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Divine Card Creator 56 The Lu Ming Who Had His First Service Experience

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At this moment, Lu Ming's brain went blank.

Dressed in a female clothing!

Little Lu Ming!

Damn. How did these photos appear on the small cards?

Were Little Lu Ming's services that wide in scope?

Lu Ming felt some pangs of panic.

He searched through his memory again.


The a** hole was still around.

Calm down!

Calm down!

Lu Ming made himself calm down.


His chest was still heaving.


One big brother who passed by picked up one of the photos from the ground and looked at Lu Ming with shock and curiosity.

Lu Ming's heart was leaping wildly. Had he been recognized?

He was done for!

It was too embarrassing!

Should he silence the person now?!

What should he do?

Should he use the Bulls Card or the Demolition Card?

What if others were to discover it too? Did he need to silence the entire street and area? Was two hundred Demolition Cards enough? It should be almost enough?

"About eight or nine points."

The older brother was very puzzled.

He had taken a look at the girl in the photo. She was very beautiful. However, this was typically the case for all small cards. Why was this brother shivering all over with one glance of it?

He had endured it for too long?

He could not tolerate it further?

"Brother, sometimes, you can also use your right hand."

The big brother patted Lu Ming's shoulders.


So, he had not been recognized.

Lu Ming heaved a sigh of relief. However, at the sight of the big brother stretching out his hand to him, he instinctively averted it.

The big brother was a little puzzled.

They were both experienced with this. Why was he so unfriendly?


Lu Ming looked at his right hand, which was currently suspended in the air. He said lightly, "I don't want to have such intimate contact with your wife."

He left, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Lu Ming was not bothered about him. His gaze reverted to that card.

He could only say that Little Lu Ming looked really pretty when dressed in a female clothing. He was born with a small and fair face. He looked so soft and gentle, exuding a charisma that made one pity and cherish him. It was really…

Wait a minute.

Lu Ming clutched his head and regained his senses. Damn. This was him!!!

Each time he searched Little Lu Ming's memory, he saw the memories from the protagonist and thus he could not see himself. He could only see what Little Lu Ming saw…

Hence, he did not have any idea of what he looked like when dressed in a female clothing.

But right now…


Damn. Was he a sissy in the past?

The strong aura of submissiveness…

Lu Ming clutched his head.


Why did the photos leak?

The loan company?


Lu Ming remembered that the company had already closed down. Didn't the principal say that he had discovered an interesting record after the closing of the loan company? He should know.


He only knew that he had taken out a loan before. That was all.

But the photos…

Lu Ming was very certain that they had been destroyed then.

What about the tattooed man?


He could not possibly have kept such things. Otherwise, he would have long extorted him.

He was very quick in settling the loan at that time. Before they could react in time, he had already resolved this matter in lighting speed in the name of 'family needs'!

He did not leave any trace of future trouble!


These photos…

Lu Ming took a closer look. He discovered that this was not the original version!

There were faint diagonal and parallel lines on them. It looked more like someone taking the picture from a screen directly. Hence, these were photograph shots that someone took directly from a screen?

It was no wonder that the photos were blurry and looked like they had been processed before!


Who could it be?


What was this?

He looked at the contact number on the card. Nevermind. After some consideration, he called the principal to confirm.


It was confirmed that the loan company had already closed down!

Hard disk, records… They had basically been destroyed. Nothing was left, let alone the photos. Even Lu Ming's loan record was gone!


There was only one possibility left.

One of the employees of this company liked the photo. He took a photo of it directly from the screen and saved it.


Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

What else could he say?

If a person was good-looking, they could even stand out among a group of girls who took nude photos as collaterals….

To hell with it!

He glanced at the photo in his hands. The more he looked at it, the more he felt annoyed.

Dressed in a female clothing…


"Hopefully… "

"You won't disappoint me."

Lu Ming felt gloomy.

He took a deep breath and saved the contact number on the card. Then he called.


A soft and gentle voice could be heard coming from the other side of the phone. "Mister, what kind of service do you require?"

"What kind of services do you have?" Lu Ming sneered.

"We have everything, as long as it exists in the world."

The girl said gently, "Even if we don't have it. We can create it as long as you want it. If the price is right, we can do anything for you."

"I want the lady in the photo," Lu Ming said coldly.


The girl was very experienced. "This lady is our starring role. Recently, the card has become very popular after we used her photo. The price… "

"The price is not an issue."

Lu Ming interrupted her.


The girl smiled and said, "We have a professional and specialized service from this lady — you can meet her in the illusion. You can also have fun in a movie of the two of you."

"Only an illusion? What about the real person?"

Lu Ming was very disappointed.

"That won't do," the girl explained, "This lady's identity and status are too noble. She belongs to the category that ordinary people like us can't touch. This time, we are very lucky to have attained the model of her figure and face. They are already very precious things. We seek your understanding."


Lu Ming smiled grimly.

Was that so?

They had even created the custom-made illusion?


This was really amazing…

Very good…

Lu Ming took a deep breath.

He negotiated the price with the lady. They had confirmed the price of two thousand yuan at a private location. He reserved a room at a nearby hotel and waited for someone to come.


After half an hour, a lady really came.

She was very ordinary.

However, he did not feel any revulsion towards her.

"How do we do this?" Lu Ming asked.


The lady was very shy. "You just have to lie down. After I cast the illusion on you, you will be able to see that lady. I will service you at the same time… "

"To add some realism."

"So that you won't feel any disappointment because of the illusion."

The lady was very professional in delivering the service.

"No need."

He waved his hands. "I only need her. You can just wait here for a while. This will do."


The lady was very experienced.

She took out the card machine from her luggage. That card and Energy Card had already installed in it. She only needed to aim it at Lu Ming and press a button.


Lu Ming even specially looked at the door and locked it.

"Mister, don't worry. I am very professional. It won't be a badger game."

The lady felt amused.

Why badger game?

Some people who did not follow the rules would rush in when the two were naked. They would hold onto them, take their photos and extort money.

This was the true reflection of the small card.

Eighty percent of the small cards would exchange such things in return when you called the contact number on them.

"Just in case."

Lu Ming shrugged his shoulders.

He did not care about badger games at all. He just did not want anyone to stir up trouble.


His anger had already reached his peak.

"Please lie down properly."

The lady pressed the release button.


There was a flash of light.

Lu Ming sensed and confirmed that this was an illusion that required a low energy level. He did not guard against it then. He allowed the illusion to be cast on him.


Lights and shadows flashed before him.

There was no poetic and picturesque scenery. There was only a shabby room.


This was truly a low-level illusion.

He heard that one could have a heavenly experience from high-level illusions. However, he did not care about this. He immediately looked at the direction of the bathroom in the bedroom.

That beautiful young girl was in the shower.

The frosted glass, vague beauty and the patter of the shower stirred one's heart. Lu Ming was surprised to discover that his mood had actually been affected!

His hormones seemed to be jumping.

His heartbeat was accelerating!


Lu Ming raised his eyebrow.

They actually used this kind of technique?

Although he did not know much about illusion, he knew that something that could change your emotion was not simple.

At this very moment…

That young girl turned.


Long legs and a pair of fair and smooth boobs. This was the most popular figure of young lady. As he looked up, it was a face that carried a vague and mysterious beauty.

Little Lu Ming's female face!

"So… "

Lu Ming clutched his head.

They replaced the face of a normal young girl with that of Little Lu Ming?

Just because it looked good?

In his previous life, this could only be achieved with photoshop. In this world, this could actually be realized with illusion. Furthermore, it was one that could actually move!

"Little brother… "

Little Lu Ming caressed him with his fair hands.


Lu Ming kicked.


There was a turbulence of energy.

Given his current energy level as a two-star Card Creator, it was very simple to get away from an illusion.

"You are done?"

The girl was smiling.

She glanced at the time. It seemed that only five minutes had passed.


It was already very long.

Last time, a guy only took three seconds.


Lu Ming asked her to leave.

He was well aware that this kind of matter was normally operated through a complete industry chain. He would not be able to get any clues from this lady.


The girl left after taking the money.

She was not the slightest bit surprised by Lu Ming's attitude.

These men…

Didn't they always behave like dogs before the matter and shun people for being ugly afterwards?


Lu Ming felt much more at ease after the girl left. This was because he already knew where to look for his target.


Would such high-level techniques really appear in a low-level illusion?

One that could change your mood?


Then why did he feel his adrenaline rushing earlier?


According to the experience of a classmate of Lu Ming…. Coincidentally, he had one moronic friend who created an illusion that had such magical functionality of making people feel more lustful!

Damn. This Zhang Xiaopang!!!
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