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They were all devils!

He could not afford to provoke them!

Little Lu Ming looked around. He discovered that he could only find Zhang Xiaopang this thing to brag to. He felt more sorrowful at the thought that, most likely, this lad could not understand it either.

"Forget it. I'll be low-key."

Lu Ming sighed.

Since he had mastered the Lamination Technique, the double encryption should not be a problem.

The so-called double encryption…

It was in fact two layers of encrypted lines that were exactly the same, with connecting stairs in between them. As long as he mastered lamination, this encryption technique would be a joke!

Too rubbish!

It was also too simple and brief!

Could you at least use two different types of encryption?

D Encryption for the first layer and C Encryption for the second layer, right?

Of course.

Lu Ming knew that he still had to purchase encryption of such level on his own in the future.

The Lighting Original Card was integrated using the same kind of cards. Even if it could integrate again in the future, most likely, it would be related to the D Encryption.

"The lamination had ended… "

Lu Ming drew the lines excitedly.

He practiced and familiarized himself continuously.

Thereafter, he found an interesting matter. The stairs that he drew could withstand a certain limit. If he were to exceed this limit…


The entire card would collapse and break.

For example — Bulls Card.

Lu Ming had just tried to draw a Bulls Card on the second layer of the card. Before he could finish drawing it, this Composite Card simply collapsed!

It was a failure!


If they were to use Bulls Card for the first layer and the Energy Card for the second layer, there was no issue.


The stairs that Lu Ming drew could not withstand three hundred points of energy level from the Bulls Card!

This was because the standard of his energy control was too low!

His cultivation was too weak!

So as to speak…

If he opted to use lesser cards, could he draw lamination of a higher-level?

"What is the maximum number layers that I can superimpose?"

Lu Ming's interest was piqued.



He began to try continuously.

What the first card was did not matter. The second card was the most important one!


Lu Ming very decisively opted for the most stable Energy Card. He was pleasantly surprised when he successfully drew another stairs after drawing the second layer!

The third layer!

He successfully achieved the third layer!

However, when he was half-way through in drawing lines on the Energy Card….

The card collapsed!

"Failed again."

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

Was it because he could not complete the third layer now?


It was not.

The stronger the structure of the card, the greater the pressure!

The more complicated the card layers superimposed, the higher the rate of depletion!

If the energy stability and energy control were insufficient, naturally, it could not be built. Ultimately, it was because Lu Ming's current capability was too weak!

If it was the Fruit Ninja…

Lu Ming tried to use the Fruit Ninja, which utilized the lowest amount of energy.


The third layer was successfully drawn!

Energy Card + Energy Card + Fruit Ninja!

Lu Ming mastered his first Composite Card — although it was not very useful.

He activated this card.

He discovered that he seemed to have saved some energy.

Due to the fact that it carried a large amount of energy, the activation of the Fruit Ninja did not deplete any energy. Besides this, the card was so simple and brief that it made one speechless.


Lu Ming attempted continuously.

It was necessary for him to figure out this kind of new technique.

In the end…

Two Rampaging Bulls Encirclement Cards did not work too.

The Fruit Ninja could superimpose three cards.


Although he used a card like Fruit Ninja which depleted very little energy, he could not construct the stairways that could connect to the forth layer. It would surely collapse!

At the moment, the third layer was his limit!

Of course.

It was pointless even if he were to superimpose these cards!

The superimposition of three Fruit Ninjas would only increase the experiential level and feelings of immersion. The superimposition of the Energy Card would increase the energy directly!

What if…

Bulls Card and Energy Card?

Lu Ming was curious.

After trying it, he was shocked and amazed to discover that it actually worked!

One must know…

Although the Lightning Original Card could be integrated, the drawback was that it could only integrate similar cards. On the other hand, the Lamination Technique could encompass all cards!

As for the effect…

The Rampaging Bulls Encirclement Card only needed two hundred points of energy level now instead of the original three hundred points!

This was because the card itself carried one hundred points!


Lu Ming exclaimed in shock.

This was certainly a high-level card creating technique!

With this technique, the Card Creator would not be limited to simple sealing and disc burning. It would execute real integration and scientific research!

It would be very meaningful!

Heavy Weight Skill + Wind Blade Storm =? Would it cause pandemonium?

Waterball Skill + Flame Burst =? Would it be The Nine Layers of Ice and Fire?

Earth Wall Skill + Wind Guidance =? Would it be the Desert Storm?

Wait a minute.

Various kinds!

Lu Ming was somewhat surprised.

Previously, one senior had ranked the ten thousands of professions in the world. Among the most popular professions, Card Creator was impressively in the top ten!

Lu Ming did not understand then. He understood now.

Card Creator seemed to be more magical than he had imagined.

It was not restricted to a particular profession. Instead, it could consolidate the skills of these professions or program the same self-creation technique in the future?


This was the true Card Creator then?!

Lu Ming was tempted.

Of course.

At this point in time, Lu Ming did not have the time to think about these.

After he learned how to do double encryption, Lu Ming was no longer so worried about the issue of piracy.

A single D Encryption could only sustain for twenty-four hours. Now, with double encryption, it should sustain for at least forty-eight hours?

Two days of time was enough for him to do many things!

At this moment…

He should also think about the second card.

This was also the only foothold that he had in the world currently — Game Card.

With this kind of special card, it could bring him sufficient and shocking profits. He could gain enough resources to cultivate at the stage that he was at.

It was just that…

What could he sell?

Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.

Bulls Card?

There were countless low-level Attack Cards in the market. There would not be any market response even if he threw it in. Furthermore, there was nothing spectacular about the Bulls Card.

Demolition Card?

After some consideration, Lu Ming still dared not sell it.

This card's effect was not strong in a battle either. The only function was to demolish… At the thought of people using the Demolition Card to cause huge wreckage in the future…

Lu Ming did not wish to die at such a young age.

"If I want the sell the card, I'll have to draw the attention of people."

Lu Ming was very clear about that.

Fruit Ninja had good demand because it was both a novelty and creative idea. It was merely that. Now, everyone was used to it and this plaything was not valuable anymore.

It seemed that he needed a new game.

"Let me think…"

Lu Ming decided to surf the Internet.

However, he was stunned to discover that, since the debut of the Fruit Ninja, besides modification and perfecting it, there were a whole load more of strange Cultivation Cards!

For example—

Fruit Ninja — I Love Pineapple!

One would be given a large basket. If one had retrieved the pineapple from the countless fruits, he would fail when he came into contact with other items.

Fruit Ninja — Wake Up to the Fruit Rain!

This was a shooting kind of game where you would be given a bow. After the Fruit Rain was over, they would consolidate the number of fruits that you have destroyed. It was perfect for cultivating your reaction speed and eyesight.

Besides these…

There were also games for training the waist strength, wrist strength, gluteal muscle and various body parts?

The Fruit Ninja seemed to have become the basic requirement for training your body!

Lu Ming launched the Fruit Ninja but the developments thereafter were not within his control. As a matter of course, it covered a variety types and encompassed many things now.

Therefore, you could find any kind of game to improve your physical strength in the Fruit Ninja extension cards!

It had everything that one could wish for.

"The holes in the brains in these people are really big."

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

It seemed that counting on some small games for huge sales was impossible.


He recalled his memories from the previous life and the list of techniques opened to public in the Internet. In the end, he had his eyes on a very ordinary technique.

Fish Leap — a one-star technique of a Elementalist.

In basic terms, it was to deplete the energy level to summon one fish living creature that could condense energy and attack the enemy. This was similar to Lu Ming's Brutal Charge.

The damage it caused would be ordinary. The only special thing about it was the Growth!

What was Growth?

The amount of energy depleted to release the Fish Leap was not a constant. The more energy one depleted, the more powerful the fish living creature would be.

This was the Growth Technique!

Card such as Brutal Charge and Fireball that had a fixed rate of energy depletion. Typically, the rate of depletion would correspond to the final damage caused, which could be estimated at heart.

When it came to two-star, three-star…

One could also choose more powerful techniques and give up on these low-level ones.

But Fish Leap?

In theory, this technique could accompany you till your death!

Of course.

That was only in theory.

This technique's rate of damage was too low. In Lu Ming's perspective, it was just slightly better than an ordinary attack. It could still be useful for those at one-star and two-star levels.

If one's level was above three-star?

That would be a useless technique then!

Therefore, those who typically opt for such a technique were only one-star or two-star cultivators who could save money by cultivating one less technique. They belonged to the refugee category.

Coincidentally, the students in Lu Ming's college belonged to this category.

"I can find some students to gather statistics."

Lu Ming conceived a concept in his heart.

If it was this game…


Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.

Charging, Release, Illusion…

Lu Ming rehearsed in his mind once. He did not discover any problem. Of course, the effect of the Fish Leap Technique was a little weak. If it could summon ability….

It would be best if it could summon abilities of fish living creature!

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

If he were to summon…

After thinking, he simply called Zhang Xiaopang, who did not seem to have fallen asleep. He picked up the call at in seconds. It was unknown what he had been using his cell phone for.

"Hey, Xiaopang."

Lu Ming asked, "Do you know anyone who has an interest in fishes?"

"Interest in fishes?

Zhang Xiaopeng looked puzzled.

What kind of strange trend was this?


Lu Ming was certain.

"Let me think…"

"If swamp eel is also considered a fish."

Zhang Xiaopang muttered for a moment, before saying, "I know a female broadcaster who has interest in swamp eel."

Lu Ming: "… "
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