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Half an hour later.

Lu Ming rushed to the detention center. Before he went in, he heard the roars of a living creature coming from inside.

"Let me out!

Do you know who I am?

Let me tell you. I am Lu Ming's friend!

Do you know who Lu Ming is?

He is the one who destroyed the a** holes of all the summoners!" Zhang Xiaopang yelled furiously.

"Shut up!"

The police officer interrogating him was coincidentally a summoner. At this moment, her face swelled with red. "Don't talk nonsense! What summoner and a** hole?! Get him here if you have the guts! I don't think he dares to destroy… "

Lu Ming coughed and walked over.

"Who is that?"

The female law enforcer revealed a ferocious glare.

"Lu Ming," Lu Ming said in a low voice.

There was pin-drop silence in the room.

"Pay the fine. Quickly take him away."

The female law enforcer shot two harsh glares at Lu Ming before letting him leave.


Since he was this damn fatty's friend, he was certainly not a good guy.

Lu Ming could only endure her two unfriendly stares before paying the fine.

He had not been careful in making friends!

Lu Ming went to pay the fine.

The law enforcer said that someone whistle-blew earlier that this lad and a lady had been involved for an entire night. The noises were soul-wrenching and movements too great. They had affected the neighbors.

"Brother Lu."

Zhang Xiaopang looked embarrassed.


Lu Ming was expressionless.

Damn. This was the first time that he entered this place in his life. It was actually to bail a guy who prostituted himself!

To hell with it!

It was very quiet on the way back.

Zhang Xiaopang dared not speak for a long time as he felt embarrassed.

When they returned to the shop, Lu Ming asked Xiaobai to go to the house to create cards, where Little Lu Ming looked at the round-shaped living thing in front of him, before saying coldly, "Explain yourself. What happened?"

He wanted to find out what this thing knew!


Zhang Xiaopang hesitated for a moment. "Brother Lu, do you believe it if I say that I did not look for a prostitute?"


Lu Ming did not hesitate a moment.


Zhang Xiaopang was touched.

He knew it. Brother Lu would definitely trust him.

Haha. He knew it. He, Zhang Xiaopang, still had a friend. Hahaha.

"Because it is impossible that you can last for an entire night."

Lu Ming's logic was very clear.

According to the law enforcer, soul-wrenching sounds could be heard throughout the entire night. How could this be possible? This was a man that would feel good for one second, delay for two seconds and sustain for three seconds!

This was such an obvious loophole. Naturally, he could see through it.

Zhang Xiaopang was expressionless.

He did not know if he should feel touched or beat someone up.

"I was only in a business deal."

Zhang Xiaopang felt wronged.


Lu Ming exclaimed in shock. "So, you did not look for a prostitute. You were selling the service?"

Zhang Xiaopang's face turned black. "Brother Lu, you won't have any friends if you behave in this way."

"Alright, tell me."

Lu Ming sneered.


Custom-made the illusion of me dressed in a female clothing?

"I received an Illusion Card business. Eight thousand yuan to customize an illusion."

Zhang Xiaopang rubbed his head. "Thereafter, they requested me to make a fantasizing illusion based on a photo. I spent a long time creating. However, I didn't expect that they would refuse to pay me after I completed it! They are prepared to use ladies to pay me! They let me do it four times for free!"

"I was enraged!"

"I want the eight thousand yuan! Eight thousand grand cash!"

Zhang Xiaopang was infuriated.

Twelve seconds. True. It was seriously logical.

"Afterwards everything turned black and I did not know what happened."

Zhang Xiaopang felt aggrieved. "I woke up at the detention center."

This was truly a magical fantasy!

Listen. From fantasizing about an illusion to custom-making one, was this something that a typical person would encounter? He could only say that his classmate Xiaopang was truly legendary!

One had to know. It was impossible for someone like him who had such a pure and innocent heart to come into contact with such matters.

It was akin to taking in poison with the eyes!

Would a normal person like you touch such things?

And students…


This one didn't count.

Sigh, he had no choice as he had already been involved. He had been printed on that small card. This was a bloody lesson!


After gathering the events chronologically, Lu Ming had almost figured it out.

He had solved the case!

True enough, the illusion was created by Zhang Xiaopang!

However, even he did not know anything, let alone Lu Ming. That group of people refused to pay and did not give Zhang Xiaopang any money. They simply caused him to end up in the detention center.


Were the gray people so arrogant nowadays?

Lu Ming sighed.

He gave Zhang Wei, the law enforcer, a call. That girl who was caught with Zhang Xiaopang had been released after paying a fine of five hundred yuan. He heard that she was a recalcitrant offender and they had no way with her too.

Look. Five hundred yuan was much cheaper than eight thousand yuan.

"How did you know them?' Lu Ming asked.


Zhang Xiaopang opened his mouth but he hesitated.

"If you don't say it, I will throw you back in."

Lu Ming sneered.


Zhang Xiaopang sighed. "I happened to be passing by the express hotel that day and picked up a small card at the entrance. Adopting the spirit of not pocketing something that does not belong to me, I called the number on the card."

Lu Ming was silent.

Happened to, passing by, not pocketing something that did not belong to him.

Look. Those words were so brilliantly used.

"Thereafter, I discovered that their illusion standards are too low. I thus used my own. They feel that this 'change in level of lust' function is quite amazing. So, they gave me their contact number."

Zhang Xiaopang scratched his head.

This time, he had suffered huge losses in this business.

So, this thing before him did not know anything too?


Lu Ming stretched out his hands.

He did not intend to pay the bill for this thing.

"I only have two thousand yuan now… "

Zhang Xiaopang counted his money in an aggrieved manner. "I'll pay you the remaining three thousand yuan first."


It was not enough.

Zhang Xiaopang looked lost. "Strange. I remember that I still had two thousand yuan."


Lu Ming sneered twice. "Give me the address of those guys. I will contact the principal and see if we can handle this. Otherwise, other classmates from the Illusion Faculty may get into trouble too."


Zhang Xiaopang left behind the address.

"I want to cultivate!"

Zhang Xiaopang had never been so serious. "I want to become powerful!"

He was very serious.

This time, it was the gray people and they might not be willing to kill someone. They only dumped him there. What about next time? If it were people from the secret society…

He could have possibly died!

It was very scary!

To Zhang Xiaopang, who had not had experiences with all the beauties in the world, this possibility was filled with fear and horror.

Upon finishing his words…

He strode off with heavy steps. This matter seemed to have impacted him greatly…

Lu Ming was expressionless.


Note in the accounts. He owes us five thousand yuan in fines," Lu Ming reminded her.


Xiaobai noted down the accounts seriously.


He had sounded so deeply emotional. Yet, these two still noted down that five thousand yuan!

At the thought of this…

He immediately ran and escaped.


Lu Ming sneered.

To hell with the heavy steps. Such short limbs needed to withstand three hundred pounds.

The chassis was too low!


Lu Ming's eyes swirled and landed on the address in his hands.

"It will be you next."

His gaze was cold and sinister.

He wanted to see which demon or monster actually dared to take his photo?!


In the suburbs.

Lu Ming found this place according to the address.

This was an isolated commercial area. It was a full commercial district with accommodation. However, typically, those residing in the Qing Ming City were not willing to come there.

Old and poor facilities, damaged surveillance cameras and standalone buildings for accommodation…

This was an old town that could not be demolished.

Gradually, this place formed a commercial district of its own.

"This way."

Lu Ming continued to walk.

He had thought that these people would be staying in a dilapidated small room, with a group of them squeezed inside to create this kind of gray cards. However, unexpectedly, a standalone villa appeared before him. It was the kind that had a courtyard. Although this was an old town, this kind of villa was also very costly.


These guys were so rich now?

Nevertheless, it was true when he thought about it. It was the same type of low-level illusion. Lu Ming's Fruit Ninja cost tens of yuan for each experience while this cost a few thousand yuan. Could they not earn money?

This profession had exploding profits!

At the doorstep.

Two men with murderous stares were guarding it. They looked strong.

Deeper in the place…

He did not know anything then.

If the other party was a two-star cultivator, he would not lose to them at all. But now…

Number of people - unknown.

Capability - unknown.

"I don't know how strong they are."

Lu Ming's gaze was icy cold.

In normal circumstances, one would use specialized abilities such as heightened senses and super eyesight for investigation. There were also specialized composite investigation cards that came with heightened senses and super eyesight abilities. It could uncover the enemy's capability. However, it was very pricey and the cost performance was low.

Of course, Lu Ming did not have them.

Nevertheless, it was fine. He had his own means of investigating.

He found an abandoned building nearby and assessed his location…


It was well hidden.

It was suitable.

He looked that the two gatekeepers from afar. When they were chatting and not looking in his direction, he threw out the card in his hand without any reservation!


There was a deafening roar.

Suddenly, bulls flooded the sky.

"What is this?"

The gatekeepers looked up. Their expressions instantly changed. Where did so many bulls come from?

"Stop them!"

He yelled loudly.

He could tell that there were a lot of bulls but they were not considered strong. Given their capability, they should be able to stop them.


The two gatekeepers shouted suddenly, blocking the entrance with their bodies.


There was a loud sound.

The bulls that charged forward ferociously came to an abrupt halt.

"They have been blocked!"

The gatekeepers rejoiced.

"Press the alarm button."

The gatekeepers got up calmly and picked up the hand-held communicator. "Enemy discovered. The initial attack has been blocked… "

Before they could finish their words…

They were suddenly stunned. They realized that they did not need to press the alarm button anymore.

Behind them…

The main door of the villa was still strong and sturdy. Under the protection of the two gatekeepers, they were safe and sound. However, the walls nearby had collapsed upon the impact of the bulls.

Only the lonely door was left.


There was only the main door left.

It was as sturdy and strong as a monolith.

The gatekeepers were dumbstruck.


What was this?

At this very moment…

A group of fearsome looking people walked out from the villa. Their faces turned blank after seeing the situation before them. One of them kicked the two guys who were guarding the door.

"I asked both of you to guard the door!"

"I asked both of you to guard the door!"

"And the two of you really guarded only the door?!"

"What about the walls?"
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