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Now that the copyright had been made public, "Leviathan" Card's popularity was beyond imagination.

Although the Lamination Technique was a very precious technique, there were many people who mastered it within the country. All over the country, people had been buying this card.

"What level is your Leviathan at? Haha, mine is at level one hundred and thirty-five!"

"The levels don't matter. One must evolve, do you understand? Mine is already a humongous Leviathan!"

"That's nothing. Mine is a fire Leviathan!"

"That's nothing compared to mine. I failed at evolving yesterday and it turned into a corpse Leviathan!"

"What is your combat ability?"

Everyone was talking about it.

Everyone was crazy about it.

Now that the card was widely accepted, it had finally caused a sensation within the ordinary cultivators. After all, this was the Pet Card known to be able to develop to six- or seven-star!

The Pet Card began to become more and more popular.

Many cultivators who bought the cards would make a live broadcast of how they reared their Leviathans. Everyone got to see the contents of the card.




The techniques forum were swamped by related threads.

The demand and craze for the Pet Card had become more and more intense. People were getting more interested in the card that could achieve virtual summoning!

It was clearly a game!

It was clearly entertainment!

Why was it that they could be summoned?

What was a Leviathan?

It was able to keep on evolving?

Could this card really exceed six-star?

These questions were widely discussed among the users.

They discussed the card from different aspects, for example the professional aspect to the academic aspect. This indirectly fueled the craze for the card and resulted in a larger significance on the sales.

Of course.

Some of them had managed to study the card, and realized that it was Fish Leap. But nobody cared!

Could your Fish Leap be kept?

Could your Fish Leap evolve?

Could your Fish Leap compete with others?


Then there was no point in talking about it.

However, as the copyright had been made public, many people knew the design plan of "Leviathan". They redesigned it and derived many other unique versions from it.

There were pirated copies of it on the market again.

Magical Chicken Card, National Chicken Rearing…

Magical Cat Card, National Cat Rearing…

Magical Vulture Card, National Vulture Rearing…

There was a variety of new cards!

More realistic, more powerful, more expensive!

A new era had emerged, and people once again lost themselves in this unique craze.


Fourth day of sales.

There were all sorts of videos regarding "Leviathan" during this period of time.

There were cases whereby people went on outdoors adventure and encountered enemies. They took out the "Leviathan" Card in the critical moment and to their surprise, the other party reared a Leviathan as well. Both parties were wary of each other and they ended up calling it a truce!

There were also cases whereby people killed their enemies with this hidden trump card.

There were instances where two Leviathans battled it out with each other, and there were times where they either lost or won…

There were all sorts of videos.

More and more emerged.

It went to show the popularity of the card.

However, there was a mysterious video today.

In the video.

A four-star cultivator encountered danger when he was out on a venture in the wilds. He took out the "Leviathan" Card that he had been rearing for three days and it killed a five-star cultivator instantly!

That was right!

He was killed instantly!

In the video, people could see a gigantic fish…

The terrifying surge of energy engulfed the five-star cultivator and he died on the spot.


Everyone was in shock.

The "Leviathan" Card was that powerful?!

Those cultivators who had yet to buy the card rushed to purchase it.

It only took three days??

What the hell was this?

All the cultivators had a big shock.


Lu Ming and the other Card Creators were the only people who understood the concept of the "Leviathan" Card. They knew why the Leviathan of the cultivator was so powerful!

Because… he was a real Krypton gold cultivator![1.Someone who had superior ability as he paid money for resources in the game.]


His vocation was a krypton gold cultivator!

What was the basis of the "Leviathan" Card?

Charging Card!

How could a card that had been reared for three days be so terrifying?


The person filled it up with endless energy!

According to Lu Ming preliminary estimation, if the Leviathan could kill a five-star cultivator instantly, the energy that was charged must be higher than six-star or even seven-star!


The money used must be an astronomical number!

With these resources, one could buy a few six-star cards to break even, and the effect would be much more powerful!

"Perhaps he had become addicted?" Lu Ming exclaimed in shock.

According to rumors… No matter how lousy the games were, there would be some krypton gold big shots who occupied the top position.

In the past, he used to think that these must be lies. After all, who would spend a few hundreds of thousands yuan for a shabby game? Now he finally knew that there were indeed such big shots!

Krypton gold cultivators did exist!


There was no way that one could catch up to them!


Such high-level krypton gold cultivators were still the minority.

To those who had the capability, they would not waste their time and cultivation to get this kind of card. Instead, they would buy those super high-level hidden trump cards!

No matter how powerful one made rearing a Leviathan to be, it was still essentially a Charging Card!

To them…

A waste of time!

A hindrance to their cultivation!


One week later.

The popularity of Leviathan had returned to normal.

Of course.

It already had nothing much to do with Lu Ming.

Since all the shops in the country were already selling the cards, it was up to individual shop to hire high-level Card Creators. As a founder, it only concerned him as they had to download the design plan.

Three days!

The design plan was being downloaded for three hundred and two times. It was lesser than what Lu Ming had imagined.

"What is going on?"

Lu Ming felt odd.

According to him, there should be at least a few thousand downloads?!

Even if there was the limitation of the lamination!


He did some research on the market and was speechless.

Due to the limitations of four-star Card Creators, most of the shops could not create this card. Therefore, the cards were solely provided by manufacturers with the skills and capabilities. They would provide wholesale services and acted as middleman to the individual shops.

With them around, there would be lesser people who bought the design plan.

Cards wholesale…

The businessmen were far smarter than Lu Ming could have imagined.


Lu Ming was speechless.

He knew the flaws of his card.

Although it involved Lamination Technique, it was not a high-level card. One only needed a high-level Card Creator to create the cards and they would have a complete continuous line production!

After all, one only needed to draw the "stairs"!


Lu Ming checked the accounts.

Each design plan cost five thousand yuan. Aside from the bonus that was given to the Card Creators Association as well as the required taxes, he would earn a total of three hundred thousand yuan.

It was a shocking figure!


This was only the beginning.

From then on, this design plan would bring a steady stream of funds to him. Although the amount would be much lesser, he would still be able to earn some extra money here and there.

He felt… amazing.

At the moment.

In the shop.

Lu Ming and Xiaobai stared at the number of downloads displayed on the interface.

They would remain happy for a while each time the figure increased. They were like two big fools.

However, the progress became slower and slower. It would take a long time before it increased once today. The profits made from copyright certification had come to an end.

"It's over."

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

A total of twenty days!

Production cost of one hundred thousand yuan!

He and Xiaobai worked fifteen to sixteen hours a day for every single day in that period. In addition to the profits made these few days as well as the copyright certification, the total profit was one million!

One million yuan!

He had never seen so much money in his life!

Lu Ming was slightly excited.

How did one establish a foothold in this world?

By being powerful!

How to become more powerful?


With the money, he would be able to join the ranks of the two-star soon enough and become a real two-star Card Creator!

"Xiaobai, do you have any requests?"

Lu Ming felt gratified.

It was to Xiaobai's credit as well that they made so much money.

The child was able to create the Energy Cards very quickly, therefore reducing the costs. She had worked hard the past few days. From the looks of it, it was very right of him to take in Xiaobai as his disciple.

"I want to seal the Swordsman techniques!"

Xiaobai was thrilled.


"What is your current energy level?"

Lu Ming asked.

"One hundred and fifty points."

Xiaobai was very happy.

She could feel that she was improving every day.

She made huge progress!

This was Lu Ming's first reaction.

Back then when he created cards daily, his energy level only increased by one point every day, while Xiaobai's increase was close to three points. It was much faster than Little Lu Ming!

"It is still too weak."

Lu Ming patted her head. "I will impart some basic lines to you. You will be able to make faster progress. When you have enough energy, you will then be able to seal the Swordsman techniques."


Xiaobai nodded.

With every point of increase in her energy level, she was one step closer to Swordsman!


Lu Ming pondered for a moment before deciding to officially teach her the Bulls Card. This was the first extreme optimization card that Lu Ming learned.

It had a lot of significance to him.

Of course, with money, he could do the things he wanted to do.

For example—

To get into the good books of the big shot black cat.

Lu Ming highly valued the big shot inside him. The Lightning Original Card had helped him earn lots of money this time. He had to reward it.


Lu Ming quickly thought of a solution.

In the afternoon.

The card that he bought had arrived. It was an imitation of the "Leviathan" Card—Magical Cat Card!

Lu Ming selected the card very carefully.

According to his judgment, this female cat had lustrous hair, high level of physical attractiveness, excellent temperament and was soft to the touch. It was a perfect match to Brother Cat!


"Brother Cat, Brother Cat!"

Lu Ming entered his Sea of Consciousness in excitement. "I have brought you a small female cat…"


A black shadow flashed.

A paw came crashing on him.

Lu Ming had no time to react and he was smashed against the wall.
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