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At the Chong Yang branch.

As the initiator of the exchange match this time, they were long prepared.

When they heard that Qing Ming City branch had begun to publish a mission to seek outsiders' help, they laughed crazily. Had Qing Ming City branch been cornered to this extent?

"Are we being too cruel?"

Li Haoran could not stifle his laughter.

This was so tragic.

His eyes were filled with pride and arrogance. He did not see the Qing Ming City branch as a threat at all. If it was not for the sake of his branch, why would he compete with them?

Tsk tsk.

Look, they had bullied others… into calling out for 'foreign aid'!"

"I'm just joking," Li Aiguo said slowly. Did they really think that they could defeat them by seeking outsiders' help?

It was ridiculous!

He, Li Aiguo, had been a two-star Card Creator for so many years. He had already attained the peak of an Intermediate Card Creator!

No one at the same level would be able to surpass him!

As for those at a higher-level?

He could let his son settle them.

"Wouldn't it be more shameful to lose despite seeking other people's help?" said the president of the Chong Yang branch with an unhurried tone.

Everyone thought so too.

It was still acceptable if their own people were to lose. After all, Li Haoran's talent was widely known. It was understandable to be defeated by him. However, after seeking outsiders' help…

Wouldn't it be much more embarrassing if they were to lose?

"Oh, right."

The vice president beside him spoke, "I heard that Lu Ming had a breakthrough. He's now a two-star Card Creator."

So, that was what happened.

They had some understanding now.

Due to Lu Ming's existence, they had initially given up on the one-star match!

That was a frightening Card Creator who could create laminations despite being at one-star level. They confessed that no one was Lu Ming's match!

However, he had a breakthrough…

It was no wonder that the Qing Ming Branch was so anxious!

Otherwise, the result would really be a score of three vs. zero!

"It seems like we have to pay more attention too."

The president of Chong Yang smiled and said, "Get that guy to participate too."

"Are we being too merciless?"

Li Aiguo could not contain his smile.

If it was three vs. zero, he would have taken revenge for his blood feud.

"It doesn't matter anymore."

The president looked afar.

This had been an ongoing strife for several terms of his presidency!

Between the Chong Yang and Qing Ming branch, which one was stronger? Finally, it should end during his era!


They did not know that Lu Ming had already arrived at the Qing Ming City branch at this moment.

"This is your so-called 'too weak'?"

Zhang Yang's face was dark.

"Yes. I didn't expect them to be even weaker."

Lu Ming was filled with emotions. He steered away from the topic. "That… Is it true that I can choose any ability that I want?"

He finally understood. This lad came for the sake of the reward! Fine! If he had known that this was the case, he could have been spared all the fuss. He did not know how they had communicated earlier!

"Have you set eyes on any two-star ability yet?"

Zhang Yang glanced at Lu Ming. He remembered that this guy did not lack in money.

"I haven't."

Lu Ming laughed. "I wanted to ask if I can exchange for a three-star ability if I win this exchange match?"


Zhang Yang's breathing suddenly turned rapid. Did they have any hopes of winning?

"Can you elaborate?" Zhang Yang asked anxiously.

"I will make arrangements for the match this time."

Lu Ming said calmly, "I promise that we will win this exchange match!"

"They have Li Haoran."

Zhang Yang was very serious.

"I have someone who is above me too."

Lu Ming gave a mysterious smile.

"Are you sure?"

Zhang Yang was almost panting.

Someone above…

Could it be…

"I am sure!"

Lu Ming was very certain.


Zhang Yang agreed on the spot.

He had no choice. Regardless of whether Lu Ming's words were reliable, did he have any alternative? Those so-called 'two-star foreign aid' were easily defeated by Lu Ming.

As for the reward…

The top-notch one or two-star abilities in the card library currently cost at most ten thousand yuan. That was why he did not hesitate to offer any ability at that equivalent level!

However, the three-star three-star top-notch abilities could cost up to one hundred million yuan each!

This would mean that if they were to invite Lu Ming for the match, they would have to pay him one million yuan of funds!

The card library was managed by the headquarters.

This sum of money…

The branch had to fork out!

"As long as we can win, so what if it takes one million yuan?"

Zhang Yang gritted his teeth.

This would cost them a fortune.


They were still a little worried about whether Lu Ming really knew how powerful Li Haoran was?

One had to know…

That child…

Did not only know lamination!

Zhang Yang was very worried.

After thinking, he called his assistant. "When you explain to him the rules and regulations these two days, you can reveal to him Li Haoran's capability, so that Lu Ming will be well prepared."


The assistant thought so too.

Only people like them knew how frightening Li Haoran was.

After all, Lu Ming was only a two-star!

"Oh, right."

"Prepare a reserve in advance in case something happens to Lu Ming. Our people can take over him."

Zhang Yang furrowed his brows tightly.

After all, this was an exchange match where they could not afford to have any slip-ups.

Lu Ming…

Could this child really win?

That was Li Haoran.

The next day.

Qing Ming branch had sent someone to inform Lu Ming about the rules of the match.

The rules were very simple.

For the one-star match, they were competing on the basics!

Using one-star basic lines, the presidents of two sides would come up with a complicated one-star design plan. They would then draw a card for sole use at the match.

This card could not be used!

It could not be cast!

It could only be used as a reference or copy during the match!

Each of the two one-star Card Creators competing in the match had to draw the lines according to this and create a card that was identical to it. The victor would be determined based on the authenticity of the card.

For the two-star match, they would compete on energy level!

It was not restricted to variety!

It was not restricted to type!

It was not restricted to cards!

After creating their cards, the two-star Card Creators had to undergo a strict energy evaluation. The one with the higher energy flow would be the victor!

For the three-star match, it was more complicated.

Having become true-blue Card Creators, the three-star ones were typically past the stages of basic and energy levels.

At such a stage—

It was a competition of actual combat ability!

The two Card Creators would encounter each other in a Mystic Realm and given the same amount of time. They would see who could create the most powerful card and who could better unleash the effect of it?!

This was very important.

Of course.

This was merely a low-level exchange match.

If it was four-star…

If it was a true Card Creation Competition…

"Did Li Haoran participate in a real competition before?"

Zhang Yang suddenly thought of this question.


The assistant looked at the statistics. "He participated in "School Championship -The Most Powerful Card Creator" last year. He created the most powerful Attack Card and clinched the top prize!

"Is that so?"

Zhang Yang was silent.

He had heard of the School Championship Competition before.

Although its participation was only restricted to students, it was still a very important formal competition!

This Li Haoran…

"What did Lu Ming say?"

Zhang Yang asked.


The assistant scratched his head. "He said noted."


Zhang Yang raised the pitch of his voice. He just said 'noted'?


He was so anxious and nervous about this matter but this child was so calm! Could it be that he could really get that 'foreign aid'?


"Did he contact his elder sister these past two days?"

Zhang Yang's voice lowered a little.

"I'm not sure."

The assistant was a little lost.

What did this matter have to do with Lu Ming's sister?

"Forget it."

Zhang Yang peered at him and no longer spoke.

He harbored some intentions at heart. Although Li Haoran was powerful, there would still be some hope if students from The First Academy were to compete against him.

Ah. Otherwise, why would he agree to Lu Ming's request so readily?


He did not know that Lu Ming was not even thinking about the match at this moment.



One by one, he created the "Meltdown Cards" repeatedly.

Regardless of whether he learned Eye of Insight, "Meltdown Card" would be the most important and used item at the Lunar Shadow legacy. Hence, he had to stock up in advance!

However, was the speed a little too slow?


Little Lu Ming glanced at Xiaobai, who was at a distance.

The time was just right.

He should teach her how to create a new card.

"Come Xiaobai, I will teach you a new card," Lu Ming called out to her and said.


Xiaobai walked to him.

"Look… Here… This way."

Lu Ming was teaching her seriously.

The Meltdown Card was very difficult to learn.

Regardless of its card level, it was an advanced card! Even if Xiaobai had shocking talent and Lu Ming guided her in detail, she also needed…


There was a flash of green.

A card appeared in Xiaobai's hands.

Lu Ming was speechless.

It was successful?!

She learned it in ten tries?!

Lu Ming felt his teeth aching.

He was the one who personally taught Xiaobai the basics. He used the limit of three hundred lines to create a formidable Xiaobai with the most solid foundation!

However, wasn't this speed of learning a tad too fast?

You are just a one-star lady!

"Is it too slow?"

Xiaobai looked a little guilty.

She had created it after master taught her for a long time.

"Okay," Lu Ming said nonchalantly. "It's slightly slow. Practice well and familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible."


Xiaobai worked hard at creating cards.


This speed…

Something was amiss.

Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.

It was the same card and the same lines. His energy cultivation level was higher and he was proficient with and knowledgeable about more Base Cards. Why couldn't he learn faster than Xiaobai?

Lu Ming pondered for a long time and had a sudden realization.

He finally discovered the greatest difference between him and Xiaobai in their learning process — He self-studied while Xiaobai had a good teacher!


This was the greatest difference!
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