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Inside the shop.

Lu Ming officially entered the preparatory stage.

He would skip the copyright and certification and go into the preparatory stage right away.

"I will have to burn the midnight oil again."

Lu Ming sighed.

This card was a determining factor as to how fast he would be able to increase to two-star!

This was very important.

Moreover, perhaps it was an illusion. But Lu Ming felt that after he increased his energy level, he was able to burn the midnight oil for a longer period. Perhaps he was mentally stronger?

After all, if he stayed up all night like this in the past, he would have passed away from sudden death.


In order to become strong!

In order to be able to burn the midnight oil!

In order not to die from sudden death, he had to be able to stay up all night?

That damn logic!

The next few days, he and Xiaobai kept creating cards.

Lu Ming had never expected that after teaching Xiaobai how to create the Energy Cards, the first technique that he taught her was to burn the midnight oil!

A three-layered Composite card, in addition to an Encryption Card, the energy consumption was alarming.


Creation time: thirty minutes.

Cost price: three hundred.


Lu Ming's final results was thirty cards in one day!

Of course.

With Xiaobai's help, all the Energy Cards that he used were created by Xiaobai. From this point of view, the cost was lowered slightly.


It was nice to have a disciple.

Half a month later, Lu Ming finally completed the first stage of preparation work.

Fifteen days, all the Energy Stones and Energy Cards had been depleted. In the end, he had a stock of three hundred cards. All of them were encrypted!

"Right now…"

"We can get ready to sell them."

Lu Ming was full of confidence.

The price of this card…

Lu Ming hesitated for a long while.

How much did an ordinary one-star card cost?

From tens to hundreds of yuan. It was really worthless.

To Card Creators who wanted to try one's hands, this was simply to pay for the energy consumption and the blank card. Apart from that, it did not contain any techniques!

But his card…

Was a hidden trump card!

This meant that the ordinary cultivators might each have one of it!

They could grow and develop it!

This meant that the card would surpass two-star and even be increased to a three-star level!

"Four hundred yuan?"

Xiaobai blinked her big eyes.

She was aware that the energy consumption of the card was only three hundred points. Taking into account that the target audience was ordinary citizens, the price could not be set too high. They would still be able to earn one hundred yuan of creation fees if they set at this price.

"It is true that we have to consider the target audience."

Lu Ming believed so.

What was the card's target audience?


After all, they were the ones who needed to develop this card!

So, Lu Ming thought for a moment and set a reasonable price—two thousand yuan.

What about taking into account the target audience?

"I have already taken it into account."

Lu Ming looked serious. "The cost price was three hundred yuan and the copyright of the technique was one thousand and seven hundred yuan."


Xiaobai seemed to have understood a little.

"You must know that this is a Composite Card," Lu Ming explained.

What was a Composite Card?

That was the combination of several cards!

Therefore, if the card was sold, it should be Charging Card + Fish Leap Card + Illusion Card, and finally the Encryption Card, which essentially was the sale of four kinds of cards!

Oh, and most importantly, the Lamination Technique!

The Lamination Technique of the high-level card was the most precious technique!

All these were the most important!

The next day.

Lu Ming placed a poster at the entrance like the previous time and started to sell his cards!


No one came to buy the cards.

There were some crowd outside the shop, but no one was willing to buy the card.


"I'll take ten cards."

A figure came out from the crowd. "I didn't bring cash. Can I transfer the money?"


Lu Ming nodded.


The person took ten cards with him after making the transfer.


There was a stir within the crowd.


The person bought ten cards?

The person did not have the slightest hesitation and spent twenty thousand yuan?!

"There are two hundred and ninety cards left."

Lu Ming was very calm.

He had ten less cards now!

They carefully looked at this card, and felt that two thousand was indeed worth it! Some of the people who had been hesitating decided to buy the card.

At this very moment…

Lu Ming closed the transfer page as the number displayed on it was 0.01. The person who bought the cards just now flashed constantly and turned into a round ball.

That was right.

It was Zhang Xiaopang.

He was hired by Lu Ming to act as the phony customer who pretended to buy things so as to lure real customers.

Since no one dared to be the first to buy the cards, he could only come up with this tactic. However, what made him depressed was that even so, there were not many people who bought the Leviathan Card.

He only managed to sell five cards in one hour!

Nobody was interested at all.

"Shall we reduce the price?"

Xiaobai was worried.

"It's okay."

Lu Ming reassured her.

He knew the reason behind the sluggish sales.

This was a new card!

Fruit Ninja had great sales as people could experience it at a low cost!

However, this card…

There was no way to experience it!

The Charging Card could only accept one type of energy. If many people tried it out, the energy lines and the card would crash. Therefore, he could not allow them to experience it but could only sell it!

Moreover, this was a new card that was not certified by the Card Creators Association. They had no idea what it was and could only read the description. Why would they buy it?


It was alright.

With publicity and marketing, people would definitely buy it.

Lower the price?

No way.

"Hey, isn't that the man who came up with Fruit Ninja?"

Someone was sneering at the entrance.

Lu Ming took a glance and saw that it was the owner of Chun Pin Card Shop.

"Is it alright for the owner to be here?"

Lu Ming exclaimed in shock.

"It's alright, someone is looking after the shop."

Zhang Chun felt pleased at the situation in Lu Ming's shop.

To be honest.

He was given a shock when he heard that Lu Ming hung a poster outside the shop. After what happened with the Fruit Ninja, he had been very sensitive about it.

He did not expect that he would see an empty shop with no customers.


To think Lu Ming would have such a day.

Must be losing money!


Cough, he had to restrain himself.

Zhang Chun could not hide his smile.

"Hey, Boss, would you like me to give you some support?"

Zhang Chun waved his hands. "Do you dare to sell me one of the cards?"

"Up to you."

Lu Ming could not be bothered. "One card costs two thousand yuan."

"It's that expensive?"

Zhang Chun was surprised. "This must be a one-star card, and you are selling it at two thousand yuan? Even if it is a two-star card, given your price, it has to be a very good card to be able to sell at this price."


Lu Ming pressed his lips together, ignoring him.

"Let me take a look."


Zhang Chun looked at the poster. "Leviathan… Oh? Is there such a creature like this? Pet Card, autonomous rearing, it can be cultivated to six-star in theory…"

Zhang Chun did not read all the contents.

What was written on the poster was too pompous!

It was the same when the Charging Card was first sold on the market.

It stated that one could develop the card and it could be cultivated to a seven-star energy level in theory. But in actual fact, it would take years to cultivate it to four-star or five-star!

It was too much work.

In the end, the craze died down.

"Work harder."

"Youngsters should not aim too high."

Zhang Chun was relieved.

He felt refreshed and much more soothing than when he went to the clubhouse and requested for the from soup to nuts service. Gone was the stifled anger from before.

Upon finishing his words…

He trailed back to his shop.

He took small steps and swayed about, looking smug.

"Brother Lu, how can you tolerate this?"

Zhang Xiaopang could not take it lying down and shouted in anger. "if it were me, I will definitely smash his ass!"

Lu Ming glanced at him.

"Uh… I mean in terms of sales," Zhang Xiaopang said embarrassingly.

"Don't worry."

Lu Ming was unconcerned. "I know what I am doing."

This was only the start.

"I have told you to get people for me. How's it going?" Lu Ming asked.

"All ready."

Zhang Xiaopang patted his chest.

He might not be good in other tasks, but looking for people?

It was a simple task!

"That's good."

Lu Ming smiled lightly.

What was the most expensive thing these days?


What was the cheapest thing these days?

Labor as well!

For example—

The college students at their school.

He only had a few thousand yuan left. He told Zhang Xiaopang to find hundreds of college students who usually gave out fliers as their part-time work.

"Xiaobai, you will be in charge of selling the cards."

Lu Ming told Xiaobai to come over while he got ready to publicize the cards.

He had chosen the suitable place to publicize his cards.

For example—

The cultivators techniques forum!

This was the base camp of all cultivators.

This was the low-level discussion forum among the one-star, two-star and three-star cultivators.

This was paradise for low-level cultivators. They would discuss interesting topics or important issues concerning them.

There were a large number of low-level cultivators here!

Therefore, the discussion forum was one of the most popular discussion forums.

Very soon.

Lu Ming posted an advertisement thread on the forum. After all, he was the founder of Fruit Ninja, he should be able to attract some buyers.



The thread was deleted by the administrator.


Lu Ming was speechless.

However, fortunately, the traffic in the forum was very high. Some of the people had noticed the thread before the administrator deleted it. They even took the initiative to start a thread to inquire.

"I seem to have seen a new card by the founder of Fruit Ninja?"

"It seems to be."

"What could it be this time? Fruit Swordsman?"

"No idea. It seemed to say something about a fish and its official release."

"It seems that they dare to advertise all kinds of rubbish over here."

There were not many replies.


Now that the Fruit Ninja had died down, Lu Ming became one of the ordinary one-star Card Creators again.

Nobody cared.

"How dare they delete my thread!"

Lu Ming rubbed his head.

Never mind.

Soon, I will let you delete to your delight.

Half an hour later.

A thread suddenly appeared mysteriously. There was a title in big, black, and bold fonts—"This is awesome! A young woman from Xijing reared a gigantic Leviathan and it killed the ancient giant monster instantly!"
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