giggled, she did not seem too bothered by the joke.

"Uhh, can we call you that, too?" asked the man with the beard, A Li.

The black silk woman simply cast a glance at the man, who immediately shrugged, not daring to say anything further.


Along the journey, Shorty and the two subordinates following Meng'e were dealing with most of the roaming undead.

They were quite lucky, as they had yet to stumble into a burial ground. The group remained safe until dawn was approaching, allowing them to preserve the Ash Garlic.

"One more hour until daytime," said Shorty, glancing at his watch.

"I thought the undead of the Ancient Capital are terrifying, yet aren't they just a bunch of brain-dead zombies?" said A Li with a grin.

"Bro, please don't say that the Land of the Undead is cursed. You shouldn't say something like that!" said the muscular man.

A Li continued to wear his grin, simply ignoring the warning.

The ground ahead was loose and fully pitch-black. Meanwhile, the sky was covered in thick clouds.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky, instantly revealing the dull stormy clouds connected to the pitch-black land into the distance, as if the group was walking in endless darkness.

The air suddenly felt a lot heavier. Thunder claps began to echo above the clouds, followed by huge raindrops falling to the ground. Their impact was strong enough to splatter the mud!

"Shit, it's raining!" cursed Shorty.

Right after he finished the sentence, heavy rain poured down, followed by flashes of lightning refracted across the sky by the raindrops.

The water was pouring heavily. Stepping on the loose ground suddenly felt like walking in mud.

Another flash lightning flickered in the sky, revealing a blood-red tide sweeping in their direction.

The water splashed close to their feet out of nowhere and scared the group, yet the heavy rain was preventing them from seeing what was ahead. They could not tell whether it was time for them to eat the Ash Garlic.

"Quick, the rain can wash away the foul breath from the Ash Garlic!" the muscular man told them.

"Does that mean the Ash Garlic is ineffective on rainy days?" asked Mo Fan.

"That's right!"

Mo Fan instantly felt like swearing, but the rain was too strong. He was totally not in the mood to complain, as he had to find a shelter from the rain as soon as possible.

"Do we seriously not have any Water Magicians?" asked Mo Fan.

Unfortunately, no one responded.

A Water Magician would have cast Water Barrier: Circulation on everyone in the group, preventing the rain from touching them.

The two subordinates of the black silk woman reacted quickly. Even though they did not bring an umbrella with them, they quickly took off their jackets and used them to shield Meng'e from the rain, highlighting her extraordinary identity.

"Damn it, the blood water is rising, it's most likely that there's a powerful undead nearby!" Shorty interpreted based on his experience.

"Are you serious? Look at this rain; we would simply be covered in mud trying to fight here!" grumbled Mo Fan.

"What did I say, this Land of the Undead is cursed. Don't say anything stupid!" the muscular man blamed it on A Li's smart remark.

The group moved forward through the mud at a gradually increasing pace.

The place they were currently at was in a valley. They had no chance of finding shelter, unless they headed for the Qinling Mountains.

The demon beasts in Qinling Mountains did welcome humans. It was likely that they had already preheated the oil and pot, and were only waiting for humans to walk into them.

Suddenly, roars that could make one's heart pound heavily came from their sides.

Liu Ru was the closest to the sound. She turned her head around and immediately shivered in fear!

In the midst of the rain, a strong zombie like an ox came closer, with Liu Ru as its target!

The creature had a few arms, each holding a rusty hatchet. The raindrops washed the blood stains on the hatchets away, making the creature look even more terrifying, as it was impossible to tell how many humans had the hatchets killed!

The creature had a body as strong as an ox and hideous limbs, yet most terrifyingly, its enormous body had a tiny woman's head whose hair was dangling messily in front, with a sinister, evil face under the hair!

The woman's head opened her mouth and uttered a blurry, unpleasant scream, "Why...why did you leave me!?!" 

The voice sounded completely out of place. Even though it was speaking a human language, it was filled with the extreme hatred of the devil!

"Holy crap, who the heck are you!?" Mo Fan quickly pulled Liu Ru to his side.

The group stared at the Hatchet Corpse General, goosebumps rising all over their bodies. It was impossible to tell how many dead bodies were used to construct the Hatchet Corpse General to give it such a hideous appearance!

"Corpse General, it's a Giant Corpse General! We're done, it's over!" Shorty stared at the Corpse General in fear, fighting a strong urge to flee for his life.
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