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Mo Fan would not believe any of Jiang Yi's bullshit.

The woman might seem to be a bystander, trying to be reasonable with him, but he clearly remembered that she was the one responsible for killing Qingqing and Zhao Mingyue at the start.

Mo Fan believed that Jiang Yi still had some conscience as a Battlemage deep inside her bones, but its ratio was like a thumb mark to an entire heart that had turned black.

He would survive the experiment?

Enough with the jokes, it was not like Mo Fan had not witnessed the pain of the girls when they were taken over by the Mother Scale Skin Phantom. It was not like he had not witnessed the torture that Xu Zhaoting had gone through when he was turned into a Cursed Beast. The only way Mo Fan would surrender was to someone like Tangyue, who had big boobs and buttocks, who was sexy and strong at the same time, not to some female Battlemage who had dark skin, a large face and a totally darkened heart!

Mo Fan hated people like her the most, trying to sound so righteous to justify their inhumane actions. Just admit that you're scum and a heartless maniac!

"Stop with the meaningless struggle. If you waste any more time, even I won't be able to save you!" Jiang Yi yelled.

"Even if you all are dead, I'll still be standing here. Try and get me on your own; otherwise, stop screaming like a b**ch… These damned lizards, do you really have the lineage of the dragons? How stupid can you all be? Were you born the same way as that crossbreed scum Lu Nian? There are so many juicy humans over there, but you have to come to me instead!" Mo Fan stood above a pile of debris and yelled out. It was how he had always tried to relax from the pressure he of life-threatening danger.

Jiang Yi felt her lips contorting.

This kid was rather special, being able to curse both humans and lizards at the same time.

Fine, I'll wait until you finally gave up!

The demon beasts had the same routine with their attacks. They would first send some pawns to consume the Magicians' energy. Once they began to feel the fatigue, the Warrior-level Tyrant Lizards would then show themselves.

Judging from the situation, the Tyrant Lizards would show up sometime soon. Mo Fan, who was totally on his own, would definitely beg for her assistance. There was no way he would be a warrior who could take death calmly.

"Even though the new Element relies on the lineage of the mutating species to alter the human's flesh, it won't be as bizarre as the Black Vatican's inhumane curses. You won't die, and you won't end up like a monster either!" Jiang Yi said.

"What has been the biggest weakness for the humans, and for the magicians? Clearly, it was the fact that we don't have strong enough bodies! The mutating beasts were able to mutate the humans and give them flesh that was as strong as the demon beast!. Therefore, after many experiments, we've finally invented the Blood Sarira which can alter a Magician's body. It would grant you incredible might, and if you were to merge with a certain kind of beast, you would possess inhuman powers. You could even fight against the demon beasts with your bare hands, without relying on magic!"

Jiang Yi continued trying to brainwash Mo Fan. She was trying to let Mo Fan know how marvelous their experiment was.

How significant would it be if humans were able to fight against demons with their bare hands?

It would mean there was no longer any difference between an ordinary human and a Magician. Ordinary people would be able to fight against the demon beasts, while the Magicians would become even stronger with the new strength.

Lu Nian had gone crazy because the experiment was too appealing to them. It would bring a chance for the entire world once it succeeded.

Therefore, no matter the consequences, they were willing to do it, even when the government tried to stop them, even if it were banned by the Magic Association across the five Continents, and they were blacklisted by the Hunter Union!

"If it's really that useful, why don't you try it on yourself? I believe you can easily find lots of crazy people like Lu Nian himself!" Mo Fan was busily dealing with the Giant Lizards. It took him quite some time before he had a chance to respond.

"The test subjects in the past were all volunteers. We've still got many volunteers now, but they are all doomed to fail. Using the Blood Sarira on them either turned them into a mindless monster, or dry corpses when their energy was completely drawn away!" Jiang Yi replied.

Mo Fan finally had a chance to catch his breath. The Swift Star Wolf had managed to drive the Tyrant Lizard away and come back to his side, giving him a chance to rest up slightly.

As he was doing so, he cast a side glance at Jiang Yi, who was being protected by the soldiers.

"Fellow advisor, if you find it hard to pursue your dreams in the army. I would recommend a new role for you. This position has great benefits, and will provide you with double identities and many subordinates too, with countless holidays. The people taking up the role have remarkable ambitions, and the way they do things are similar to you, too. Luckily, I'm quite familiar with the people of the Black Vatican too. I don't think they would ever forget me. I can ask someone to introduce you to them. They will surely welcome you with open arms. They can even save some time in trying to brainwash you."

"Don't you mix us with those scum from the Black Vatican!" Jiang Yi screamed, as if the words had pierced through her heart.

Maybe she knew in her heart that what they were doing was similar to the Black Vatican, but she was not willing to admit it, she was fulfilling a sacred duty as a soldier!

Jiang Yi took a deep breath, her face shuddering.

She was trying her best to control her emotions, trying to observe her surroundings with a calm mind.

More Giant Lizards had shown up in the direction they were planning to retreat to. It would be even more difficult to clear a path if they were totally surrounded by the Giant Lizards.

"The Blood Sarira will take in different levels of energy, depending on the Magician. An Intermediate Magician only has two Nebulas, but the energy that the Blood Sarira required was more than that of two Nebulas… so the Magician's soul could not withstand the burden!" Jiang Yi continued.

"If too much energy was drawn away, it would result in a huge impact to their soul, collapsing it in the end. However, without enough energy, the new Element won't activate..."

"Hence why you've found me, just because I have Double Innate Elements?" Mo Fan laughed grimly.

That explained it all. The Blood Sarira would need to draw out a huge amount of energy, which would always surpass the limit of its bearer.

If the bearer were a Basic Level Magician, it would draw more than a Nebula's energy.

If the bearer were an Intermediate Magician, it would draw more than two Nebulas' energy.

If the bearer were an Advanced Magician, it would draw more than three Nebulas' energy.

Furthermore, the difference margin would surely be significant, as it was overwhelming enough for the Magicians to lose their rational thinking, collapse their souls, or dry out their flesh.

He had Double Innate Elements. He was the only person in the world who would have more energy than an ordinary Magician.

Therefore, he was deemed the best test subject!

"You had the highest chance to succeed. Theoretically, it would only cause your cultivation to decline, but it won't cost you your life!" Jiang Yi added.

Time was running out. She had to convince Mo Fan to surrender. Otherwise, even she would not be able to guarantee their safety...

"Is that the same thing you told those who died?" Mo Fan inquired coldly.

Jiang Yi fell silent.

As a matter of fact, she did say the same thing to the test subjects who had ended up dead, including her own brother who had volunteered himself. He had died a horrible death. His eyes were full of hatred for his own sister. She could still see his eyes at night every time she closed hers.

It would only make their cultivation decline?

Even she had believed the nonsense...
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