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Versatile Mage 437 There's Hope In Getting the Armor!

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Why would you care about a person who's already dead? Didn't your sister work so hard just to earn some money for you to study? Something like money, I can get whatever amount I want, and I can give it to you too," said the vampire in a seductive voice.

Liu Ru was infuriated by his words. She randomly picked up a branch from the ground and held it like a sword.

The vampire suddenly began to tremble when he saw the sharp branch!

He said with a terrified expression, "Why...why...why did you know we're afraid of wood? Don't come any closer, don't you come any closer!"

Liu Ru glanced at the vampire in confusion, before she heard the vampire bursting into laughter all of a sudden.

His terrified expression was replaced by reckless laughter. He had fully displayed his exaggerated acting skill.

"HAHAHA, we're unkillable, we can only be killed by ourselves, or the merciless of our beloved women!" the vampire sneered in an icy voice.

"Then you'll die right now!" retorted Liu Ru in a trembling voice.

"You and your sister look the same, but your personalities are completely different. I didn't want to kill her, but she was trying to end her life, begging me to bite her neck. She told me that life was extremely boring, no one treated her seriously, and her sister was a burden to her. She said that she could only feel a slight hint of happiness when I bite her, so she asked me out even though she was suffering from severe anemia. Don't you think she was like a prostitute, relying on drugs to keep herself going?" mused the vampire.

Liu Ru almost went crazy when she heard the words.

That was her beloved sister, yet the person had totally humiliated her!

She held the hilarious branch and charged forward, trying to fight the irritating vampire. However, the vampire was just standing there while watching the stubborn Liu Ru fall into his trap by herself.

This younger sister was a lot more interesting than the elder sister. She was less obedient, so she could possibly be his toy for some time...

When Liu Riu reached the vampire, she realized how stupid she was. Their strengths were definitely not on the same level.

When she thought she would end up just like her elder sister, a blazing fireball suddenly appeared beside her.

The rose-colored flame emitted a brilliant burning light, blowing the mist and darkness in the woods away, as it slammed into the vampire like a giant fist.

The vampire never thought a Fire Magician would be hiding in the woods. The full blast of the Fiery Fist sent him flying dozens of meters away, while setting the place aflame.

The vampire was covered in flames as he slammed to the ground. Yet he would not die so easily, immediately rising to his feet in the flames and staring at Mo Fan in astonishment.

He seemed to have realized something, and immediately used the coat to hide his face.

A vampire would not allow anyone to see their face, as they would not be able to stay in the city any longer after their face was exposed.

His eyes were filled with anger. It turned out that someone was trying to mess with him!

He could not be sure if there were any other Magicians in the woods. He flung up his coat, which instantly turned into black leather and wrapped around him. As the leather flew into the sky, it began to flap rapidly, like the wings of a bat.

He quickly fled into the woods as the Shadow Element swallowed him.

He was extremely fast. When Mo Fan tried to chase after the vampire using Fleeing Shadow, he had already disappeared.

"Damn it, he ran so fast!" cursed Mo Fan.

He could not help but admit that the vampire was a lot better at using the Shadow Element than he was. It was impossible to hold him there under the circumstances.

However, he had no other choice, as Liu Ru would most likely have been murdered if he hesitated any further.


Mo Fan walked up to Liu Ru.

She had dropped to the ground helplessly, tears bursting from her eyes.

It was obvious that she was despairing.

Mo Fan felt like comforting her, yet he had no idea what to say. He was surprised by how determined Liu Ru was to avenge her sister, despite her delicate appearance, clearly implying how important her sister was to her.

When Mo Fan recalled how the vampire was mocking the sisters, he also felt extremely angry!

Liu Ru cried in the woods for a long time. She could no longer return to her school, so Mo Fan brought her to his apartment and let her rest in the living room.

Mo Fan managed to find some high-quality blood serums. He knew the girl had purposely let the vampire drink some of her blood, so she could make her move after earning the vampire's trust.

"Thank you, I'm sorry for acting rudely to you last time," said Liu Ru pitifully.

"So you already knew your sister's death was strange! You should have told me. How could a commoner like you possibly stand a chance against that creature?" said Mo Fan.

"I just don't want to drag other people into the mess, sorry," said Liu Ru softly.

"Let me handle the vampire, I'm doing it for a quest. But since we've alerted him this time, it will be tricky to try and catch him again. He has been hiding his face all the time, so I didn't manage to get a clear look at his true appearance. Do you know who he is?" asked Mo Fan.

Liu Ru shook her head. She had never seen him before. Maybe her sister might know, but she had passed away.

"Rest up here," said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan arranged for her to stay in his room. He would not let her go back to school, as the vampire might try to harm her again out of rage, so he had to protect her.

Mo Fan let out a sigh when he saw Liu Ru falling asleep fairly quickly. Her pale face was still filled with a hint of sorrow.

She had used herself as bait. Anyone else would be terrified knowing that the guy was a vampire. It clearly showed how determined Liu Ru was to avenge her sister!


Mo Fan was sitting in the living room when Lingling knocked on the door and entered a moment later.

It was not Lingling's first time here. She quickly went to the fridge to get a bottle of juice and gulped it down as if she were drinking from a milk bottle.

"How is it? Did you manage to track him down?" asked Mo Fan.

Lingling used her hand to wipe her lips and said, "He almost got away. I tracked him to a private compound, which seems to be a club collecting rare liquors. I was worried there might be something there, so I didn't dare tail him any further."

"That's more than enough. We should think of something brilliant to catch him!" said Mo Fan, his eyes gleaming.

It seemed like there was hope of getting his armor!
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