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Divine Card Creator 138 You Can Demolish This Too?

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The sword gleams were bone-chilling.

Everyone released their most powerful trump cards!

This was a battle of life and death.

Hiding their abilities… would only lead to death!

"Boulder," Lu Ming said in a low voice.


The gigantic boulder man suddenly multiplied in size and dashed towards those Swordsmen.



His terrifying figure smashed towards them, causing over ten six-star cultivators to retreat immediately. He was the strong and dignified sixth mountain. Besides the fear of being demolished, he was still very powerful!

However, at this moment, an elder appeared in the sky and skimmed towards him. A horrifying power vibrated and directly blocked the attack of the gigantic boulder man.

Six-star peak!

There was actually a six-star peak here!

"Elder Xu," those people said in low voice.


Nodding slightly, Elder Xu's gaze landed on the gigantic boulder man. "Even though you have cognitive spirit, you're just a piece of rock. How dare you harm people?"


He rose in the sky at lightning speed.

The two were entangled in a fight in the air.

The gigantic boulder man was too tall and Elder Xu was also high up in the sky. The people beneath them could not see what was happening at all. However, from the gigantic boulder man's roars, they could tell that…

Something was seemingly not good.

Damn it!

Gao Tianlang and the rest were on tenterhooks.

All of them were at five-star peak. Relying on their resources and trump cards, they could barely contend with the six-star Swordsmen!

However… They could pin their hopes on Lu Yan.


The sword gleam flashed.

Lu Yan finally struck.

It was just one slash and she forced the six-star cultivator in front of her to a retreat. However, just as she was preparing to slay this six-star cultivator in one vigorous strike, a dark shadow suddenly appeared.

A Swordsman appeared in front of Lu Yan and blocked her.

He was over eighty years old.

He looked old and frail.

Most importantly, he was a six-star peak!


They actually sent a six-star peak to deal with Lu Yan!!!

They had gone to great lengths!

"They really look up to us."

Zhao Yunshan's expression was very ugly.

They thought that they possessed the ability to skip the levels. However, the other party had already taken this into consideration. Everyone was matched with a six-star opponent!

Skipping levels?

It was meant for them to skip a level in combat!

They had even prepared a six-star peak for Lu Yan!

And he was a Swordsman!

Their opponents were no simpleton!

They were afraid that they would be in deep trouble this time.

At this very moment…

Lu Ming quietly took out ten over Demolition Cards that he had earlier prepared at the seventh mountain. According to the size of the mountains, these cards should have some effect.

Of course.

He might expose himself…


Who cared?

As long as he could save everyone, no one would care about these small matters!

He knew what he was doing.

"It's almost time."

Lu Ming raised his hands and was preparing to cast the cards.


The ground was shaking.

A faint, golden glow surged across the ground like a layer of light waves. The originally ordinary mountain structure actually became very hard and solid at this point in time.


Lu Ming suddenly raised his head.

He noticed a young man appearing from behind that group of people.

"Hello. My name is Zhang Erliang. I'm an architect specializing in structural stability."

The young man smiled. "Don't be bewildered by the existence of this occupation. On an island like ours, structural stability architects are very common, and I'm the best of them all. I know the mountains at the legacy site are not stable and you have the ability to demolish them. However, very sorry… I'm afraid you won't have a chance to release your cards."

Zhang Erliang was all smiles.

"Why do you have to do this?"

Lu Ming took a deep breath. "I'm just a salted fish (Salted fish: Chinese Internet Slang for a boring and idle person with no ambitions)."

He really did not expect that group of people to specially hire an architect to deal with him!

Were they sick in the mind?!

He was merely a two-star Card Creator, alright!

Shouldn't they neglect his presence and allow him to stir up trouble happily?!


Zhang Erliang only continued to smile.

They could not allow their plan to have any slip-ups.

These people had terrifying backgrounds. In the event of any slip-ups, there would be huge trouble. Hence, they had to eradicate everyone in one strike!

Twelve six-star cultivators!

Two six-star peaks!

And a four-star architect prepared for Lu Ming!


was the magnitude of their operations!

It far exceeded ten times the combat ability of Lu Ming and the group!

This was a foolproof plan.

"If you kill us, the legacy will be gone."

Lu Ming sighed.

"It won't."

Zhang Erliang shook his head. "We have studied the lines on the Lunar Shadow Card before. The legacy ritual requires deduction, analysis, studying and then passing the legacy in sequence…

It will take a long time.

If we can kill all of you during this period and snatch away your legacy trace, that will do."

"That's certainly true."

Lu Ming nodded.

He could not deny that the other party's plan was perfect.

"Actually, I dislike you very much."

Zhang Erliang stared at Lu Ming, who was in front of him.


Lu Ming was puzzled as he touched his face. He should belong to those suave and amiable type?

"Because I can't figure you out."

Zhang Erliang's narrowed his eyes and there was seemingly a murderous glint in his eyes. "Everyone here is very simple and pure because all of them are Swordsmen, including your elder sister! Although she is very powerful, we just have to send someone who is stronger to deal with her!

But you…

I can't figure you out.

Even if we prepare a six-star peak, you may also tear down the legacy…


I am here."

Zhang Erliang said in a low voice, "However, I didn't expect you to be still delaying time during such a situation. It seems that you have made some preparations."

"I've only prepared a few things."

Lu Ming smiled. "I don't think they are presentable."

"That's why I detest you."

Zhang Erliang furrowed his brows tightly.

Lu Ming's expression was too calm and he felt uneasy with that. Hence, he was not prepared to waste his breath on this guy. He intended to get someone to kill him directly!


He cast a glance and that six-star swordsman was getting ready to strike…

"Have you considered that I may really demolish the legacy?" Lu Ming suddenly said.


Zhang Erliang was stunned.

Lu Ming took out a pile of Meltdown Cards and placed them in front of the array of the legacy ritual. "Get your man to stop now. Otherwise, I will demolish the ritual!"

Zhang Erliang was a little puzzled. The legacy ritual was already activated… Could it still be demolished?

What the hell was this?

Forget it that you had demolished the mountain. This was the legacy ritual and it was already activated?!

Could you also demolish it!

Damn it. You must be kidding me?!

"Do you still remember the portal before the seven mountains?"

Lu Ming smiled gently. "This card can drain all the energy! So, I'm very curious. If I throw out this pile of cards, do you think the legacy ritual will still exist?"

"Oh. I don't think you will believe me."

Lu Ming simply cast a Meltdown Card.


Lights and shadows flashed.

The glow of the Teleportation Nexus actually dimmed a little at this moment.

Zhang Erliang was stunned. Damn it. He could really demolish it?!

"If I throw everything in…"

Lu Ming smiled faintly.


Zhang Erliang's expression changed drastically.

Damn it!

The Observer had also been swindled out of a lot of stuff. However, they knew that Lu Ming was bluffing and did not pay attention to it as they did not want to expose their identity.

They even saw it as a joke and got a kick out of it.


They only found out at this moment that it was actually because Lu Ming could draw out the energy!

If that was the case…

The legacy ritual which was activated after many difficulties…

Zhang Erliang was terrified.


Everyone stopped.

Gao Tianlang and the rest were panting and in embarrassing states. Their bodies were already covered with injuries.


They really could not beat them.

At this moment…

Everyone glanced towards Lu Ming and Zhang Erliang.

Obviously, they did not expect Lu Ming to have the ability to retaliate under such circumstances, and he even forced Zhang Erliang to stop…

"If the ritual stops, everyone will have to die," Zhang Erliang said in a deep voice.

"I know."

Lu Ming smiled and said, "So, I won't stop the ritual. You just have to let Gao Tianlang and the rest leave. I will keep you company here."

"You're not leaving?"

Zhang Erliang was surprised.

Was Lu Ming so kind to forsake himself for others?

"Of course."

Lu Ming shrugged his shoulders. "I feel safer holding these cards myself. Furthermore, as long as Gao Tianlang, Zhao Yunshan and the rest can leave, the outcome will be the same."

Zhang Erliang was silent.


The outcome would be the same!

Their initial plan was to kill everyone, not one less!

These people…

If one of them were to escape!

If one of them were to leave!

Their identities would be exposed and they would be chased and killed by those people. Hence, they did not have a choice but to annihilate everyone!

They dared not kill anymore if one of them were to escape.


They had to execute such a large scale operation!


Lu Ming's few cards had forced them to the corner.

They had no choice but to release them!

"Based on your study, how long does it take for the legacy ritual to complete after its activation?

Lu Ming glanced at the array beside him curiously.

"Oh… The glow is intensifying. Are you sure the legacy will not end directly?"

Lu Ming exclaimed in shock.

"At most, I'll exterminate all of you and go through the assessments again. Anyway, we still have the Lunar Shadow Cards!"

Zhang Erliang gritted his teeth.

"Are you sure?"

Lu Ming was surprised.

The Lunar Shadow Cards had already been activated completely and utilized. Even if they were to go through the assessments again, were they certain that it could be done?

Zhang Erliang was silent.

He looked at the fourth mountain which had collapsed and then at the boulder man not far away. He was really not too sure.

This group of damn guys!

They really demolished everything wherever they went!


The legacy would be gone!

Even if they stepped into the legacy using various means, it was fearful that they would not be able to take the assessments anymore.

"You did all these for the sake of the legacy. Isn't that so?" Lu Ming said earnestly, "The legacy will be passed to you if we leave this place. We only want our lives. Look, it's such a perfect deal."

Zhang Erliang was speechless.

At this moment…

He could hear familiar voices.

Those people were discussing.

Someone suggested annihilating everyone regardless of the consequences. Someone suggested agreeing to Lu Ming's condition, and someone suggested using his own daughter to charm and seducing Lu Ming into submission…

Damn it. Honey trap!

Could they not look at what was the situation now?!

Even if they could succeed in the honey trap. Could they do it so openly here?


What Lu Ming said seemed feasible!

The only problem was… After they took the legacy, even if they did not murder them, these guys might not let them go too… Did they really dare to let these people go?!

Zhang Erliang furrowed his brows tightly.

It was totally beyond his expectations that their almost perfect plan would turn out like this due to Lu Ming?!


Unfortunately, he did not have a choice.

At a distance away.

The glow at the legacy ritual was getting brighter.

According to their deduced time in the plan, it was already halfway through the ritual and they did not have much time left! They had to make a decision as soon as possible. Annihilate everyone!


Release them!

"Release them!"

Suddenly, Zhang Erliang heard the familiar voice.


Zhang Erliang was anxious.

There would be endless trouble if they were to release them.

"It's okay. We have been living in seclusion on the island for countless years, and the most powerful amongst us is only a six-star peak!


Because we don't have the legacy!

In the Swordsman sect, legacy is the most important!

If we don't have the talent to create one, we have to find a legacy!

And we… don't have any.

If Lu Ming were to really destroy the Teleportation Nexus, our years of planning will really come to an end. This land will no longer be able to pass down the legacy…

I know what you are worried about…

But it's okay.

We are incognito and have long lived in seclusion in this nameless island that no one is aware of. If we're discovered this time, we will at most change a place and continue to be incognito.

No one can find us…

After getting the legacy, we will continue to live in seclusion. The moment we truly face the world… we would have become a really powerful force!"

The deep voice could be heard by his ears.

Zhang Erliang's heart was heavy.

He knew that…

That person put it very simply but it actually meant that they had to give up all their efforts over the years and start afresh somewhere else!


They would be bringing the legacy along this time!

However, how long would it take to develop the place?!

Those herb fields that had been specially bred for hundreds of years…

Those sacred places of cultivation that were energy rich…

For the sake of better developing the legacy, they had made preparations in this place for a long time…

But now, they had to start anew again!

Ten-year plan!

Hundred years of preparations!

It was actually destroyed completely by a two-star Card Creator!

This guy…
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