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Lu Nian stood on the back of the Heavenly Eagle and stared at the stubbled man driving the Wind Wings.

Zhan Kong?

Isn't he guy in charge of the army in the south? Why would he come all the way to Dongting Lake to meddle with his business?

The entire operation had been carried out behind the scenes. There was no way the military would have noticed it. Could it be that someone had alerted them? Could it be the students who had escaped?

Impossible, even if they had some sort of a communication device, the military would not be able to respond so quickly. It was too much of a coincidence if Zhan Kong just happened to be nearby, too.

Lu Nian grinned, revealing his yellow teeth. He waved his pipe calmly before speaking with a challenging gaze, "A useless commander like you, who failed to protect Bo City, dares to challenge me? Zhan Kong, I believe you've come alone...You knew that the kid had Double Innate Elements all along, but you have been keeping it to yourself. Does that mean you're planning something on your own, too?"

"Bullshit. Do you think everyone is as reckless as you? Blood Sarira my ass, with the kid's potential, he could easily rise up as a hero one day without relying on that filthy piece of crap. I'd feel greatly ashamed if I were you, to use such inhumane methods on students. If your father knew you would turn out to be such a piece of crap, he would prefer to shoot you on the wall and let you dry in the wind!" Zhan Kong did not care how rough it sounded when he was cursing people.

He was extremely furious.

Zhan Kong assumed that Lu Nian would only be trying to capture Mo Fan alive.

To his surprise, Lu Nian had totally lost his mind. He somehow decided to kill all the students, just to silence them.

They were the elite students from the Imperial College and the Pearl Institute, with a great future ahead of them. However, they had died horrible deaths here just because of Lu Nian's wild ambition.

How many years had it been since the military had a failure like him!?

"Zhan Kong, do you really think you can defeat me?" Lu Nian smiled. It slowly turned into a savage grin.

Since his actions had been exposed, there was no longer a need to be mindful of keeping it all a secret.

There was no need to care too much. A high achiever should never be bound to the restrictions around him. It was better now that he was no longer tied to his rank. There were only a few Commanders in the army that could match his strength, and this Lu Nian was definitely on the list.

It was time for the massacre to begin!

Anyone who was slightly related to this incident would die!

"Feed them to that thing." Lu Nian glanced at the giant beast who had just woken up on top of the nest with a cruel grin.

"Commander, I believe… that's a Razortail Drake!" the soldier driving the Heavenly Eagle said with a trembling voice.

Lu Nian was referring to the dominator of the desolated city, currently sitting at the top of the Giant Lizards' nest: the Razortail Drake!

Feeding the four students to the Razortail Drake?

Wasn't that a little bit too far?

If he were to fly toward it, the Razortail Drake would surely eat both him and the Heavenly Eagle too!

"Are you disobeying my order?" Lu Nian glared at the soldier.

"Ne...negative." The soldier saluted and directed the Heavenly Eagle to fly toward the nest.


In the net, Bai Tingting's face was as pale as a piece of paper.

Zhao Manting and Mu Nujiao might not know the beast, but she had seen it herself.

The Heavenly Eagle was flying directly at the beast. Despite the distance between them, Bai Tingting was already soaked with the cold sweat of fear.

"What's that?" Zhao Manting caught onto the net and stared at the top of the nest with a blank face.

"It's...it's the thing that had eaten the Pseudomorphing Demon Beast with a single bite," Bai Tingting said in a trembling voice.

Zhao Manting and Mu Nujiao could not help, but shiver in fear.

So, that's the thing… eating the Pseudomorphing Demon Beast with a single bite...

The Pseudomorphing Demon Beast alone was impossible to deal with, wouldn't that make the Razortail Drake as deadly as the Grim Reaper...

They preferred to fall to their deaths from their current height rather than being fed to the Razortail Drake as a snack!


"Lu Nian, are you insane? Are you seriously going to continue making mistakes?" Zhan Kong roared furiously.

"Zhan Kong, are you really that naive to believe the world is within your grasp? Don't you know that someone is still waiting for you under the cracks of Tianshan Mountain? You don't even have the courage to retrieve her corpse!" Lu Nian burst into sinister laughter.

Lu Nian's words made Zhan Kong's expression turn extremely dark, as if they had touched a spike at the bottom of his heart that he had been avoiding all this time. His eyes flickered with a strong murderous intent.

The devil Commander seemed to enjoy Zhan Kong's reaction, and added with a laugh, "You couldn't even protect Bo City from a bunch of low-intelligence demon wolves. You've shown me again just how useless you are. I feel sorry for you."

Zhan Kong's muscles twitched. The scar under his collar almost burst open as it throbbed.

"And now you're back pretending to be a hero, trying to condemn us like a sacred judge. Don't you find it funny? Look at those students. How innocent, how pitiful. They might be the future of mankind if they were able to survive. If you really are capable, then try and get over my dead body and save them. Prove to me that you're not a useless piece of crap! Unfortunately, you're trash, a complete piece of trash!" Lu Nian's voice was extremely ear-piercing.

Despite being utterly furious, there was no expression on his face.

Zhan Kong wore an expressionless face. He pointed at Lu Nian and said in a firm tone, "I might have failed before, but I've never stopped trying."

That person who was frozen under the cracks of Tianshan Mountain… Even if his hair turned white by the time he became a Super Magician, he would still revisit Tianshan Mountain to retrieve her, either alive or dead. It was a promise that he would keep for the rest of his life!

He knew he was responsible for Bo City's calamity, too. The Darkwing Wolf, the Black Vatican, he would never forgive them. He would surely use the wolf's blood and the heads of the Black Vatican to mourn the deceased of Bo City!

Now, Zhan Kong had sworn to himself that he would slay Lu Nian to get rid of this disgrace of the military, even if his life were at stake!

His Wind Wings beat rapidly. His priority now was to save the four students who were being delivered to the Razortail Drake. Zhan Kong swept across the sky at his fastest speed, resulting in a trail of turbulence behind him.

"Eyes of the Rock Demon!"

Lu Nian would never let Zhan Kong pass so easily. Several brilliant Stars appeared close to him, which were densely joined together in the sky like a stunning Nebula.

The Stars aligned into patterns. The patterns glowed brightly while they slowly combined. They gradually merged into an astonishing Constellation near Lu Nian's position.

The brown-hued Constellation looked incredibly complex, but Lu Nian had constructed it in a very adept manner!

The evil Commander was casting an Advanced Earth Spell. The brilliant, astounding Constellation was enough to serve as an indication.


The evil Commander uttered coldly. The clouds in the sky were covered in a grayish-white layer...

The dust from the petrification process lingered in the air. The clouds were turned into a stony substance within a few seconds, which began to break into pieces while floating in the air.

Even the clouds were petrified, what about humans?
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