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Versatile Mage Chapter 156 - Awaken, Spirit Wolf!

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Chapter 156 - Awaken, Spirit Wolf!

“You want to use a pincer attack?” Luo Song looked at the two summoner students with ridicule in his eyes.

Mo Fan’s two Summoner classmates were really naive. They thought that the Intermediate Ice Magic was only able to deal with one of them, so the other could take advantage of the opportunity...

The fact is, Luo Song had no need to use Intermediate Magic.

The Primary Magic, Ice Spread, first covered Luo Song’s surrounding area. The intensity of the Ice Spread was enough to greatly reduce the speed of the two beasts.

Following this move, Luo Song used Earth Ripple to move himself somewhere more safe. When he found a good position, he once again used the formidable and terrifying Ice Lock.

The Ice Lock was clearly not a single target spell. The thick shackles forcefully locked the two Summoned beasts down and quickly turn them into ice blocks. Luo Song dealt with the two beasts without expending much effort.

“There’s only one more Summoner student left. I never thought that there’d be an Intermediate Magician in this competition.”

“Yeah, the last Summoner is just cannon fodder, he’s no match for Luo Song.”

“We also want to demonstrate our skills, who would’ve thought all the attention would be stolen by this person!”

After Luo Song had finished off the three Summoner students, all of the gazes in the audience was focused on the last one remaining, Mo Fan.

Mo Fan wasn’t stupid. He could clearly see that this fatty Luo wanted to make trouble for him.

Luo Song didn’t linger, he immediately walked off the arena.

He had already achieved his goal. Furthermore, he had also complied with Dean Xiao’s order to not provoke Mo Fan, who was also at Intermediate level.

After Luo Song left, everyone was all confused.

He should have been able to easily sweep the stage of all seven of the Summoners with his strength as an Intermediate Mage. So why didn’t he just deal with the last one, too?

Or did that mean that this guy thought the whole thing was boring, and thus he intentionally left the last one for the Primary Magicians to play with?

“Good, there’s still one left.”

“We still have an opportunity to display our skills. With the Bone Corpse Demon gone, we won’t have anything to be afraid of.”

“Let’s go!”

Li Junwei stood up, his eyes intentionally glancing at Qin Xiaomian to the side.

The main character today was definitely Luo Song, who had displayed the power of an Intermediate Magician. However, the rest of these people couldn’t just be swept away by the light of the Intermediate Magic. It was time for them to make a move!

“You guys want to challenge him?” Qin Xiaomian was slightly flabbergasted as she looked at the young men who always surrounded her.

“Is it inappopriate?” Li Junwei asked.

“No...no, good luck!” Qin Xiaomian felt she wasn’t in position to say anything.

Luo Junwei brought his squad along and walked down to the arena of the Beast Battle Competition.

After getting to the entrance, there were already people from other elements waiting.

These people had the same thought as Li Junwei. Intermediate was Intermediate. Although his cultivation speed was indeed extremely astonishing to everyone, it did not mean that everyone else should just linger around and do nothing.

Breaking through the next level was something that was hard to understand. Perhaps they would be able to touch upon the doors of the Intermediate level through this battle?

All of the people who came to Pearl Institute had the intention of attacking the Intermediate level!


“This Luo Song is indeed tactful. However, Mo Fan, it is clear that you are trying to cause trouble for me,” Luo Yunming coldly humphed.

It was clear that Luo Song came to destroy the public venue of the Summoning Element. Jiang Yunming knew of the events that happened between Mo Fan and Luo Song during the day of their tests.

“I know, but my Summoned beast…” Mo Fan shrugged.

There’s nothing he could do about this, especially when his Summoned beast was hibernating. Today, he was no different from a waste, so Luo Song had expended all that effort for nothing...


It woke up??

Mo Fan had attempted to communicate with his Spirit Wolf without too much hope. Who would’ve known that the Spirit Wolf had already woken up? Furthermore, he looked relatively energetic.

“I really don’t want to give in,” Hai Dafu clenched his teeth.

The other Summoners were also very gloomy. Originally, their Summoned beasts were supposed to be the main characters of the Beast Battle Competition, they could display their superior strength as much as they wanted. Who would’ve thought that there’d be an Intermediate Magician who would take care of three of them in one go. This turned all of the Summoners into side characters very quickly.

It didn’t matter anymore because they weren’t able to complete the demands set by the teachers and the school. The distributed resources would all be sent to the Earth School which Luo Song belonged to.

The resources of Pearl Institute were quite significant, or else, the people from those noble families would not come here and desperately contest for them. The Summoning Element’s resources for half a year would essentially be given away! They were very unreconciled.

“Teacher, how about…” At this time, Zheng Bingxiao looked at Jiang Yunming, but was stopped in his speech.

Jiang Yunming shook his head, “The students who have left the stage can no longer go back on. Mo Fan, are you able to summon your Summoned beast? If not, then this will be it for today.”

“So what if he can do it?” Wang Liting exclaimed, his eyes red. “Teacher, could we ask the school to be lenient? My family spent a large amount of money to help me summon a good Summoned beast. If the school doesn’t give me some resources, then I’m afraid most of us won’t be able to reach the Intermediate level.”

“It’s impossible for them to be lenient, if you want to obtain resources then you have to rely on yourself… Alright, let’s go back everyone, this will be it for the competition today. Although you were completely annihilated by an Intermediate Magician, I am thoroughly satisfied with your performances. The Beast Refinement Blood will be given to Zheng Bingxiao.” Jiang Yunming didn’t talk too much about their feelings, he was clear on the positive and negatives.

After hearing this, the Summoner students all began to cry.

There were no resources from school, and they’d be losing a teacher as well. This made the wonder what they’re going to do in the future!

“Mr. Jiang, it seems like my Summoned beast has woken up!” Mo Fan spoke up abruptly.

“Oh? Then you can go ahead. If you perform well, then the second Beast Refinement Blood will be given to you,” Jiang Yunming raised his eyebrow.

“I just happen to want the Beast Refinement Blood,” Mo Fan said.

“Alright, you can go and take back some face for us in the Summoning School,” Jiang Yunming said.


Mo Fan slowly walked onto the Beast Battle arena while he communicated with his Spirit Wolf.

“Our objective today is to defeat sixteen people,” Mo Fan said to the Spirit Wolf.

Zheng Bingxiao won against twenty-five people, and Hai Dafu got rid of fifteen. Wang Liting was supposed to have the highest numbers, but he was completely annihilated by Luo Song after his sixth person.

Thus, if he wanted to obtain the Beast Refinement Blood, then he just had to surpass Hai Dafu’s number.

“Awoooo~~~!!” The Spirit Wolf let out an fearless and energetic howl in reply to Mo Fan.

After hearing the energetic and vigorous howl, Mo Fan was astonished.

Along with the Spirit Wolf’s howl was a wild and savage aura, and this aura...

It seems like sixteen people wouldn’t be too hard!!
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