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Versatile Mage 1435 Taking Advantage of a Weak Poin

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth


Hearing a cry of agony, Mo Fan vaguely saw something grabbing the ankle of a man in short-sleeves in the light of the flames...

The man was a Wind Mage. His Wind Element was quite powerful, and the Viscera Hunters were struggling to drag him into the water. If a Viscera Hunter managed to grab onto him, a bunch of them would immediately pounce at him.

The man would have no chance of breaking free from the sea monsters when that happened, regardless of how impressive his Wind Magic was!

"Da Tong!" Tang Peng yelled.

The other team leaders immediately stopped Tang Peng, who was trying to lend a hand. Jiang Shen said decisively, "You can't help him. They are going to drag you into the water too!"

"Damn it, how did we end up in these filthy creatures' trap!?" Tang Peng grunted.

Just as everyone was watching the man in short-sleeves being dragged into the water, Mo Fan's eyes suddenly flickered with a silver light. Telekinesis encapsulated the man and dragged him out of the water like a strong, silver hand.

The man hovered above the surface of the sea, no longer sinking into the water. Mo Fan grunted and forcibly dragged the man into the air.

The pull of the monsters was so strong that they tore the man's lower leg apart. Fresh blood scattered in the air...

The Viscera Hunters only ended up with the man's lower leg. They were enraged, as they were ready to tear the man into pieces!

The man endured the pain. The people nearby quickly gave him blood serums to replenish the blood he had lost, and the others used medicines to stop the bleeding, barely keeping him alive.

"Thank...thank you!" the man retained consciousness, even though his face was extremely pale.

If help had come just a second later, his guts would have been torn apart by now. These savage Viscera Hunters enjoyed feasting on inner organs and intestines. Losing a leg was nothing compared to the gruesome death that had been within inches!

"Space Mage, thanks for your help!" Tang Peng had a whole new level of respect for Mo Fan after seeing how he had saved the man's life.

"Protect the ship at all costs, don't let it sink," Mo Fan replied.

"What should we do now… we are the ones that have to request backup from the city now!" Jiang Shen began to panic.

The Viscera Hunters had definitely prepared the trap to ambush them. The light of the flames eventually dissipated, and their surroundings fell into complete darkness once again. It was difficult to tell how many sea monsters were surrounding them. They were eight kilometers away from safety, and currently in the deep sea, too!

"It's my fault; I'm sorry, everyone," Tang Peng apologized.

"Enough talk, I'll bring you all out of here," Mo Fan said.

"How are we going to break through their surround? Didn't you see how many sea monsters there are around us..."

Mo Fan did not say a further word, just glancing at the sky. Dark lightning began to flicker among the thick clouds. In just a few seconds, lightning began to rumble restlessly!

"Protect the ship!" Mo Fan told the others again.

Mo Fan pointed his finger at the clouds. Endless lightning bolts surged wildly in the air, thick and powerful. The lightning bolts tore through the darkness of the ocean sky under Mo Fan's command and struck the water fiercely!

Each lightning bolt triggered a huge explosion. A dozen lightning bolts blasted the surface of the ocean simultaneously. The overwhelming energy spread rapidly across the water. The Viscera Hunters were immediately caught by Mo Fan's lightning with its twelvefold damage...

Cries of agony rose from all directions. The Viscera Hunters around the ship did not stand a chance against Mo Fan's destructive Lightning Tyrant. The lightning instantly disintegrated them, and their blood and flesh blended with the seawater.

The dazzling lightning and the burning smell of flesh left the rescue team in utter disbelief.

Countless Viscera Hunters had died to the lightning. It felt like the danger had been resolved!

"What are you waiting for? Let's get out of here!" Mo Fan yelled at the crew.

The others finally reacted, quickly driving the ship to flee from the area. The Water Mages manipulated the waves to speed the ship further.

The lightning bolts did not stop; a whole bunch more of them kept descending from the sky. The spells that some of the Intermediate Mages had cast were nothing compared to the lightning. They all looked at Mo Fan as if he was a monster...

Didn't this guy only draw a Lightning Star Pattern just now?

Why was his Intermediate Lightning Spell even crazier than an Advanced Spell? How was he killing those terrifying Viscera Hunters like if they were just a bunch of chickens?

"Mentor, it looks like they aren't Viscera Hunters," Cao Qinqin observed.

"I agree, the Viscera Hunters aren't that weak," Mo Fan agreed, looking at the remains of the sea monsters floating on the ocean.

Even though Mo Fan had never seen a real Viscera Hunter, he assumed the Viscera Hunters were as strong as the Brutal Sword Death Servants, a rather strong creature of the Warrior-level. They sounded deadly too, so if such a great number of Viscera Hunters had shown up, even Mo Fan would have struggled to take them all out.

The sea monsters surrounding them had claws, smooth skin, and similar appearances to the Viscera Hunters, but they were clearly weaker. They could not even endure his lightning...

Every creature below the Warrior-level was blown into bloodspray as soon as they were caught by the slightest arc of Mo Fan's lightning!

"We were panicking for nothing. We thought they were the Viscera Hunters. We were screwed if there were actually so many of them..." Tang Peng said.

It was too dark; the team had trouble getting a clear look at the sea monsters. They had panicked as soon as they had seen the overwhelming numbers of the sea monsters!

"Even though these Sea Hook Black Beasts aren't the Viscera Hunters, it doesn't change the fact that they were trying to lure us into a trap!" Jiang Shen spoke up.

The Sea Hook Black Beasts were like the Sea Monkeys, being another species with overwhelming numbers. It was possible to find Sea Hook Black Beasts everywhere, whether it was in the cold seas or a warm ocean. Their appearance was similar to the Viscera Hunters. It was very common to mistake the Sea Hook Black Beasts for the Viscera Hunters. Many people had died after they had mistaken the Viscera Hunters for the Sea Hook Black Beasts!

"Damn it, how dare they spook us! I'll kill them all!" a leader of the rescue team yelled furiously.

"Stop wasting your time on them. We must return at once..."

As the rest of the team was tossing their spells at the Sea Hook Black Beasts to vent their anger and frustration, a signal was suddenly fired into the sky above the new city. They could even hear the alarm from a great distance away!

"The city is under attack!" Tang Peng exclaimed, his face pale.

"Damn it, did the Viscera Hunters really invade the city while we were away?"

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