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Divine Card Creator 44 The Small Uproar At The Card Creators Association

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"Very good."

Lu Ming clenched his fists.

He knew that his second Game Card was completed.


Was to prepare for battle!

How could he make sure that the new card would bring the highest profits?


Encryption could ensure that the card one sold would not be decrypted by small workshops, and that no other Card Creator could create pirated copies of the card and sell it on the market!

This was very important.

How could he prevent Card Creating Masters from making copies of his card?


He would need stronger protection—copyright and certification!

Once the card was given copyright and certification by the Card Creators Association, no one would dare to act recklessly. Even if they decrypted the card, they could only look at it by themselves. They would not dare to make it public!

However, would the card be approved?

Lu Ming was slightly worried.

Fruit Ninja was simply a fantasizing card. It was normal that it could not be approved. If not, it would go out of control if everyone used their wet dreams to create a card and applied for certification.

But, as for this card…

The Card Creators Association would definitely have cards that had the similar core mechanism!

It was just that since it was packaged as a game, it made the card seemed unlike those rubbish cards. However, in essence, its core was still the same!

The only thing that Lu Ming added was the game features!


As well as the mysterious summoning properties.

"Will they approve it or not?"

Lu Ming was looking forward to it.

Of course.

He had to be a member of the Card Creators Association to be able to apply for copyright and certification.

Although Lu Ming had been there several times to test the cards, he was just a customer. Therefore, he could not apply for certification and had to apply to become a member of the association first.

Application form…


Lu Ming paused, he should simply ask the principal to help him to handle it.

"I will be able to apply for copyright and certification once I join the association. It's just that I don't know what the system for the application of copyright and certification is like and whether there is a way to increase the success rate."

Lu Ming began to think seriously.

If the copyright and certification were successful…

If the template was shared with the public, the design plan for the card would be in the card creation library, for all the Card Creators to learn and download!

What was this?

A Card Creator's steam!

All the Card Creators who wanted to learn had to pay a fee. This would be a significant amount of sustainable funds.

"Go check it out."

Lu Ming began to do his research at night.

How to increase the success rate of copyright and certification…

How to provide more comprehensive copyright information…

How to impress the assessor…

Lu Ming made a lot of preparations.

On the day.

His membership application results were out—he had failed, they did not approve it.

Lu Ming: "???"

Failed to pass?

Lu Ming was dumbstruck for a long while.

What the hell was this?!

How was it possible that his membership application was unsuccessful?

By right, as a one-star Card Creator and having the principal's recommendation, Lu Ming should not have failed!

He was only applying to be a member!

Lu Ming could not understand.

"Principal, what's going on?"

Lu Ming contacted Jiang Feng.

"I don't know too."

Jiang Feng was dumbstruck as well.

He asked a few friends from Qing Ming City branch and knew that it was the instructions from the higher-ups.

What the hell was this?

Why would the headquarters interfere with the membership application at the branch?

"Did you offend anyone from the headquarter?"

Jiang Feng muttered to himself.


Lu Ming looked bewildered.

He had not seen anyone from the headquarters before. How could he offend them?

"This was strange."

Jiang Feng frowned. "Wait, let me ask around again."


Lu Ming nodded.

Jiang Feng took a long while to return the call.

"Well, Lu Ming…

Put aside this for the moment."

Jiang Feng sounded weird.


Lu Ming was dumbfounded. What kind of reply was that?

"It's like this… "

Jiang Feng seemed to be stopping himself from smiling. He briefly told Lu Ming what happened and hurriedly hung up the phone.

Lu Ming was rendered speechless.

It seemed that he had to take the blame for it.

This was how things were.

Back then when Fruit Ninja was very popular and it created a sensation, many Card Creators from the Card Creators Association did not attend to one's proper duties and instead went to study similar cards!

That was what happened!

All the Fruits Showers, Fruits Sledgehammers… were created by them!


What was the Card Creators Association?

It was a sacred place for all the outstanding Card Creators!

This was the place where they discussed techniques, innovated and did research!

But right now…

Due to the popular Fruit Ninja, the entire association was in a bad atmosphere and many Card Creators worked on creating those fantasizing Illusion Cards.

Of course, the most important thing was that the popularity of the Fruit Ninja resulted in people having a wrong mindset.

What was the use for foundation?

Look, those who were trained in training institution was able to gain popularity with their drawing skills. There was no need for them to learn the basics.

What did it mean?

Lu Ming was very clear about that.

It was similar to the situation of a female Internet celebrity.

She shot to fame overnight. She created such a huge sensation that many people began to imitate her, Many students ended up having the wrong moral values because of her!

She quit school when she was seventeen years old! She had plastic surgery! She hooked up with rich older men! She indulged in a life of luxury! But she was still as popular!

In this case, what was the use of learning?

What happened?

She was done for.

She was destroyed thoroughly.

She was popular for less than three days before she was completely blocked out!

As for now…

Lu Ming suddenly realized that he was her in the card creation industry.


So what if he had poor foundation?

So what if he learned the lines at the training institution?

He was able to become popular and made lots of money with some creativity and using some fantasizing thoughts in his games. Those who followed the trend made lots of money as well!

Since that was the case, why didn't they imitate it?


True geniuses and Card Creating Masters would despise such behavior.

But who cared?

Having money was the key!

Since Lu Ming's Fruit Ninja that was full of fantasizing thoughts could become popular, there was no way they could not come up with similar cards! They must have a creative idea that was bound to sell!

Everyone believed that they would be the next Lu Ming!

What else could he say?

To hell with the fantasizing thoughts!

Fruit Ninja had distinguished itself as the best among various games in the previous life! It had been certified by the Earth as the quality game!

What was the most important part about a Game Card?

The gaming feature!

Did those idiots really think that they could easily create an illusion based on fantasizing thoughts and it would become popular?

Too naive!

Too stupid!

Unfortunately, Lu Ming was the only one who understood all of this.

Many Card Creators gave up their field of study and cultivation to take the wrong path, and made quite a lot of money because of the fruits related cards.

It was to the extent that…

Some Card Creators treated it as a vocation!

What did this mean?

According to Lu Ming's understanding, all the good researchers had resigned to shoot short videos.


Lu Ming was forced to take the blame for it.

He did not commit any crime, but instead was affected.

It was said that in the "324th Card Creation Conference", a vice president expressed his opinion, putting forward eight points to note, seven crucial factors and four strategic indexes, clearly pointing out that they must never allow those low quality Card Creators who were not strong in their foundations to join them.


There was no then.

Although Lu Ming was not being mentioned, everyone knew that it was Fruit Ninja that resulted in the uproar within the entire Card Creators circle!

Nobody would dare to allow him to join the Card Creators Association!

Nobody dared to do that!

Therefore, he had destroyed himself.


Lu Ming was stunned.

He felt as if he had just heard a dramatic story.

So what if he had poor foundation?

So what if he learned the lines at the training institution?

Did he eat their rice?

He was innocent as well?!

Of course.

He was certain that the Card Creators Association only wanted to right the wrong, and to change the atmosphere in the association, and they never even brought up his name.


He was implicated by a group of stupid Card Creators who tried to imitate him.

"My head is hurting."

Lu Ming rubbed his head.

If not for this, he would not have known that he was very popular in the circle.


Lu Ming stared at the card in front of him.

"Very well."

This time he was going to show them the strong foundation that he had!

A bunch of idiots!

Did they really think that it was easy to be an independent Card Creator?

How dare they follow the trend?


He must let these fools know they should not dip a finger in any types of Game Cards! It was also to teach them what techniques they needed to create a Game Card!

He would correct the wrong by himself!

Thinking of imitating him?



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