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Divine Card Creator 48 Such a Dumb Encryption Method

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Time quietly passed.

The entire city was in a deep slumber.

An encryption hobbyist organization did not rest for the whole night. They were studying one card. It was because this card had made all the Card Creators feel at a loss.

From day till night and from night till dawn.

The sky had turned bright.

A group of Card Creators looked up dazedly.

It was already morning?

They had been studying this card for an entire night and yet, they had not succeeded in doing so!


What the hell was this encryption method?

At the beginning, they thought that this was a modified version of the D Encryption!

Hence, they had been using D Encryption methods to crack it. However, after examining it for a long time, they discovered that something was not quite right. They could only restart all over again!

A derivative?

Reversed version?

Everyone was a little confused.

The D Encryption was the basic and it was widely used. Therefore, building on the base of the original D Encryption, many people had popularized and derived various versions of it.

The algorithm might have been slightly modified but no matter the changes, it was in essence a D Encryption!

However, the one before them…

They could not figure it out!

Clearly, it felt like a D Encryption but the lines…


"This is clearly a D Encryption!"

One of the Card Creators widened his eyes.

He would not get it wrong.

He had been researching the cracking methods of D Encryption for ten years. How could he be wrong? He knew that this thing was purely formed by D Encryption just by sensing the energy once.

However, when he tried to crack it using the D Encryption cracking method…


The card collapsed immediately.

There was pin-drop silence in the almost empty room.

What was encryption?

It was a black box!

One could see that there was only endless black.

One could only rely on their experience, feelings and perception to judge what kind of encryption it was. Then, one could crack the encryption algorithm based on one's own solution!

If it was a success, it would open immediately.

If it was a failure…

The card would be destroyed.

"Are there anymore cards?"


The assistant sent another card over. "But there are not many left."

"I know," The Card Creator said agitatedly.

Damn it!

This was clearly D Encryption!

Why could he not figure it out?

They were going crazy.

"Could it be a composite encryption?"

Someone made a guess.


Someone rejected this notion directly. "How can Lu Ming possibly master a skill at that level? Moreover, there are only traces of D Encryption on this."

"You're right."

Everyone was deeply convinced.

They had studied this card for the entire night and there were only trace of D Encryption!


What the hell was this card?!

Everyone was lost.

This three hundred thousand yuan was not easy to earn.

At this moment, they felt that this was a very thorny issue.

Certainly, it was not a problem to crack it. They could sense that the encryption algorithm was not complicated. If they were given the time, they would be able to crack it with ease.


They did not have the time!

Twelve hours. Only two hours were left and they were still clueless!

They really did not understand. This was just a small card that was sold for two thousand yuan. In addition, it was created by a one-star Card Creator. What kind of encryption could he come up with?

"What should we do?"

Everyone looked at each other.

If they were not able to crack it in two hours, their business would be greatly impacted.

"Why don't we use the Universal Decryption Card."

Someone said.

Universal Decryption Card…

Everyone was silent.

The so-called Decryption Card was a card that corresponded with the encryption. However, it was only possible for a Decryption Card of a higher level to crack the encryption lines.

A Decryption Card was typically many times more expensive than an Encryption Card.

This was because the cracking algorithm needed to cater for the existence of all possible kinds of encryption lines.

What about the Universal Decryption Card?

In theory, it could crack all cards!

It was very expensive!

It not only contained a huge quantity of encryption algorithms but also could deduce encryption algorithms that had never appeared before. It was an omnipotent algorithm in every sense of the word.

As long as the level did not exceed that of its own, it could crack anything!

This card in their hands…

It cost one million yuan.

"This business only earns us three hundred thousand yuan!"

They felt very upset.

"What should we do?"

Everyone instinctively looked at the one holding the top role. He was Shen Dongyi, the boss of their organization.

"We can earn back the money that is lost. But our reputation… "

Shen Dongyi sighed.

Business like theirs could not afford to fail.

This time, they had misunderstood this card to be a derivative of D Encryption due to poor judgment. Since they had accepted the deal, they had to complete it. Otherwise, who would look for them in the future?


"We can also attain a new encryption technique," Shen Dongyi said.

"This is a brand new encryption technique!"

"It is different from the D Encryption techniques in the market. We have tried more than three hundred derivatives of D Encryption but none match it."

"So… "

"This is also our opportunity!"

"If we can master this brand new D Encryption technique, it will be very impactful."

Shen Dongyi looked grave.

This was a new encryption technique. If they could succeed in cracking it this time, it would be a valuable experience for them.

One million yuan!

It could buy them a new technique. It was worth it then!


Everyone looked at each other.

"Let's begin."

Shen Dongyi gave the orders.


A touch of brilliance passed.

The Decryption Card was officially activated.

It floated on the Pet Card gently and began to sway. Faint lights shrouded. Layers of light and shadow began to encircle the two cards.

It was making a deduction!

It was cracking it!

This one million yuan Decryption Card contained countless cracking techniques!

"Come on!"

Everyone was on tenterhooks as they looked on.

Time and tide wait for no man. The Universal Decryption Card needed time as well.

They had to crack it in two hours. Fortunately, the level of this Universal Decryption Card was high enough. They believed that it should be able to crack it in two hours…


There was a faint sound.

The cracking succeeded in just three seconds.

There was a flash of light.

The layer of jet black lines seemed to be disappearing slowly from the surface of the card. They became clear. At this moment, the Decryption Card also vanished completely, turning into countless particles.


Everyone was dumbstruck.

It was successful?

Three seconds?

What did this mean?

They hoped that it would crack the encryption successfully but not so quickly. Didn't that mean that the Decryption Card already had all of the lines in it?!

Could it be lines that they were already aware of?

Everyone dashed over. However, they were stunned at the first sight of those lines.


This was their first reaction.

This was because, as expected, the D Encryption appeared before them!

Two layers of D Encryption!

Just this?

Their eyes widened.

Damn. Who would have expected two layers of D Encryption?

Who the hell would think of this?!

What was the D Encryption technique?

It was the lowest encryption technique!

And Lu Ming?

He was the lowest level one-star Card Creator!

What about lamination?

It was a powerful technique that only high-level Card Creators could master!


Everyone was having an emotional breakdown.

It was no wonder…

It was no wonder that they failed to crack it although it clearly felt like the D Encryption! It was actually because the two D Encryptions had been placed together through lamination.

Damn it!

If they had known that this was the case, they would have cracked it in minutes!

What was so difficult about it?

Unfortunately, they could not figure it out after spending an entire night. Hence, they had no choice but to use this expensive Decryption Card. Yet, this was the outcome.

There wasn't any new technique!

There was no complicated encryption but only a pitiful double encryption!

So as to speak…

This damned double encryption made them wasted one precious Decryption Card?

Oh, that was not the only thing. The cracking job this time was more costly and time-consuming than the double B Encryption and C Compound Encryption that they had cracked the last time.

It was really…

Everyone had the look of 'What the F***!' on their faces.

In normal circumstances, a Card Creator who had mastered the Lamination Technique would at least start with a B Encryption? Furthermore, who would laminate two D Encryptions that were exactly the same?

There was basically no level of difficulty in it!

Were there holes in their brains?!

As long as one was aware that it was two D Encryptions, they would be able to crack it in a matter of minutes?

This was crazy!

At the very least, you could have a D Encryption and a C Encryption, right? The encryption algorithm would be more difficult then?

However, this… this was nothing.

It only had a simple D Encryption. There was just one more layer of it on top!

Everyone looked at each other.

"I'll give it a try."

One of them gritted his teeth.

He took a new Pet Card and immediately ran the solution to cracking the D Encryption. He simply ran and circled it twice before inputting… Yes…

The cracking was successful!

Everyone's face turned pale.

Under normal circumstances, who would be so stupid to simply run two D Encryptions to crack this?

That would simply be a waste of cards!

But now…

They suddenly felt that this damned double D encryption was a total humiliation to them!


This was bullying!
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