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Versatile Mage 441 The Hunting Plan

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan was surprised when he realized that Huang Xingli, who was always together with Ding Yuming, was absent.

Ding Yuming was searching for some book. Other students rarely came up to the top floor, so it was obvious that Ding Yuming was looking for some rare Magic Books, too. Mo Fan hid behind the shelves after he saw her picking up a book with a blazing red cover...

The girl suddenly turned around, her eyes flickered like a surge of electricity as she spun in Mo Fan's direction and stared right into his eyes!

"It's you!" Ding Yuming quickly recognized Mo Fan. Everyone in the Fire School knew who Mo Fan was. He had reclaimed the title of demon king after the recent incident.

"What a coincidence," Mo Fan smiled.

As a matter of fact, it was Mo Fan's first time seeing Ding Yuming's face up front.

She was certainly the goddess of the Fire Element. Leaving her soft, tender skin and adorable nose aside, her charming eyes were enough to make someone feel lost in her beauty.

Perhaps it was because of the Fire Element, but even though she was calm as a lily, she was also emitting a charming, enchanting aura. She would be a lot more attractive when she smiled.

"Are you looking for a book?" asked Ding Yuming.

The fact was, she had noticed his gaze earlier. She was not too bothered by it at the start, and had only turned around when the stare lasted longer than she expected. She never thought the person would be the demon king, Mo Fan, who was so infamous recently. Lately, she had heard his name too many times, as Ding Yuming kept on mentioning him beside her ears...

"Yeah, but I haven't spent much time at school, so I can't find what I want," said Mo Fan.

"What are you looking for?" asked Ding Yuming.

"Books about vampires," said Mo Fan. It seemed like Ding Yuming was a regular here, as she was quite familiar with the books just now.

"I'll help you out," said Ding Yuming.

Mo Fan was a little surprised. He was told that the goddess of their Element was rather unapproachable, yet why was she being so kind to him during their first encounter?

Could it be that she was conquered by his unique charm, under his decadent appearance?

Ding Yuming was indeed familiar with the books on the floor. She soon brought back a stack of books to Mo Fan.

She did not talk to him any further, quickly leaving after casting a glance at Liu Ru.

Mo Fan was unable to discuss life and ambition with her in time. -What a pity-, he thought, as he watched her leave…


After dividing the work with Liu Ru, it turned out that the books which Ding Yuming had found were exactly what Mo Fan was looking for. Many had records about the famous vampires in the past, and provided detailed descriptions of their strengths and weaknesses.

The incidents in the past had proven that the vampires were not afraid of garlic, crosses, or timber. They were actually scared of holy water with strong purification ability. This holy water was definitely not a sacred item of some religion, but a liquid mixed with the Light Element.

Frankly speaking, the vampires were Darkness Creatures. They were not scared of sunlight, but vulnerable to Light Element Magic, which was extremely effective against them!

Apart from that, they could only be killed with very powerful Magic. Basically, it was impossible for any creature, including the undead, to come back to life after being blasted into pieces. If the Light Element was not available, brute force was the only way left.

The books also mentioned how to entrap vampires.

The strongest confining Spell among all Intermediate Magic was the Shadow Element's Giant Shadow Spike. Not only could it seal the target's movement, it could also entrap their mind... Unfortunately, vampires were experts at the Shadow Element, and they had no shadow, thus the Giant Shadow Spike was basically useless.

The other effective Spells were the entrapping Spells of the Water, Light, or Lightning Elements.

Mo Fan had yet to achieve such a great height for his Lightning Element, so he had no choice but to look for help in order to deal with the vampire.

Speaking of Light Element, Mo Fan immediately thought of Zhao Manting. His primary Element was Light Element, and his secondary Water Element was also very useful against vampires!


Mo Fan found Zhao Manting, who instantly agreed to help without hesitation.

Before, Zhao Manting would surely have negotiated with Mo Fan for benefits, since the task was dangerous and not bringing any good to him. However, since the incident at the abandoned city, Zhao Manting had completely treated Mo Fan like a brother who stayed true to his words!

Zhao Manting was furious, just like Mo Fan, determined to eliminate the vampires that were specifically preying on the girls!

It was already difficult to find a good woman to begin with, as there were many monks, but not much gruel, yet these half-human, half-beasts vampires still dared to bring harm to the human world. There was no way Zhao Manting would tolerate their actions. He would surely bring them to justice!

"Not sure if I'm imagining it, but I kept feeling that the guy is nearby. When I take the stairs, I would see a figure in the shadow under the steps. When I raise my head, I feel like something is standing on the roof. When I walk past the trees, it feels like a pair of eyes are watching me..." Liu Ru seemed terrified, and told Mo Fan this honestly.

When Mo Fan went to look for Zhao Manting, Liu Ru was walking in the school on her own. She immediately told Mo Fan about her fears when he came back.

"The books have mentioned that Nightmare is one of the vampires' abilities. They can implant it in their prey's mind, to either place their prey in fear, or force their prey to think constantly of them," said Mo Fan.

"Or maybe the vampire is thinking constantly of Liu Ru. It's said that the vampires are very persistent, and won't give up on their targets easily," Liu Ru added sternly.

"Either is possible, so we'll loosen our guard on Liu Ru, and let Zhao Manting pretend to be an admirer to protect her," Mo Fan revealed his plan.

"Is the guy reliable?" asked Lingling quickly.

"I can't say for sure. He's a playboy, I think the threat he poses to Liu Ru isn't any weaker than the vampire," said Mo Fan.

"..." Lingling was left speechless.

Liu Ru had no idea what to say either, but as long as she could avenge her sister, she would give Mo Fan her full cooperation.


Mo Fan moved back to his apartment. Meanwhile, Lingling was keeping an eye on Liu Ru with her own methods.

Since Liu Ru had mentioned that the vampire might have snuck into the school to pressure her, Mo Fan and Zhao Manting had agreed to set up a trap for the vampire here at Pearl Institute's main campus...

After all, Pearl Institute was a place of Magicians. If the fight broke out somewhere else, it might result in the loss of innocent lives. God knew if the vampire would kill indiscriminately when he lost his cool...
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