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Divine Card Creator 139 Did All of You Overlook Something?

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"Zhang Erliang?

Give up!"

The voices beside Zhang Erliang gradually agreed.

They were no longer quarreling and had obviously agreed to this solution. They would forsake everything that they had now for the sake of the Lunar Shadow legacy

"I know."

Zhang Erliang finally compromised.

However, he could not lower his guard on Lu Ming!

"This guy is too strange and mysterious!"

Zhang Erliang uttered in his heart. He could sense that Lu Ming was extremely dangerous. This person was simply the most disturbing factor.

After pondering carefully, he was the cause of all the problems!

This guy… was simply trouble!!!

"It's easy to settle.

He's going to stay here, right?

He wanted to let the rest of the people leave, right?

Let them go then. When is he is left alone, we will kill him!"

The voice beside him suddenly turned solemn.

Really kill him?!

Zhang Erliang's heart skipped a beat.

They were not going to exterminate anyone except for Lu Ming?!

"At most, we'll be hunted down.

Anyway, many people will be after our lives, does it make a difference? We have been living in seclusion for many years. Naturally, we have our means of hiding. Remember, our target is the legacy…" that voice emphasized again.


Zhang Erliang was enlightened.


Their target was the legacy!

As to being exposed?

Since they did not exist in the first place, why were they afraid of being exposed?

Since they had already decided to destroy everything and start afresh, they might as well kill Lu Ming. Who told this guy to ruin their plans?!

As long as….

the legacy was still around!

They did not care about other things!


"I agree!"

Zhang Erliang agreed to the deal proposed by Lu Ming.


Lu Ming nodded slightly. "Let them go."


Zhang Erliang and the rest really allowed them to leave.

"I owe you a life."

Gao Tianlang and the rest glanced at one another and cast a deep gaze at Lu Ming before leaving gradually. They were well aware that Lu Ming wanted them to connect with the outside world!

This was the only way to ensure their safety!

"If something happens to Lu Ming…"

Gao Tianlang had a grave expression on his face. "I will kill all of you at all costs!

"I… will definitely come back!"

"I will wait for you."

Gao Xiaoqing's eyes were red.

Zhao Yunshan's gaze also swept across these people.

They were well aware.

Since Lu Ming used those cards to threaten them, he could not leave. Otherwise, the moment that Lu Ming released the cards in his hands would be the moment of their deaths!

"All of you won't be caught again, right?" Lu Ming said amusingly.

"Of course not."

Zhao Yunshan sneered coldly. "After leaving this place, no one will be able to capture me!"

Which of them were simple folks?

However, some things were too unique and they did not have chance to display it here!

Once they returned to reality…

Over there…

They owned that world!

"I feel more assured now."

Lu Ming smiled faintly.

This would be the end of it.


Although he did not attain the legacy, it did not belong to him in the first place.

In that case…

The Lunar Shadow legacy would also come to a close.


Zhang Erliang was also smiling faintly.


There was no need to worry.

They would leave successfully. The only one who will die is you!

Who told you to ruin our plans? As to Gao Tianlang's threat… Spat! Once we attained the legacy and gone into hiding, who will care about all of you?

His eyes were filled with happiness and thrill.


This guy who ruined their hundred-year plan was going to die soon…


Both parties proceeded with the deal happily.


At this point in time…

They seemed to have overlooked something? Or perhaps, they did not consider other matters. They executed the deal… but had they ever considered someone else's feelings?

For example—

A lonely and sad elder who was somewhere.


On the crest of that mountain, an elder who had been desolate for countless years had finally found his happiness.


He was really pleasantly surprised.

Just as he felt so numb and bored, already used to someone coming and leaving the place, never did he expect that the legacy ritual would be activated one day!!!

That light pillar!

That shape!

That effect!

Those colors!

Tears simply welled up in his eyes!

"It's activated.

It's really activated."

The elder's eyes were filled with tears.

Hundred years?

Thousand years?

He could no longer remember.

He was almost dying!

He really did not expect that the legacy would be activated one day!

And it was during the time when he was alive!

As the avatar left behind by Lunar Shadow and the thoughts that possessed a portion of Lunar Shadow's memory, he almost forgot that he was the guardian of inheritors!

He had not felt so emotional for many years.

Come in!

Hurry and come in!

Don't dawdle anymore!

He yelled in his heart continuously.

He hid the excitement in him.


Very soon…

He felt somewhat nervous again.

He was terrified to discover that, even though the ritual had been activated, the inheritors might not come in! This was more frightening than coming to the doors and not entering!

The hopes given to him had turned into despair again.


When that card was cast, he discovered that the legacy almost shut down directly!

That was too terrifying!

What were these people doing exactly?

He did not know.


What if the legacy was to shut down?

He was terrified!

He looked afar at the sixth mountain, the fourth mountain, and then the hole in the main doors on the seventh mountain caused by the crash, he really dared not imagine any more.


If the legacy was to shut down…


There would be nothing left then!

Everything belonging to the Lunar Shadow legacy would disappear!


There was a flicker of lights in his hands.

According to the rules, he could not interfere with the inheritors in any way. However, after thinking carefully, these guys had violated the rules. What else was he afraid of?

All of you had gone against the rules for so long, why can't I do so for once?!


He was right to interfere with the people who violated the rules.


Very soon, an idea came to his mind.

In his ancient memory which was almost disappearing, there seemed to be such a rule of life — If someone was coming and could not get in, what should he do?

Take the initiative! Move!


The elder really moved.

In front of the legacy ritual, the people in the midst of the deal were terrified to discover that the legacy ritual had released a horrifying aura. It was sucking everyone within the vicinity into it!


They did not see it wrong!

They were forcefully being sucked inside!

This time, even Gao Xiaoqing and the rest of the assistants were not spared!


The splendor of the legacy dazzled.

Gao Tianlang, Zhao Yunshan and the rest who were preparing to leave had been shrouded by the radiance. The entire legacy site was shaking constantly and seemingly undergoing an earth-shattering transformation!

Zhang Erliang was dumbstruck. What was happening?!

Lu Ming, this little bastard. Did he fool around secretly again?!

He glanced at Lu Ming, only to discover that Lu Ming also looked dumbstruck as he was being sucked away. Obviously, no one expected Lunar Shadow legacy to intervene at this point in time!


Lights and shadows circulated!

Lu Ming and everyone completely disappeared on the spot!



The earth trembled.

The Lunar Shadow legacy actually began to wobble slightly.

The legacy…

was going to commence!

How could this happen?!

Zhang Erliang was terrified.

The legacy that they had been dreaming of was actually going to be given to others?

Damn it!

This was different from what they had planned!

"Don't panic!"

hollered the voice by his ears.

"Don't worry.

Even if the legacy is passed to one of them… They can't leave as well! After the legacy disappears, they will be in our territory for real!

On our island…

They will be cornered and killed!

No matter who attains the legacy, we have to drain him of all his knowledge of the legacy!

As for the rest of them…


After hearing the cold and sinister voice, Zhang Erliang felt more assured.


In that case…

Perhaps that was not a bad idea!

Although they could not attain the legacy in person, they did not need to give up the hundred years of groundwork that they had laid. They could also kill all of them. This was not a bad solution.

"Pass down the orders!

Lockdown the entire island!

Whoever leaves… shall be killed without mercy!"

Zhang Erliang ordered.

He was very clear.

If the legacy were to end, the entire legacy would disappear completely!

On this island, the Lunar Shadow legacy that occupied half the geographical area would truly disappear along with its barrier. It might be a good thing!

This place… would be the beginning of their rise in power!

At this very moment…

Lu Ming and the group were wearing dumbstruck expressions as well.


No one expected that the legacy would take the initiative to pull everyone in…

Brother, you are the legacy!

You're not the wallet of the Jiangnan Leather Factory, okay?!

Because the legacy suddenly 'malfunctioned', this rightfully grand and solemn ritual and the precious legacy gave people an inexplicable feeling of cheapness.


The legacy surged.

Lights and shadows surrounded everyone.

At this moment, everyone had entered an independent void.


Lights and shadow engulfed.

Everyone was lost in the legacy. That warm and gentle energy shrouded everyone and nourished them gradually. Their wounds slowly healed and their energy gradually increased. It was very soothing.

"You guys… are finally here…"

The elder focused his gaze.

Finally… This was the moment that he had been waiting for.
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