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Divine Card Creator 47 Unable To Copy!

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The sky gradually turned dark.

Little Lu Ming and Xiaobai counted the profits of that day.


Out of three hundred cards, they actually sold one hundred and eleven of them. At this rate, they would definitely finish selling everything in two days!

This time, the business was stable.

"Master, do we continue to create the cards?"

Xiaobai asked in a very serious manner.

She had calculated in detail. Mmm…

If they were to stay up late tonight, they could still earn a lot of money tomorrow.

This was his disciple, indeed!

She had already mastered the essence of pulling an all-nighter!

"There is no hurry."

Lu Ming consoled. "It has been tough on you these few days. Have a good rest today. Let's create the cards after your sleep. No matter how profitable the business is, we have to take care of our health!" Lu Ming said sternly.

One had to know. These were all based on his own experience — a hellish experience!


Xiaobai seemed to have understood a little.

"What do we do now then?"

She asked, looking a little lost.

"Let's go."

Lu Ming waved his big hands. "I'll bring you to look at goldfish… Oh, wait… To eat barbecued fish. Two days ago, I found a fish barbecue shop especially for you which is not bad."

"Oh, Oh."

Xiaobai was very happy.

The young and the 'old' headed directly to the third oldest brother's barbecue shop.

As for the matters regarding the card, Lu Ming was not worried. Haha, be it piracy or encryption…. His card was not so simple.

At this very moment…

At the Chun Pin Flagship Store.

"Are all of you good-for-nothings?"

Zhang Chun widened his eyes.

In the past, copying Fruit Ninja was slower because they could only understand it from other people's mouths. But now? They had bought a few cards!

The actual cards!

After some time, these guys had not neither completed studying nor understanding the card.

"Boss, there is D Encryption set up inside!"

The Card Creator smiled bitterly. "I am using the professional D Encryption cracking technique. According to my experience, the earliest that I can crack it is in twenty-four hours."

"Too slow!"

Zhang Chun furrowed his brows.

Twenty-four hours?

The Long Yellow Daylily would have long turned cold.

Furthermore, if they needed twenty-four hours to figure this out, how much longer would it take to create this?

They needed time!


There was also the Ye Zi Chain Store!

If the other party could quickly figure it out, they could forget about this matter.

"What about piracy?"

Zhang Chun looked at the Illusionist who was also studying the card.


As a shop owner, how could Zhang Chun possibly execute one task at a time?

He had subsequently gotten someone to purchase two cards quietly. One for the purpose of studying and the other for copying. If they could not fix the encryption, they should at least be able to copy the card?


The Illusionist looked like his mind was blank.

"I'm asking you. How is it going?"

Zhang Chun found it inexplicable. Why was this guy so slow to react?

"I don't know."

The Illusionist looked dumbstruck.

"Don't know?"

Zhang Chun frowned badly. "You have been toying with it for one day, and you tell me that you don't know?!"

"I really don't know."

The Illusionist smiled bitterly. "I only needed to recharge the energy to activate the illusion. After that, the fry that I rear becomes lively and starts to devour other living things… "

"It's getting increasingly powerful."

"It has already evolved into a small Leviathan."

"But besides this, I can't tell anything else."

The Illusionist was also very vexed. "The illusion is very simple. There are endless oceans, some fish and number displays but nothing else."

He really did not know.

It was because the illusion was too shabby!

So shabby that it made one boil with anger!


If they could really successfully rear and grow that Leviathan, they would be able to summon it!

Someone had already begun to try summoning it.


They summoned an extremely small fish. According to the introduction, this was the fish seed. An ordinary fish looked like this when they had just hatched from the fish roes.

Only with constant evolution would they become stronger!

Only with constant evolution could they flaunt their Leviathan genes!

Only with constant evolution would they truly transform from a small fry to the extremely powerful Leviathan!


The Leviathan that they were rearing would eventually appear!


There was only one chance!

What was the technique?

What was the kernel?

They completely did not know!

They had never heard about this kind of card. What exactly was the technique? Could it be to open up a space and then get hold of some strong and powerful Leviathan seeds?


That was wrong too.

Where did these constant schools of Leviathans come from…

Why was it that they could be summoned…

Why was it that they could devour the smaller fish and grow…

What kind of secret technology was that?

They had no idea.

Of course, he could create the illusion!

But, afterwards?

What was the use of an Illusion with an empty shell?

Since they could not even figure it out, they would not be able to copy it. There was a fundamental difference between this card and Fruit Ninja, that shabby card.

"So… "

"Forget it that you all can't crack this card. You can't even make a pirated one?"

Zhang Chun's head was exploding.

Who was Lu Ming?

A one-star Card Creator!

A group of three-star Card Creators and Illusionists like all of you actually could not figure out what he created?

He had a feeling that he had been raising a bunch of good-for-nothings.

"I'm done for."

Zhang Chun sighed listlessly.

He knew that the profits this time would not have anything to do with him.

Most likely, Ye Zi Chain Store was going to earn big bucks.

He was very clear that ordinary Card Creators would not be able to crack a technology such as D Encryption in twenty-four hours. But what if a true Card Creating Master were to try it?

He might be able to crack it in a shorter time!


It would exceed the so-called minimum time limit!

Naturally, a small shop such as Chun Pin could not afford to engage a Card Creating Master. However, the Ye Zi Chain Store was a superstore in the country!

If they took actions…

It would be sheer pity.

He gave a deep sigh.

They would not be able to outdo them even if they studied the card!


He was unaware of something.

At this very moment, Qian Shengcai, the Store Manager of Ye Zi Chain Store, was also in a state of madness.


The first Pet Card in history!

How huge could this gimmick be?

As one who had personally experienced Fruit Ninja, the so-called first Cultivation Card, Qian Shengcai bought this Pet Card as soon as he could and tested it himself.

It was very powerful.

It was demonic.

His acute instinct of a businessman told him that this card would definitely be in hot demand!

He had long secured the approval and special rights. He had even read the discussion in the technique forums. So…

Next, would be to pick the fruits of the labor.

No one would pay attention to this card now. Lu Ming was the only one selling it on-and-off and gradually. It was his best opportunity now!

Before this card sold like hotcakes…

He would figure it out!


He got a few of the cards and engaged people to study and crack them. He had even invited a high-level Card Creator from the headquarters. However, the shocking thing was…

This Card Creator actually could not crack it speedily!

"How can that be possible?!

Qian Shengcai could not understand.

The so-called twenty-four hours' limit should only apply to ordinary Card Creators, right?


This kind of rubbish D Encryption!

As a professional Card Creating Master who was proficient in encryption, shouldn't he be able to crack it in minutes? One must know that even an ordinary Card Creating Master could command a minimum of one hundred thousand yuan for this job!

It was more costly than purchasing a D Encryption technique!

Moreover, how much did a typical D Encryption Card cost?

One hundred yuan only!

The cost was very low.


Right now!

This high-level Card Creator told him that he could not crack it speedily?!

Was he kidding?

Qian Shengcai dared not believe it.

"You must be joking, right?"

Qian Shengcai's expression was ugly.


The high-level Card Creator shook his head. He stared at the card in his hands for a long time, and sighed eventually. "This is not D Encryption. It might be a derivative product."

"If we crack it according to the algorithm of the D Encryption… "

"We will definitely destroy the card!"

The high-level Card Creator was very certain.

"How long do we need to crack it then?"

Qian Shengcai frowned.

"I don't know."

The high-level Card Creator sighed. "It could be two days. It could be three days."

If there was a large number of cards for him to test and he could ignore the dangers of destroying the card, forcefully cracking the encryption technique, he would probably be able to figure it out in one or two hours.

This kind of method was called violent cracking!

Obviously, this would not work now.


He could only gradually test it and it would require a lot of time.

Qian Shengcai's expression was ugly.

How could this happen?!

He had already prepared everything this time!

However, he did not expect that this kind of card could not be cracked! Even a high-level Card Creator did not have a solution and needed so much time!


The assistant walked in. "Indeed, your assessment is correct. The demand for Leviathan is picking up."

Wasn't that expected?

People were always interested in the so-called 'first'!

The success of Fruit Ninja was partly because it was the so-called 'first Cultivation Card in history'! Now, this was the first Pet Card in history!

He had experienced one for himself earlier.

Those Leviathans…

Those fries…

That strange speed and momentum of leveling-up were too wonderful. He was actually immersed in it.

It was unbelievable!

Each time he felt bored and wanted to give up, he could hear the sound 'Ding' and the tips to level-up. There was also a progress bar that clearly showed your progress, constantly giving him a gauge of how much longer he needed to evolve!

Leviathan, small Leviathan, big Leviathan, humongous Leviathan…

There was a clear route of leveling-up!

Coupled with the fatal attraction of 'Can be summoned for an attack', this card was going to be very popular!


He was willing to engage the Card Creating Master to crack it at all costs!


It was useless!

"How did it turn out like that?"

Qian Shengcai was having a headache.

The opportunity was right before him but he could not seize it. This was the most painful part. He was clear that Lu Ming did not have the means to create cards in large-scale.

They were the only ones who could do so!


This time, Lu Ming did not even pick up his call!

Was this guy so confident of his own encryption technique?

"Should I really give up like that?"

Qian Shengcai could not take it lying down.

This was a very good opportunity.

It was because Lu Ming would not attain copyright or upgrade the version at such an early stage!

The reason was very simple. No one could crack or copy it. Lu Ming even purchased the encryption technique and specially encrypted it. Why would he disclose then?

He would disclose only when he had created enough cards and flooded the market with them in large quantities…

It did not matter anymore.

The upgraded version was even more impossible.

This was unlike an experiential card like Fruit Ninja that one could casually modify. If Lu Ming subsequently created a Version 2.0, he would definitely cause chaos in the first batch of people who purchased the Leviathan!


Qian Shengcai suddenly thought of a customer that he met last time. That guy seemed to be from some Encryption Association? As such, they might be more professional and would be able to crack this card of Lu Ming?

At the thought of this, he took the initiative to contact that person.

"Three hundred thousand yuan."

"This is a derivative of D Encryption. It had been remodeled. We will need a certain amount of time."

"I will fix it for you within twelve hours!"

This was the feedback from that end.

Three hundred thousand yuan…

Qian Shengcai gritted his teeth.

He had lost a few hundred thousand yuan the last time. That had depleted all his savings. Now…

He would go all out!

At most, he would use his house as a collateral!

He wanted to prove those idiots wrong. He wanted to prove that this "Leviathan" that he had his eyes on definitely had the scary capability to send shock waves across the market!
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