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Divine Card Creator 46 The Fear of Being Dominated By The Leviathan!

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"What is this thread?"

Someone saw the thread.


Killed ancient giant monster instantly?

What was a gigantic Leviathan?

Someone had already reached that stage?

He opened the thread and noticed that it was "reply visible". After replying to it, he then discovered that the so-called rearing was to rear through a "Leviathan" Card!

The first Pet Card in history!

He clicked on the highlighted Leviathan Card…

The mysterious Pet Card "Leviathan" was officially available for purchase today!


He finally came back to his senses.


Was there really such a card?

He heard that some Summoner's ability was not to summon things directly, but to capture and train them, before they eventually became one's right-hand man!

But that was to summon a beast!

What did it have to do with cards?

The so called "Leviathan"…

All of a sudden he felt like taking a look as to what it was like!

At this very moment, other people had also seen the thread. All of them were interested to know what kind of creature was able to kill an ancient giant monster instantly.

Then, they saw the advertisement.

"Is it real or not?"

"I don't know."

"The first Pet Card in history! That is arrogant!"

"It seems to be created by Lu Ming."

"The founder of Fruit Ninja?"

"Indeed, although Fruit Ninja is simple, it is much better than boring cultivation. I hope all cultivation in the future will be full of fun. Haha."

"What is a Pet Card?"

"No idea. I feel like taking a look."

Many people were interested.

Before long, the thread was deleted.

It was obviously an advertisement. The administrator deleted it as soon as he noticed it.


Soon enough, another thread appeared: "Start the game with a card. Burn the midnight to cultivate!—As a two-star cultivator, this is how I killed the four-star cultivator instantly".


"Right now, a two-star can kill a four-star instantly?"

"What the hell is this?"

Everyone was terrified.

They clicked into it and saw the legendary "Leviathan" again!

It talked about how a two-star Card Creator reared the card after buying it and developed it into a four-star. He then defeated a four-star cultivator during one of his adventures!

Extremely powerful!

"Is it real or not?"

"Is the Pet Card that powerful?"

"Does it only require one to buy a Pet Card and to nourish it so that it becomes stronger?"

Many people were tempted.

The more powerful it was, the higher the level!

As for now…

A two-star could kill a four-star instantly!

Was the Pet Card that powerful?

After a long time…

The thread was gone.

The administrator seemed to take a long time to verify whether it was a normal thread or an advertising thread. However, numerous threads appeared soon after.

"Can the evolved devouring Leviathan defeat the ancient giant monster?"

"Is the first Pet Card in history real or not?"

"I thought the evolution had failed. I did not expect the combat ability to increase to two million points!"

"What kind of creature is the Leviathan?"

"My husband made an operation error and cultivated a ferocious Leviathan. It went crazy and swallowed the small Leviathan. I am scared to tears!"

"What do you think of Lu Ming's first Pet Card?"

Similar posts emerged one after another.

Most importantly, there were many real threads among them.

Due to the presence of a large number of advertisements, some real cultivators and even those popular three-star cultivators also began to pay attention to this card. They even opened a thread to discuss the card.

Lu Ming, Leviathan, Pet Card became the popular keywords of the discussion forum.

There was no other way.

Once they opened the thread, there were numerous threads with various topics from a certain young lady from a city, whose husband made an error, her being scared to tears, evolution… everyone in the discussion forum was bombarded with a massive number of threads.

In the end…

The administrator could only delete all the threads that contained the word "Leviathan" through the system!

As for the rest of the threads, he had to look through them individually.

At this very moment…

In the shop at Qing Ming City.

Lu Ming was very satisfied with the current response— how dare you deleted my thread!

At the thought of this, he used his personal account to post a thread—

"Thank you for your support. The release of the first batch of Pet Cards was to check its overall reception. I did not expect to receive so much positive feedback. I hope that the regular users will not forward countless threads in the forum as it will affect the users' exchanges and communication. I will introduce the card in detail here. Please leave a message if you have any questions."

The administrator took a look and did not dare to delete it.

Forget it. Let him be. Otherwise, he will hire a group of people to make trouble again.

This shameless guy…


What was a Leviathan?

Lu Ming gave a detailed introduction of the card.

Pet Card!

Superb cultivation!

Powerful hidden trump card!

All the words piqued the interest of ordinary cultivators.

They encountered a lot of danger during cultivation, particularly when they ventured out into the wild. They desperately needed a powerful card as their hidden trump card!


The three-star Attack Card was too expensive. It would cost them several tens of thousands yuan!

Two-star cards were too weak!

What to do?

Right now, the so-called Leviathan seemed to be a good choice.

Some of them were tempted.

The price…

It only cost two thousand yuan, which was the price of a two-star card!

Of course.

Lu Ming also stated the limit—he would only sell three hundred cards during the second sale period.

This spurred them to move fast.

Hurry up. Look!

There were a total of three hundred cards only! They would be gone if one was too slow!

"Is anyone buying the Leviathan?"

"I bought it. It is pretty good."

"Is it real or not?"

"There is no use in lying to you. You can buy one and you will know."

"Who is at Qing Ming City? Can you bring me a card?"

Many people were discussing the card.

The cultivators at Qing Ming City went directly to Lu Ming's shop to buy the cards.

Lu Ming felt gratified.

Although the sales was not picking up speed, he was already very satisfied with it.

No matter how he publicized it, he could only reach a small group of people.

Regardless of the effect of the card, before he made public its copyright, it was impossible for it to cause a sensation. He only needed to do some publicity and it would be enough.

After all, he only had three hundred cards.

Many people began to crowd around his shop.

The hustle and bustle of the crowd seemed to resemble the huge crowd of the Fruit Ninja back then. Many of the people who bought the cards went back to test it out.

"Let me check out its effect," Someone said.

He began testing in the shop.


He filled the energy to enter the illusion.

Those fish…

Those Leviathans…

He stayed there for half an hour before coming out.


That was his first impression.

His combat ability had increased from one hundred points to ten thousand points in half an hour! According to this speed, it would not be long before he would have a giant Leviathan!

A giant Leviathan was an adult Leviathan that had three-star abilities!

It was tantamount to a three-star card!

"Boss, give me another card," He said excitedly.

"I would suggest that one person rear a Leviathan each."

Lu Ming shrugged.

"I am getting it for my younger brother," That person said.


Lu Ming sold another card to him.

"Thank you."

That man left in excitement.

The crowd around him looked at each other. The effect seemed to be better than expected?

"I know that man. He is a fairly strong two-star cultivator. He could not possibly be hired to act as the phony customer who pretended to buy things so as to lure real customers."

Someone whispered.

"So, this Pet Card…"

"It seems to be real."

Everyone was excited.

More people started to buy the card.

Some of them went back to test, while some of them took a look right then out of curiosity.

The feedback seemed to be good for now.

Whenever the Leviathan upgraded, it would bring about pleasure to the users! The magic of the level upgrade system as well as the mysterious evolution were mesmerizing. People had the urge to keep continuing!

Of course.

Many of them were still watching by the side.


The first batch of people who had tried out Fruit Ninja and were from Qing Ming City. They were sure about one thing. Pirated copies would be seen on the market very soon!


More cost-effective!

Therefore, why should they buy from Lu Ming?



Nobody cared!

Being cheap was the way to go!

At the thought of this, some of them even took the initiative to inform Ye Zi Chain Store and Chun Pin Flagship store.


They were surprised that they did not see any pirated copies.

At this very moment…

Zhang Chun leaned comfortably on the rocking chair, humming a song.

It had been a long time since he was so happy.

He did not care about the Leviathan.

He did not care about Lu Ming.

He was indeed too reckless.

He actually went to Lu Ming's shop when he heard that he was launching a new card this early morning.


It was not good.

He had to be more composed in the future. He only needed to get his men to check out such minor matter. Indeed, Lu Ming's creativity would not be able to help him to remain in business for long.

At the thought of this…

He changed into another comfortable position and browsed the forum out of habit.


What were they discussing?


Someone actually asked what a Leviathan was?

Ridiculous! How could they not know? The Leviathan was…

"Wait a minute…"

Zhang Chun sat up all of a sudden.


He took a look at the forum. Half of the threads were regarding "Leviathan"!

What was going on?

He woke with a start.



He quickly browsed a few pages. These cultivators were in a serious discussion about Lu Ming's new card.

"My Leviathan has evolved. Hahaha!"

"It's a pity I am not at Qing Ming City."

"Haha, I wonder when this will be sold at my place. Fruit Ninja was sold three to four days later the previous time."

"I envy the people at Qing Ming City."

Zhang Chun widened his eyes in shock.

After looking at the threads, he looked toward the table, at the "Leviathan" Card that he bought from Lu Ming. It was lying dead on the table.

This card…

Was it possible that Lu Ming created another popular card again?

How could that be possible?

Zhang Chun had a bitter smile on his face.

Heaven knew that he had just been to the shop this morning to show off!

Impetuous and rash?

Speak for himself!

Zhang Chun felt his blood boiling at the thought that Lu Ming, that fellow was not angry this morning, and even smiled at him. He seemed to be taunting him.

Ah, damn it.


He had to be calm!

Zhang Chun took a deep breath, and gave out a long sigh, calming down slightly… Damn with being calm and composed. He yelled at the doorway.


"Create copies of this card!"

"You won't get to go home for dinner if you can't get it out by today!"
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