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"Brother Lu… that… reward…"

Zhang Xiaopang rubbed his hands.

"Oh, man."

Lu Ming sneered.

Zhang Xiaopang was dazed. Wasn't he a man?

"Wait a minute."

Lu Ming also realized that he might have expressed himself correctly, but this term was not used in this manner in the previous life.

He pondered for a moment before he said, "Oh, fatty."

Zhang Xiaopang was expressionless.

What did he mean?


He might be poor, ugly and useless, but he would never be humiliated…

"Here's the reward."

Lu Ming gave him ten thousand yuan.

"Brother Lu, I love you!"

Zhang Xiaopang was elated.

Ten thousand yuan!

Hahaha, he could go whoring a couple of times!

This guy…

Lu Ming felt funny.

Zhang Xiaopang was fat and chubby. His eyes were pressed into a line. But he widened his eyes at the sight of money! Goodness, this was the real sense of opening one's eyes wide at the sight of profit!

"Whoring! Whoring!"

Zhang Xiaopang chanted and was about to leave when he was reminded of something. "Well, the mysterious small gift…"

He was excited.

What could the mysterious small gift be?


Lu Ming slapped his head. He took an unopened bottle from the table. "Here's the mysterious small gift."

Zhang Xiaopang was dumbstruck.


Zhang Xiaopang paused momentarily with a bitter smile on his face. "This is too mysterious!"


Lu Ming sighed. "I used to think so when I ordered food in the past…"

Zhang Xiaopang's face folded to look like a chrysanthemum.

It was very scary.


Lu Ming thought. "I'll give you another small gift. How have you and Xin-er been doing recently?"

"What do you want?"

Zhang Xiaopang was on alert.

"What can I do?"

Lu Ming was stunned. He noticed that Zhang Xiaopang's face had turned green. He then came back to his senses and realized that he had misunderstood him.

"Cough, cough."

Lu Ming coughed. "Nothing, just asking."

"We're doing very well."

Zhang Xiaopang snorted. "Xin-er is well-behaved and obedient. She won't stir up trouble and she won't make me a cuckold."


Lu Ming was speechless. There was no need for him to emphasize the last word.

"Then why do you go out to have fun?"

Lu Ming sighed.

"What's wrong with that?"

Zhang Xiaopang was very proud. "Xin-er is very magnanimous. She is the Empress, hence she will not be jealous of the other girls who are favored occasionally."

The description…

Lu Ming was amazed.

Well, it seemed as if this guy had a large harem.

"Very well. I will give the two of you a song as a gift. It will be the mysterious small gift for you. What do you think?" Lu Ming said with a smile.

"You can sing?" Zhang Xiaopang exclaimed.

"I just happen to think of a song that could be a love song for the two of you," Lu Ming said lightly.

"What song is that?"

Zhang Xiaopang was interested.


Lu Ming pondered for a moment, before knocking on the table to create a rhythm. He then started to hum.

"The first thing I do every day after I get up is to pump air for my girlfriend.

Whenever I go out to hit on a female, I have to say sorry.

Junior sister, junior sister, look at me, I…"

Zhang Xiaopang listened to the whole song without any expression.

What the hell was this song!

"How was it? How was it?"

Lu Ming was full of anticipation.

Fruit Ninja was the first step he took in his gaming career!

As for this song?

It was likely to be the starting point of taking over the entertainment industry in the alternate world. By then, he could sell all sorts of interesting songs, for example, Wei Feng Tang Tang [1. A Japanese song with sexual connotations.] to earn money.


He was thrilled at the thought of it.

"Brother Lu, if you behave like this, you won't have any friends."

Zhang Xiaopang sighed deeply then left.

"It wasn't that good?"

Lu Ming was disappointed.

He thought that he had made clever adaptations to the song.


It seemed that the alternate world had a different appreciation of songs from his previous life. In that case, he had to put aside the thought of putting the songs inside the card for now.

Forget it. He would not think about it.

The craze for "Leviathan" would still last for a while. Right now, it was more important to stay up overnight to earn money!

"Let's continue to create more cards!"

Lu Ming was in high spirits.

Right then…

Card Creators Association, evaluation department.

They had received a special card—"Leviathan" as well.

No matter how they looked down on Lu Ming and no matter how unwilling they were to get involved, they still received the "Leviathan" card from various channels!

Some of them were from the Summoners…

Some of them were from the established families…

They did not want it?

It was impossible.

The "first Pet Card in history" had alarmed many people.

"The general mood is going to change again."

One of the Card Creating Master sighed.

His name was Xie Yan. He was a veteran Card Creating Master. He felt very sad after hearing that countless students were derelict in duty and ran irrelevant business. He was too aware of the importance of the foundation!

Why was Fruit Ninja so popular?

He had seen it. It was because of its creativity and inspiration.

But why was it that those students could not understand this? They could only see the shabby techniques and simple lines!

They had the impression that everyone had creativity and inspiration!

And that it was worthless!


The group of Card Creators had finally managed to bring a stop to it.

But right now…

Lu Ming came up with his second card.

Moreover, because of some particular reasons, the effect of this card was much more sensational than the first card. It was even more shocking and the interests chain driven by it was even more terrifying.


Xie Yan gave a deep sigh.

Another bunch of stupid guys would be led astray.

This card had been cracked by the encryption department. He turned it over and was shocked.

This was…

He subconsciously swept over the card in his mind and stood up in a start. He stared in disbelief at the lines. It took him a long time to get back to his senses!

What did he see?

He could not believe it himself!


Basic lines!

The basic lines were almost perfect!


Advanced techniques!

The Lamination Technique that was only accessible to high-level Card Creators!

And these…

Were all in this shabby one-star Pet Card which was sold at two thousand yuan each!

All these were drawn by Lu Ming?

Lu Ming…

Had such a strong drawing foundation?!

He was in shock.

Finally, he began to take a serious look at the card.

Leviathan, Pet Card, Charging Card. He could see through the three simple layers of structure easily. He could even see through the core of the card at one glance!

Charging Card + Fish Leap Card!

One could go to the shop to buy a Fish Leap Card and a Charging Card. It had the same effect.

It was exactly the same!

The market already had the same kind of card that Lu Ming created.


Did anyone care?

Nobody cared!

Like Fruit Ninja, the core of the card was still its gaming properties!


This was not the point.

What was special about this card were the techniques and lines used!


"That is it."

"This is a Card Creator!"


"One needs to have a strong foundation to be able to integrate creative ideas!"

Xie Yan felt high-spirited.

Look, this was a real card.

Lu Ming was an amazing talent!

The evaluation was completed.

He gave the card a super high score, surprising a lot of people. The association had decided to send a personal invitation for Lu Ming to join them.

This time, they not only wanted Lu Ming to join the Card Creators Association, they also wanted to publicize it so that other people would know what it meant by having real foundation!

And what was a true genius!


They were rejected.

Lu Ming sent the rejection letter, and there was a screenshot of their rejection of his application two days ago—not qualified! The characters were unusually shining. There was a paragraph that followed after.

"I know that I am not qualified enough and my foundation is too weak. Therefore, I am working hard to improve, hoping that I will be qualified to join the Card Creators Association soon.

—Lu Ming, who knows that he was not qualified."

They were thoroughly embarrassed.

They only rejected him once. Did he have to be so petty about it?

But they knew that the card was a good chance for them to correct the wrong attitude of the students!

Did they really think that Lu Ming was popular because of his creativity?


Look at his foundation!

If one wanted to create their own card, at the very least they must have the foundation and must be able to integrate and apply it! In this way, those who had unrealistic and stupid ideas would calm down and see the truth.

"What should we do?"

The staff at the human resource department of the Card Creators Association, Qing Ming City branch had a headache.

What else could they do?

They had to go into negotiations with him!

This time, they specially sent a female three-star Card Creator to talk with Lu Ming. She was soft-spoken and made people feel comfortable around her.

"What do you want?"

The lady was very serious.

"Copyright certification!"

Lu Ming did not hesitate a moment.


The lady widened her eyes.

She was a Card Creator. She knew what he meant.

What kind of card was the Leviathan?

Lamination Card!

This was a simple lamination!

Although she was full of admiration for Lu Ming for being able to create Lamination Card at this stage, nevertheless, the card would never be given copyright and certification!


Lu Ming frowned.

The lady patiently explained to him.

One would not give certification to Lamination Card.

There were all sorts of similar cards. It was too simple and there was no originality. Most importantly, there were too many of them!

Once a high-level Card Creator mastered lamination, it was equivalent to a brand new world for him!


Various integrations!

Various experiments!

Various laminations!

There would be similar cards everywhere.

Did you know how many types of laminations one can create with the single ability of the cards library?

It was an astronomical figure!


In theory, one would not allow the simple Lamination Card to be given copyright and certification. Otherwise, there would always be new cards to be given copyright and certification!

"So this is how it works."

Lu Ming suddenly saw the light.

This type of card was the same as those fantasizing cards.

"So… You can request for another thing," The young lady asked seriously.

"Copyright certification," Lu Ming said in a serious manner.

The young lady was dumbfounded.

It seemed that she had wasted her time in explaining things to him!
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