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Divine Card Creator 59 The Taste of Love

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"Twelve people."

"Five one-star, six two-star… and one three-star!"

Lu Ming's gaze converged.

He was sensing the flows of energy in the bodies of that group of people.

Alongside with his elevation to a two-star level, his sensing ability had also improved tremendously. Naturally, he could clearly and easily figure out the capabilities of these guys.

This was his investigation method.

It was very simple.

It was also very effective.

"Indeed, there is actually a three-star."

Lu Ming frowned.

It was a little troublesome then…

After his experience with Fu Hongming, he was very fearful of the three-starrers from the suburban areas.

Given such capability, he had better be cautious.

"Retreat first."

Lu Ming left quietly.

When he left the deserted building, he came down from the other side and headed to a faraway place. He was very careful in avoiding being discovered. However, he realized that he had been paranoid…

"Tsk tsk. Those two sects were fighting again."

"The Sharks Sect and Fools Clan?"

"I'm sure. It is very competitive in their line of work."

"I heard that their walls were smeared with dog poop last month. I didn't expect that it would be demolished this month. Haha."

"Tsk, tsk, I heard that it is because of the little girl on a card… Haha. Let me tell you. That girl's face… I also feel tempted when I look at it."

The passers-by were gossiping, happily watching and listening.

Which resident in this old town was simple? Besides those customers who were attracted to the place due to its reputation, the rest of them were mostly wily old foxes.


Lu Ming was expressionless. He listened to their discussion, while enduring the urge to kill them.

The investigation was completed!

The first stage of the investigation went smoothly.


Lu Ming was very satisfied with his own investigation method. Look. Although the method of realizing it was different, the final outcome was the same.

Next, was how to manage this matter.

Call the police?

It was useless!

This place was too chaotic. Even the police dared not come here casually.

This was because besides some major crime offenders, there was also a big group of ex-convicts with adverse past records here. There was a huge number of them and none of them would cooperate with the investigation.

It was too difficult to obtain an approval to investigate in that kind of place!

As a result, there had always been a rumor circulating in Qing Ming City…

This was old town of murder and arson!

With no peace.


This time, the main reason that he came was to investigate the so-called source of the female-dressed photo. It was not appropriate for him to cause a commotion.

"I'll go back first."

Lu Ming made his decision.

Before these people came out, he had already found what he wanted.

Back at the shop.

Lu Ming checked on the photos of the suspects. He found those people whom he saw earlier.

Fan Eryan. He was once an employee of the Apple Loan Company, Banana Loan Company, Cucumber Loan Company and Durian Loan Company. He was involved in crimes such as fraud, kidnapping and intentional assault causing fatalities.

"He actually caused someone's death… "

Lu Ming closed his eyes.

Were all those people who were involved in using nude photos as collateral for loans that cruel and fearsome nowadays?

He also searched the Internet on the few other employees of the loan company who were caught. They were involved in some petty crimes and were let out after a period of imprisonment.

Only this person…

It was no wonder this guy wanted to escape!

Lu Ming had some understanding now.

He was the type that did not abide by the rules of the loan company.

Fraud, kidnapping…

Most likely, he had targeted the customers of the loan company.

The profits of the loan company was high but ultimately, they belonged to the company. The employees would not get a lot of share in it. At this juncture, he would secretly take some photos and take action on his own.

Hence, he got into such messy crimes.

After he was wanted by the police, he hid in the old town and relied on the help of the Sharks Sect or Fools Clan. He was helping them to create small cards now.

This had resulted in the leakage of that damned photo!

This was a vicious character.


Lu Ming did not intend to interfere in this matter anymore.

His main objective on this occasion was to investigate the source of the so-called female-dressed photo, whether there were other photos or more information. Now, it seemed like the photo had been secretly taken by Fan Eryan. Most likely, he only had one blurry photo and it was not a cause for concern.

Even Zhang Xiaopang could not recognize him. How could others do so?


Xiaobai was an exception.


At this moment, Lu Ming's cell phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number. After picking it up, a low and deep voice could be heard from the phone receiver.

"Hello, are you Miss Lu Min?"

Lu Ming was silent.

Lu Min?

This name…


Alright, it seemed to the contact number that Little Lu Ming had given to the loan company at that time? Hence, Fan Eryan still had his contact information and fake name.

Lu Ming instinctively closed his eyes.

"My name is Fan Eryan. I was from the Durian Loan Company."

Fan Eryan smiled, "There is a rich man's son who is interested in you. He wants to pay a huge sum to meet you. What do you say?"


Lu Ming froze a little. What kind of tactic was this?

"This person really likes you."

Fan Eryan smiled and said, "You don't know about this. After he experienced your set meal, he specially came here to look for you. His identity and status is very unique and honorable. If you can satisfy him or build a good relationship with him, you will have meteoric success in the future."

Did rich men have such strong taste nowadays?

"I'm serious."

Fan Eryan was afraid that she would misunderstand. Hence, he patiently and earnestly persuaded, "I won't control you. Neither would I dare to. This person doesn't belong to Qing Ming City. If you are together, you will be able to leave this place, right? Look. Didn't we cultivate for decades painstakingly because we wanted peace and comfort? As long as you nod, you will have everything. Unfortunately, people like us don't have such qualities. Otherwise, we would have long done it. Isn't that so?"

"Rest assured. The first time is just a meet-up and nothing else."

"What do you say?" Fan Eryan asked.


Lu Ming hung up the phone immediately.

Very soon.

The message came —

Fan Eryan, "How dare you hang up on me?"

"It seems like I have to resolve this."

Lu Ming sighed.

After thinking, he replied, "I am at home. It is not convenient to talk. I need to attend classes for the next few days. I don't have class on Saturday. I will go over then."


Fan Eryan seemed to be very satisfied. "This is the address. I hope that you won't play any tricks. Haha… "

Lu Ming took a glance.

"Very well."

The address was correct.

If he were to call the police and bring the law enforcers over, most likely, the traces of wrongdoing in the house would have been cleaned up thoroughly the moment that he arrived at the old town.

The old town was a paradise for those unlawful people.

"It is getting more and more interesting."

Lu Ming looked at the date.

It was Monday today. There were still five days to Saturday. This was already the maximum and reasonable amount of time that he could delay. If he were to delay any further, Fan Eryan would definitely suspect him.

"Five days is enough."

Lu Ming's gaze was icy cold.

Some people…

They were really courting death.


At this very moment…

In the old town.

In the villa of the walls that had been demolished, Fan Eryan and the Leader of the Shark Sect were carefully entertaining a young man who was quite handsome.

"Brother Wang."

"The matter has been settled. She will come over on Saturday after school."

Fan Eryan nodded and bowed.

"Is that so?"

Wang Xuan was very satisfied. Yet, he was a little concerned. "That lady… "

"Don't worry."

Fan Eryan said in a low voice. "That lady is very chaste. We only borrowed her face. That's all. The rest was fabricated."

"You didn't threaten her, right?"

Wang Xuan glanced at him.

"Why would I?"

Fan Eryan was amused. "This is your woman. We won't dare to threaten her."

"That's good."

Wang Xuan was satisfied.

He had never seen such a unique lady before.

It was true.

He was born into an extraordinary family. There were countless women surrounding him.

However, at first glance of this lady, although it was just a photo, even a smile of hers could stir his heart. He had never felt this way before…



Love at first sight?

He had no idea.

Therefore, he had to meet that lady.

Coincidentally, he had ran into a huge trouble this time and had to take shelter from it. He thus came here directly.

"Oh, those small cards still have the illusion."

Wang Xuan instructed, "Recall all of them. I don't want anyone else to fantasize about her."

"Rest assured."

Fan Eryan smiled and said, "We have already ceased the sales of it today. Now, our entire Shark Sect is only serving you. We assure you that you will be satisfied."

"Not bad, not bad."

Wang Xuan felt very soothed. "When I go back, I will take better care of all of you."

Fan Eryan then excused himself.

They took so much pains to curry favor with him. Wasn't it for the sake of receiving more care?

After all…

This was that person's son.

After they left, Wang Xuan took out the precious small card again.

It was still that charming and seductive smile on it. After taking a glance, Wang Xuan felt his heart beating rapidly.

He was certain…

He had never seen this kind of smile in all other women.

It was so unique.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

He smiled in a silly manner.

Or perhaps…

This was the taste of love?
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