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Versatile Mage Chapter 237 - Use Violence to Curb Violence!

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Chapter 237 - Use Violence to Curb Violence!

Hui Yi knew that the situation was far from reassuring. He screamed out at the top of his lungs at the Dark Beasts, “Hurry, kill him!”

He did not have any method to stop this Spirit-grade Lightning Seed! At this moment, he could only interrupt the Star Paths before his opponent could finish the chant!

Hui Yi’s command was extremely effective. Very quickly, two Dark Beasts changed their objective to Mo Fan, who was still in the middle of drawing the Star Atlas.

They used the walls to the two sides to move around the Spirit Wolf, relying on their powerful claws to climb it. They were like ghastly monkeys as they were moved on the walls toward Mo Fan.

The two Dark Beasts’ long claws flashed as they drew closer and closer to Mo Fan. At this moment, Mo Fan’s Star Atlas had only drawn six Lightning Star Paths, he was missing the last one!

If the Star Paths didn’t link up, they wouldn’t be able to form an Intermediate Magic!

A roar was heard!

The Spirit Wolf and Mo Fan had a spiritual link. When it realized Mo Fan was being attacked by the two Dark Beasts, it suddenly bellowed.

After its roar, its speed suddenly increased. It didn’t care about the fact there were a couple of Dark Beasts on its body as it charged toward the two Dark Beasts that were trying to mess with Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was originally hesitant on whether he should give up the Intermediate Lightning Magic or not. Seeing the Spirit Wolf charging over so valiantly, his heart calmed as he continued his Star Path.


With the Wolf’s thick claws slamming down, it wasn’t as simple as just ripping them apart. It was enough to smash the little bodies of the Dark Beasts into pieces!

The Spirit Wolf first splattered one of the Dark Beasts into pieces on the wall. Afterwards, it didn’t even glance at the remains before it turned around and bit into the Dark Beasts that was trying to rip into its flesh.

When the other Dark Beast with its long claws jumped toward Mo Fan, the Spirit Wolf shook its head and threw the Dark Beast in its jaws toward the other one!

The Spirit Wolf looked like it had inherited Mo Fan’s full marks in physical education in the past, as the Dark Beast that it threw accurately struck the other one in midair. The two of them tumbled awkwardly as they fell down next to Mo Fan.


An ominous humming suddenly descended. Restless Lightning energy emerged in Mo Fan’s surroundings.

These dark purple Lightning arcs turned into a powerful net around him. The two Dark Beasts next to Mo Fan attempted to get up to make a move on him, but the force of the gathering Lightning caused their bodies to twitch wildly. It was as like they were being pressured by some kind of metallic object. Their flesh was shriveled, and their bones were completely shattered!

“Thunderbolt, Yaksha!”

Mo Fan didn’t even feel inclined to look at the two weak things to his side as his finger pointed toward the dark skies.

A dark purple thundercloud emerged from the originally completely black sky. It was like the aura of a death god as it gathered above Hui Yi’s head.

Hui Yi was so scared that he began to tremble. He lost control of his Ice Shackles.

He was actually quite adept at controlling the Ice Shackles. Mo Fan knew that most of the Ice Magicians would use the Ice Shackles as a form of restrictive spell. This Hui Yi actually knew how to control the Ice Shackles and have them form a thick protective layer…

However, the moment the dark purple Thunderbolt descended from the sky, the hard shackles of ice immediately turned into white spray. All of it had been blown into debris!

The Ice Shackles were in the end not a proper protective spell, so how could they possibly be able to defend against the bombardment of Spirit-grade Lightning?

The cross-shaped dark purple lightning came thundering down. Hui Yi called out his Magic Shield with his life at stake, hoping to protect his life.

However, the Thunderbolt, Yaksha exceeded his imagination. The lightning flashed down and destroyed the Ice Shackles, and even turned Hui Yi’s Magic Shield, worth millions, into nothingness.

Hidden beneath two layers of protection, Hui Yi was barely able to escape with his life. However, the lightning of Qianjun carried a powerful ability to vibrate the air, and his bones had shattered into pieces. He fell down on the ground like a rag doll, as his bones could not support him any more.

His eyes were wide and staring. He was unable to understand how his objective’s strength actually had this degree of power...

Hui Yi touched his chest with difficulty. Just when he was about to reach a deadly poison, Mo Fan had already used Evading Shadows to appear in front of him.

“Fire Burst, Burning Bones!”

A flame ignited in Mo Fan’s palm. It was like living lava as it fell down from between Mo Fan’s fingers, each drop landing on the body of Hui Yi.

Hui Yi wanted to take poison to kill himself. However, his wrist was kicked away by Mo Fan, so he didn’t even have the opportunity to control his own life.

“You!!!!” Hui Yi glared at him in rage.

Mo Fan didn’t respond to him. All he did was wait for the Burning Bones flames to slowly burn Hui Yi’s entire body. He waited for that face to turn pained and sinister beneath the high temperature of the flames.

You think I still don’t know the style of conduct of your Black Vatican?

Even if he haven’t seen it personally before, he had still seen it on TV. This kind of organization, that carried out dreadful and deadly operations, would most likely have its members carrying a poison for killing themselves. Once they were caught or close to dying, they would take the poison to end themselves, as they didn’t want to expose their organization, nor their superior.

When Hui Yi saw Mo Fan cast Spirit-grade Lightning, he knew that he would be no match for him. Who would’ve thought that he would actually use a second level Intermediate Magic? When Hui Yi’s bones were shattered, he had already planned his own death. Who would’ve thought that Mo Fan wouldn’t even give him that opportunity?

If he was to die, then that wasn’t much. That kind of poison would take his life in an instant, he wouldn’t even feel pain. However, when his wrist was being trampled on by someone else, even his own thoughts were seen through by the other… Forget about his strength being lower, even his own intelligence was lower! As a villain, his last dignity was taken away by the other as well, how could one possibly describe this kind of anger?

“You’ve almost been burned to death, so why don’t you do some charity work and tell me just who your master is?” Mo Fan asked as he controlled the temperature of the flames.

These flames were just baking him, it wasn’t enough to burn him to death just yet. However it was surely bringing him incomparable pain. Mo Fan was engrossed in appreciating this scene. Even if it was a little bit too bloody for children, this was the style Mo Fan chose to deal with evil: using violence to curb violence!

You kill my friend, and I’ll annihilate ten of yours! You destroy my city, I’ll trample your organization!

“Don’t even think about it...Ah...AH!!!!” Hui Yi was rolling uncontrollably within the flames. His miserable shrieks echoed through the dark maze. Those who heard him were extremely horrified.

Mo Fan was not being even a little lenient.

It was because he would never forget that he used these kind of flames to send Xu Zhaoting and his girlfriend away!

The misery and grief they experienced before they left, Mo Fan would definitely make that appear on the faces of the people of Black Vatican!
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