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Spare Me, Great Lord! 1316 Breakthrough the Restricted Airspace

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As night fell, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers sent representatives to guard the place in case anyone sprang a sneak attack.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu rested on the city walls everyday, connecting his mind with the water.

With Lu Shu guarding the palace and with the restricted airspace, in addition to the presence of four people from the Sword Hut captured by Lu Shu, Ming Yueye and Lu Xiaoyu, they had 11 masters, nobody should be daring enough to spring a sneak attack.

Even if they were masters, they might die if they came over, unless they came in a group!

Therefore, those in the inner city were not afraid of sneak attacks.

However, Li Liang was not assured. What if masters really came over? Masters were the enemies of any defensive work. If they came over, they could make a breakthrough extremely easily and open the city up from the inside.

Anyway, it would be good to be cautious.

Lu Shu was resting with his eyes closed. Nobody was attacking and it was a rare opportunity to take a rest. In fact, it was rather cozy if Li Heitan was not around…

Li Heitan squatted beside Lu Shu and was mumbling about how the Ten Kings of Hell had reshuffled the positions. Everyone felt that Li Heitan did not suit the role of King Qin Guang as, after all, King Qin Guang was the first king and the rest were inferior.

At this moment, Li Heitan also felt that it was not correct for him to be the first amongst the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Therefore, he agreed to the reshuffling of positions. How should they do it? Others gave a suggestion to go by age, like sworn brothers!

Li Heitan was excited when he heard that. Wasn't it something only present in stories?

However, he soon lost his excitedness. Li Heitan was only slightly over 20 years old. Zhang Weiyu and the rest who were standing with him were at least 400 years old. Wasn't he being bullied?

However, Zhang Weiyu and the rest had decided on that and majority won. Moreover, Li Heitan had initially agreed that the older one would become the leader. Unless, Li Heitan was a cunning person who denied what he had promised?

The arrangement was made within the 50 odd people of the Imperial Palace Soldiers. Li Heitan was unable to make his case. From the highest ranking King Qin Guang, he was eliminated from the Ten Kings of Hell…

Li Heitan was unable to accept the huge difference.

Lu Shu had never cared about Li Heitan. He had found his own misery by comparing his age with the old people of the Imperial Palace Soldiers. Look at how wily Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were? They quit immediately after knowing that they were comparing their ages.

At this moment, Lu Shu suddenly looked up into the dark sky with confusion in his eyes.

However, before he could finish his train of thoughts, Li Heitan suddenly stood up. He knelt down slightly against the walls before using his strength again. The trident in his hands was thrown over into the sky like a lightning bolt!

The sturdy trident made a buzz in the air. Lu Shu could almost see the sound barrier that was destroyed by the trident!

In less than a second, a cry of misery was heard in the sky and it fell onto the water surface directly.

Li Heitan was just about to retrieve his trident back when a gigantic creature came out from the water surface. It swallowed the trident and the creature that was shot…

"Great Lord, he ate my weapon!" Li Heitan complained.

Lu Shu passed a new trident to Li Heitan emotionlessly and said calmly, "Your weapon is a snack in others' eyes…"

Initially when Lu Shu passed the trident to Chaos, he told him to split it before eating. However, he ended up not allowing him to eat it. Chaos was originally angry. It would be impossible for him to return the trident to Li Heitan!

However, the problem came. Lu Shu had all along thought that nobody could breakthrough the realm in the sky. However, the scene earlier on made him realize that the Imperial Dragon Soldiers had to re-adjust his plans… Someone else had to make the plans.

"Great Lord, what did you strike?" Li Heitan hugged the new trident happily.

"Inferno Blood Devils," said Lu Shu calmly.

Although he recognized them when Yi Qian gave him the drawing, it was the first time he had seen them with his own eyes. He did not expect them to be unconstrained by the disruption caused by the restricted airspace. He flew by flapping their wings in the air.

That was right, there were many birds in the palace. The restricted airspace only restricted their powers!

Based on Yi Qian's information, many of the Inferno Blood Devils had turned before their wings grew completely. However, many of them had grown completely. Therefore, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers would definitely encounter the entire army of Inferno Blood Devils in the future!

There were too many people in the North Region. Qing Kong had turned at least 60 percent of the people in the North Region into Inferno Blood Devils.

In the past, when the Imperial Dragon Soldiers attacked the West Region in full force, they only encountered the defensive soldiers. However, the number of people were hundreds or thousands of times more than that of the defensive soldiers!

This was a cruel and unimaginable war.

In the woods, hundreds of people rushed over to the South side in the dark. The leader was fair-skinned and did not have a beard. If Lu Shu was present, he would recall that he had met this person before in the east palace of Yu Fuyao.

The hundreds of people walked normally in the mountains as though they were unaffected by the conditions. Some people moved between the trees swiftly like birds.

The leading servant stopped and compared the map in his hand with the lake. "We're here. Move the rocks aside and divert all the water from the palace to the South Region!"

This position was rather unique. It was initially a gigantic valley with a gigantic cave that was low-lying.

However, nobody knew when the valley was sealed by a rock when the mountain collapsed, hence stopping the flow of water. The servant came over with the soldiers as he was instructed to block the flow of the water.

Now, everyone was aware that it was impossible to attack if the flood was not stopped. Where should they direct the flow of the water? Of course, they had to use it to block Wen Zaifou.

Hundreds of them began to move. Everyone leaped into the valley and intended to make a path by breaking the rocks using their own methods.

However, at this moment, a shadow appeared from the void. The people of the palace only managed to recognize his ceremonial dress before they lost consciousness.

Everyone was stunned. The practitioners who could sense one's realm shouted immediately. "He is a master, run!"

"Run?" sneered the figure.

Hundreds of people scurried into the woods and nobody cared about the water! The shadow passed through the woods and killed all the people easily without any troubles!

After Wen Zaifou finished his task, he stood up and scolded, "How dare you? Nobody shall stop my army!"

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