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Fleshcrafting Technomancer 11 The Devil and the Beast Part 2, R-18

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There was more than one reason why Kilian wanted Jezebel; lust wasn't half the equation. In danger lay treasures. Mating with fehl creatures might be a hazardous task, but in success, ample rewards awaited. As for Jezebel, curiosity gripped her. She wondered if binding herself to the oddity before her would trigger something new in her fehl mind.

With perfectly measured moves, she unfastened Kilian's belt, helping his pants drop as he wormed his way out of them. Fred by Jezebel, Kilian's cock sprang free, rearing up its erect head to kiss Jezebel's crotch. The cock's heat pressing her intimate parts sent a jolt of electricity throughout Jezebel's body. Lowering her dress until he reached her trimmed abs, Kilian pulled his tongue away from Jezebel's luscious lips, attacking her neck instead.

His tongue trailed her neckline, kissing and planting hickeys as he went.

"Mhm…" as Kilian toured her neck, moans of contentment escaped Jezebel's lips. On the one hand, she felt her entire body relax, on the other hand, a tingling sensation assailed her loins, and as she stirred in Kilian's embrace, she raised the lower hem of her skirt, revealing the red satin panties underneath.

Kilian slipped his cock between the panties and Jezebel's moist cunt, making his 20 cm of meat rod experience the embrace of flesh and fabric. With a mischievous smirk, Jezebel pulled her skirt over Kilian's cock, as if trying to hide what went on underneath. Amused, Kilian rubbed his cock faster on Jezebel's slit, teasing her clit as he went, and fondling her hefty breasts within his firm hands.

She enjoyed the touch, enjoyed the kisses, the caresses, how his cock grew increasingly warmer, beating with glaring excitement—threatening to force its way into her cunt. She relished in the feel of their meshing bodies, the liberties he took with his hands. It was a fresh, novel sensation that made the choking of subdued men a dull matter.

Pinching Jezebel's erect nipples, Kilian pulled and played them with a firm, yet gentle care, trailing his tongue down her cleavage and onto her breasts to have a taste of her supple flesh. Jezebel's paced moans grew louder and more frantic. Feeling herself lose control, she shifted Kilian back onto the bed, moved onto the opposite side, and scissored his cock between her drenched inner thighs, jerking him off without warning.

"Ohhh…" Kilian groaned for it was now his turn to experience the feeling of losing strength and control as his body surrendered to the pleasure his partner provided him with. Jezebel's thighs were like silky gloves pumping Kilian's shaft with masterful expertise. Fehls were naturals, the most delightful partners other races could dream of. As a high-ranking fehl, every inch of Jezebel's body was a treasure trove. Even her love juices acted as stimulants making Kilian's blood flow faster.

Meanwhile, the precum dripped by his shaft tumbled on Jezebel's thigh, making her quiver with the depraved energies concealed within. Her cunt ached for Kilian's cock, protesting against the ongoing teasing that drove the two of them into an animalistic rut. Their moans resounded within the ramshackle house, bypassing its thin walls to alert any possible bystander of what went on within.

Unable to endure further, Jezebel let go of Kilian's cock, spreading her legs while resting her weight on her hands and feet to fall in a reverse table pose. Seizing the opportunity, Kilian moved between Jezebel's legs, tore her panties off, seized her waist, and aligned his cock with her dripping cunt. In one direct thrust, he drove his meat rod into the daemoness' hole, making her body tremble, her eyes widen, and her lips curl into an "O" shape.

A loud groan left Jezebel's lips.

The constitution of fehl daemonesses differed from human ladies. Things such as periods and membranes didn't bother them. Therefore, Kilian met no barrier besides the tightness of Jezebel's snatch. So tight her cunt was that he too groaned, wincing as his cock adjusted to Jezebel's love tunnel, and her walls warped to adapt to him.

A fehl daemoness' pussy wasn't a delicacy anyone could afford to enjoy. The feeble couldn't escape dying from pleasure in the most literal of senses. And as Jezebel's walls danced around his cock, squeezing and pulling him deeper inside as if animated with a will of their own, Kilian could see why.

Just one thrust, and it took him a great show of willpower to not bust his nut. Once he started moving, he didn't doubt Jezebel's cunt would wring him dry. But at that time, Ashera's Mark shone with a crimson hue, not only fueling Kilian with renewed vigor but lacing his cock in a red, infernal light.

The energies spread within Jezebel's body, sending her already dazed mind into more chaos. Their sensitivity increased, their senses heightened, and while holding on the daemoness' waist, Kilian drove his cock back to the entrance, dragging it against her enthralling walls and pulling more groans from both their lips.

Thrusting back and forth, Kilian first explored every inch of Jezebel's tunnel, finding and memorizing the areas that pulled throatier moans from her luscious lips. But soon, as the Ashera bestowed energies filled her, Kilian realized that her entire form became a pleasure house, with every inch of her body becoming a source of orgasms.

With no need to hold back, Kilian smacked his hips against Jezebel's cunt, driving his cock increasingly faster into her. Jezebel's hefty breasts bounced unceasingly. The sound of flesh meeting flesh - of balls kissing ass cheeks - soon echoed in the room, blending with their moans as they surrendered to raw pleasure and primal instincts.

"Ahhh...ahhh...ohh yess...faster...faster!" Squelching and smacking sounds intertwined in a lovely melody as Jezebel spurred Kilian on, making him hammer at her cunt with the full speed he could muster.

The faster he pumped in, the more she wanted him to ravage her hole, and tormented by waves of unspeakable pleasures, they simply cried their delight, rutting without a care for the world surrounding them.

Though inhumanly flexible, in her current position, Jezebel couldn't effectively meet Kilian's thrusts, so - without letting his cock go - she shifted on her front. Her ass cheeks now stood in full view, and the pounding didn't stop. Jezebel's hips met Kilian's every thrust, impaling herself on his cock with complete abandon.

But as Kilian's cock hammered her, Jezebel felt a different kind of orgasm building from within her loins and spread throughout her body—rocking her into a new world of bliss.

"Ohhh...ohhh...ohhh...coming...I'm...coming!" She groaned, and as if answering her call, Kilian's cock tensed, announcing its release. While Jezebel trembled in a mind-numbing orgasm, Kilian unloaded his corrupted seed within her, filling her cunt to the brim. In that instant, Jezebel's form changed. Her skin turned purple, a red sigil appeared on her forehead, and large black feathered wings sprang from her back, giving her the appearance of a fallen angel.

Without warning, she pounced back on Kilian's cock. Their sweaty bodies entangled for hours, and both soon lost count of how much they came. At some point during the night, the infernal rod overpowered the daemoness, and she passed out in Kilian's arms. He followed her soon afterward.

But as dawn reared its head, Kilian awoke, and as if sensing it, Jezebel too rose from her slumber.

"Congratulations - husband - we're officially bound for 100 years." Jezebel declared in a half-jesting tone.

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