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Olivia's increasingly loud moans echoed through the bathroom and then reached the bedroom, making Scarlett jealousy, upset, eagerly.

While Scarlett had her first taste of the jealousy that all Lucien women feel, Olivia had her first sexual experience.

Of course, Olivia had already masturbated before when she was younger and happy, but nothing compared to Lucien's tongue.

He licked, sucked, stuck his tongue in her pussy. He made a mess with the mixture of her love juices and his saliva.

Not only was he giving her pussy a lot of pleasure, but her ass was turning new shapes as he squeezed it with his hands.

"Mmmm… Ahhhh… Uhhhhh…" Olivia continued to hold firmly on the edge of the bathtub because she feared she would fly away because of the divine pleasure she was feeling.

But then her pride started to influence her mind again. She felt that if she continued to moan, she would be surrendering to Lucien.

'I must not... I don't want to give him that satisfaction… Why is it so good?!?!? What kind of devil is he?'

Olivia tried to focus on her hatred for Lucien. Even though he is not really bad for her, she doesn't want to surrender to him.

But her attempts to hate him were failing with every wave of pleasure that ran through her body. She started to wish his tongue went deeper into her pussy and that his hands would squeeze more of her ass.

'Ahhh… No… No, no, no!!! Mmmmm… damn!!!' Olivia's felt a tingling sensation, and her body was getting hotter. Then she felt something coming.

She gritted her teeth to try to resist that divine sensation, but the pleasure was so fantastic... She was sure she would have a great orgasm and loudly moan... But then…

"Why?" Olivia stopped feeling Lucien's tongue and hands. And the sudden stop of that immense pleasure made her orgasm not come.

She looked back and saw that teasing smile that she hates so much. But now most of all she felt sad.

"Oh? Did you want to come? I thought you didn't want to become a whore just like you said Scarlett is."

Olivia didn't want to be affected easily by Lucien's teasing, but her face couldn't contain her disappointment. "You…"


Lucien slapped Olivia's ass. It was strong enough to leave his handprint on her skin but weak enough for her to feel only pleasure and not pain.

"Don't make a face at me. I'll give you what you want... My dick in your dirty hole... That's what you want, right?"

Olivia wanted to deny that, but she could only moan when she felt Lucien's hot meat stick rubbing her backdoor.

Lucien rubbed the head of his cock on Olivia's asshole, and then squeezed her buttocks around it, using them to masturbate himself, giving pleasure to them both.

"Which dirty hole do you want to get it first? This or..." Lucien moved his cock down her ass and went toward her pussy.

As she is completely exposed to him, he easily rubbed the head of his cock on her wet pussy.

"I… Mmmm… I- I… Ahhhhh…" Olivia tried to speak, but besides not knowing what to say, her mouth was unable to pronounce anything other than moans.

Lucien started using the head of his cock to slowly open Olivia's vaginal lips and rub Its inside before moving to her clitoris.

His pre-cum mixed with her love juices made the contact of their skins quite lubricated, and so he moved his cock up and down, driving her crazy.

"Oh? Your dirty pussy does not stop leaking lewd liquids... Is this the behavior of the proud leader of the Guild? I wonder then what a whore's behavior would be like."

Olivia understood that Lucien is still upset that she called Scarlett a whore, but if that is punishment, then she is happy to be punished.

But then she realized. 'Will he stop at the best part? Just like before, is he teasing me?'

She didn't want to feel pleasure until she is almost coming, so he stops. But how could she ask him not to stop? Wouldn't that be a complete surrender and the end of her dignity?

'This is just sex... It doesn't have to mean anything else.' Olivia convinced herself that it would be okay to be more cooperative with Lucien during sex and still hate him.

She prepared to speak, but what came out of her mouth was a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuck!!!"

She was penetrated. The first time she was being penetrated by a man. 'But in my ass? Why is it in my ass?!?!?'

'Wait! It's not his dick... With that size, it would certainly destroy my ass... His finger?'

Olivia was trying to understand what was going on, but she was only moaning as Lucien moved his finger inside her asshole.

Lucien moved his middle finger inside Olivia as he rubbed his cock on her wet pussy.

"What indecent moans... Olivia, do you like it in your ass? Is just my finger ok, or should I put my dick in your dirt ass?"

"N- Mm... No- No... Ahhhh... N- w-wa…" Olivia couldn't believe the incredible pleasure she was feeling in her ass and pussy at the same time.

She tried to deny it, but her moans prevented her from speaking coherently. She stopped forcing herself and just enjoyed it.

"It's all right. This time you are allowed to leak your lewd liquid." Lucien spun his finger and rubbed his dick faster, making Olivia have a fantastic orgasm.


She moaned uncontrollably as her pussy soaked Lucien's cock with a huge amount of love juices, and her asshole squeezed his finger.

Olivia started to feel her body go weak and limp. She was unable to stay on her knees because her legs were trembling, so she began to sit down.


Lucien slapped her ass hard, making Olivia's body stiffen. "Keep the position! You haven't even received the main course yet."

Olivia could feel Lucien's cock beneath her. He seemed to be able to hold her body up by her pussy just with his amazing cock.

"Here I go. Take my dick in your dirty pussy, Olivia." Lucien didn't give Olivia time to think and entered her virgin cave with a hard thrust.

"HUUUHHH!!!" Olivia made a muffled moan as she ran out of breath when Lucien filled her inside with a single movement.

His hard cock broke her hymen and stretched the pink walls of her delicate pussy. Despite Lucien not being kind at all, Olivia only felt pleasure. A phenomenal pleasure that left her body in ecstasy.

Lucien again did not give Olivia time to adjust to the situation and started to move inside her, back and forth. She could feel him stretching her insides.

He grabbed her slim waist with both hands and pulled her body against his, making his waist smacking against her ass and his cock to hit all the sensitive points of her pussy.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


The sounds of Lucien's thrusts, despite being loud, could not compete with Olivia's loud moans.

She continued to hold with all her strength on the edge of the bathtub while Lucien ravaged her pussy with no mercy.

Lust can't help but be surprised again. She was paying close attention to the changes in Lucien and Olivia's bodies.

Although Lucien being very hard on Olivia, her mind is in no way affected by the demonic energy like it was with Scarlett.

Not only could Lucien use demonic energy as a weapon, but he could also use it very well. In fact, he learned to control this energy just a few minutes ago with Scarlett.

Lust was confused because she did not know if she had ever reached this point with other hosts, or Lucien has some demoniac heritage.

'But how can it be? I should know if he is a half-demon... There is no way for a normal person to control demonic energy so well... He seems to do it even better than myself.'

As Lust become more and more confused, Lucien found it all very natural. He understood that everything depended on his intention.

And now he only intended to give his essence to Olivia and not to corrupt her mind or enslave her.

The demonic energy he is creating is just healing her, and he felt he could even limit how much it would heal or improve her body.

That was an excellent feeling. The feeling of control. The control over the pleasure and benefits he is giving to her.

Lust, as well as other sins, have always had a difficult life. They had to fight for their race in battles, which seemed endless and seek out hosts after the previous ones died.

She was not fully aware of her abilities and did not understand that Lucien did not generate only demonic energy with sexual pleasure, but also other pleasures.

Right now, the fact that he was making someone who "hated" him moaning under the thrusts of his dick is exceptionally pleasing to his ego.

The pleasure of conquering a stubborn and proud woman. Not using his demonic energy to break her mind, but using his body in his own way, under his total control.

Although Olivia's mind was not being affected by demonic energy, she was not free to feel mental fatigue from excessive pleasure.

Lucien was thrusting his cock hard in her pussy. His fast and energetic movements made the water in the bathtub splash around the bathroom everywhere.

Olivia could only moan and hold on to the edge of the bathtub while Lucien did what he wanted with her body.

She felt each thrust of his cock inside her, so he moved back, and she felt him pull her body by the waist to move forward inside her again.

After countless the times his dick hit the bottom of her pussy, Olivia started to feel empty when Lucien moved his dick back. But then she felt complete when he penetrated her again.

She didn't realize that her body was surrendering more and more to Lucien. Even though she still thinks she hates him, they are making bonds, powerful physical bonds.

Lucien couldn't help wanting to tease Olivia as he continued fucking her. "I'm going to stuff your dirty pussy with my cum. Just to be sure, you want it, right?"

"Yes, I want your-" Olivia was immersed in pleasure, so she started to answer Lucien's question automatically, but then stopped when she realized it.

"Oh? Do you still want to play the stubborn girl?" Lucien moved his hands off from Olivia's waist and began to slow his thrusts.

Olivia understood what he was doing, and her body instinctively started to move towards him. She tried to bang her ass against his waist in hopes of eating his cock with her pussy.

But although Lucien allowed her to move on his dick, the feeling was very different from how he penetrated her.

Her body couldn't be satisfied with that, and she desperately needed him to continue to fuck her. "I- I w- I w-want it…"

Lucien couldn't help but smile. He is becoming more and more addicted to teasing women. "So ask in the most erotic way you can."

'I HATE YOU, DAMN DEVIL!!!' Of course, Olivia kept her complaint in mind and started to think of anything erotic to say.

"I... I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum!! It's okay like tha- AAAOOHHHFUUUUCKKKHH!!!!!!!"

Olivia moaned louder than ever. Her body was feeling extremely eager, so Lucien stuffed her with a strong thrust, reaching the deepest part of her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Olivia's moan continued as she felt him fire his hot milky cream into her pink inside.

How could she not cum feeling that pleasure more than heavenly? Her pussy started to produce a lot of love juices that mixed with his cum, making a mess inside her.

Olivia's mind flew. Her soul left her body and went to the seven heavens of pleasure…

But then she felt Lucien tighten around her waist. It was not to force her body toward his cock but upwards... Is he lifting her?!?

"W-what?!?! Wait!!! What are you doing?!?! WAIIIT!!!!" Olivia started to panic when Lucien got up and lifted her.

Lucien never took his cock out of her. He held her by the thighs and started moving her body up and down, penetrating her again.

"Second round, Olivia."

Olivia couldn't believe that. How could he continue right after he came so much? There was no space inside her, and yet he is pushing his cock and cum deeper into her.





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