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"It seems that Brother Cat does not like this."

Lu Ming could only give up.

This was the only way he could think of now.


Forget it. He would leave it to fate.

He looked at Xiaobai who was working hard at the far corner and he felt a sense of urgency.

Xiaobai had been making huge progress. From the looks of it, she would surpass him anytime. If he did not work hard to cultivate, he would be doing himself in.

It was time to increase his level!

Lu Ming was stressed.

The next stage was to become a two-star Card Creator as fast as he could!

He was too weak.

He knew very well.

Perhaps, compared with those cultivators like Zhang Xiaopang, who belonged to the refugee category, he was considered good enough, but other than refugees, there were other stronger cultivators in this world!

How did students from formal colleges fare in terms of ability?

How did students from key colleges fare in terms of ability?

There was also The First Academy that his sister was in!

His peers were far stronger than him!

He had to become stronger.

This was beyond doubt.

How to improve?


Lu Ming would need a lot of money to fill up the gap if he wanted to catch up with the cultivators of the same stage, or to become stronger, or to become a cultivator with a higher level!

He had to pay money for resources in order to improve and surpass!

"Right now, my energy level is at three hundred and forty points."

Lu Ming had a mental check of his current ability.

The highest cultivation speed of the Demolition Card was to increase one hundred points of energy every day. If he wanted to become a two-star cultivator, he would need at least seven days!

"It is sufficient."

Lu Ming took a look at the remaining money in his account.

He had enough of his slow cultivation speed. Right now, he would become part of the krypton gold gang!

"Come on."

Lu Ming had the least hesitation.

Today was the reason why he had been working so hard for?!

On the day itself.

A larger number of resources arrived.

Lu Ming went into a crazy cultivation mode. His energy level began to soar.

Four hundred points!

Five hundred points!

Six hundred points!

Amazing speed!

Lu Ming's energy level had been increased to nine hundred and ninety points within seven days. He could feel that the energy pool in his body seemed to be overflowing, and he could no longer increase in energy anymore.

He had reached the bottleneck.

The way to break through was very simple—break through by force!

The changes between one-star and two-star cultivators were merely the difference in the upper limit of the energy level. There was no difference in the quality. Therefore, it was easy to break through!

That was only a layer of film. It would open with slight poking.



Lu Ming broke through successfully after three to five tries!

Energy level of one thousand points!


Lu Ming was thrilled.

He could feel that the energy space in his body had become extremely large at this moment. The energy that overflowed initially only took up a small space now.

He had broken through!

Two-star Card Creator!

He had succeeded in establishing a new upper limit for his energy space!

"I am a two-star Card Creator now."

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

Two-star was a very magical stage.

Take their college for example, two-star cultivators would be able to graduate, leave college and join society.

Of course, Lu Ming was very clear. To real cultivators, two-star was only the beginning.

One-star was the entry, they were novices at the innocent stage.

Two-star was the foundation, it was the accumulation of energy.

Three-star was to become stronger, it was the transformation of ability.


Lu Ming took a look.

Haha. It was no wonder that two-star was the foundation and the accumulation of energy. One would need ten thousand points of energy to go from a two-star to a three-star. It was ten times that of the one-star!

He wondered how much money one had to pay to get the resources?

Lu Ming began to do some calculations.

It cost him one hundred thousand yuan to cultivate every day and to increase one hundred points of energy daily. On average, he would need to spend one thousand yuan on resources to quickly increase his energy level by one point.

Well, if he needed to reach ten thousand points of energy…

Lu Ming calculated and felt a jarring pain to his teeth. Ten million! Given his ability now, he would need ten million yuan to quickly turn from a two-star to a three-star!

It was a shocking figure.

"It was the price for overtaking on a bend."

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

What did three-star mean?

The teachers at Lu Ming's school were only at the three-star level!

Even for those formal colleges, their graduation requirement was to reach three-star.

Three-star cultivators were the middle power in the society. They were active in all classes of society. There were people whose goals in life were merely to become a three-star.

If he wanted to reach this stage right now?

He would have to pay money for resources!

Of course.

Other than paying money for resources, there were other shortcuts.

For example—

Engaged in battles, adventures and fights!

Explored the ruins!

All types of Mystic Realms!

This was what the battle cultivators usually did.

Lu Ming gave up on such deceptive methods right away. It was too dangerous. He was a Card Creator! No two-star Card Creator would go out everyday to engage in fights!

"Let's take things slowly."

Lu Ming decided to take a leisurely pace.

To become a three-star, there was a long path ahead of him. It was useless to be anxious.

"There are some more profits to be made from the Leviathan.

They would need to stock up the cards, purchase the design plan, hire high-level Card Creators and more. All these need money. Therefore, I estimate that the final price would be at around one thousand yuan.

If I do it myself…

The cost can be kept at a very low price, while the profits will be significant.

Lu Ming calculated in his mind.

He believed that the "Leviathan" would still be able to bring about a certain amount of profits for the time being. Therefore, he would concentrate on creating the cards and earning money for now.

He could earn money while cultivating in a high speed, and experience what it was like to be a two-star Card Creator. It was perfect.

What was the difference between one-star and two-star?

More energy.

Faster recovery.

He could use more cards!

Previously, due to the limit in energy level, Lu Ming could only use the lowest-level cards. Right now, as his energy level had increased, he could finally use some two-star cards.

This was very important.

This meant that he could learn more techniques.

"If I have stronger techniques…"

Lu Ming thought to himself, perhaps he could create better Cultivation Card?


"Demolition Card" could no longer satisfy him.

It was not only because of the cultivation speed, it was also due to the depletion rate of resources! His energy consumption was not that huge, after all—

Creating cards would be equivalent to cultivation, the energy would not go missing!

Therefore, all the resources would eventually turn into the Demolition Card that Lu Ming held in his hands.

That was what happened!

He had accumulated two hundred Demolition Cards after seven days of cultivation!

Every card cost three thousand five hundred yuan on average!

The cost was already ten times higher than "Leviathan" Card!

And these…

Could not be sold.

To whom? A construction company?


Although the effect was great, he supposed they would not buy the card which cost more than three thousand yuan each.

It was not value for money.

They could easily use a bulldozer or demolition machinery.

Therefore, Lu Ming's main goal in the future was to create a qualified Cultivation Card—

A card that he could cultivate in real sense, and to use and sell. In that case, it could fulfill the self-cycle of cultivation!

There would also be fewer chances of him spending too much energy to advance to the next level or to pay money on resources.

He had good cultivation speed, but he needed to improve his efficiency!


Lu Ming looked at the Demolition Card.

How could he increase the efficiency of the Cultivation Card?


He could integrate them again?

Lu Ming raised his eyebrow.

Previously he dared not test it out as the energy consumption would be too high!

Since he could not use the Demolition Card, what was the use in creating higher level of Demolition Card? It was meaningless apart from a waste of resources. But right now… perhaps…

"Let's try to integrate."

Lu Ming felt energized.

He had nothing to worry since he had more than two hundred Demolition Cards!

"Come on."

Lu Ming began to integrate.

First card, absorb!

Second card…


The lines had become more complicated.

The third card, fourth card, fifth card…

Lu Ming watched as the lines became complicated. However, the change was only reflected in the core data, the overall outlook did not change until he reached the integration of the seventh Demolition Card!


Lights were surging.

The lines had changed totally. A new card had emerged.

"It's coming!"

Lu Ming was full of anticipation.

What would happen now that he integrated seven Demolition Cards?


He had learned his lesson from the previous experience. He took a look at the front of the card first.

Lu Ming felt dazed. What the hell was that now?!

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