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Divine Card Creator 136 A Calm and Chill Competition!

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The seventh mountain.

There was a heavy downpour.

It was a terrifying rainstorm. Hail pelted down and horrible cold winds raged. Zhao Yunshan and the group wore grave expressions as they advanced!



Sword gleams flashed.

Everyone went all out.

They were well aware that this was the last assessment and certainly the assessment most valued by Elder Lunar Shadow. Regardless of their previous results, they had to perform well in this assessment!

This was the only way that they would get the opportunity to touch the legacy!

Of course.

There was also another reason for their diligence. They had to dash to the destination before Lu Ming started to mess around!


Although they appeared to look down on him, they were very clear of Lu Ming's destruction capability. Despite his weak ability, when it came to destroying things…

What if the seventh mountain was gone?

What if the results were gone?


He could be first but they must not let them mess with the assessment!


He could not hit on girls either!

Forget it that he led his sister and wandered around. He must not bring Gao Xiaoqing too!

This was their last straw.

"I-I won't go with him," Gao Xiaoqing said with a weak voice.


Wu Hongfei was expressionless. "You didn't say this when he led you around earlier. You were very accommodating the whole time. Did you think that I'm blind?"

"I believe you," Gao Tianlang consoled his sister and then charged ahead more ferociously.

Gao Xiaoqing was speechless.

Her brother still did not believe her!




There was pent-up frustration in everyone's heart.

Putting aside Gao Xiaoqing's matter, no matter what, they had to pass through the seventh mountain before Lu Ming stirred up any trouble.

"He should have run out of energy by now?"

Wu Hongfei pondered for a moment. "This is a comprehensive test. All his earlier means will not be effective."


Everyone looked at him at the same time.

Those uncanny gazes made Wu Hongfei felt a little guilty.

"I-I'm just saying."

Wu Hongfei broke out in a sweat.

"I hope so."

Gao Tianlang's eyes were gloomy.

Each time this lad spoke, he would be slapped in the face by the later developments. He was a bad omen! Didn't he see that no one mentioned Lu Ming?

Why did he bring him up for no reason?!

What a spoilsport!


Wu Hongfei glanced at the strange look in Gao Xiaoqing's eyes and explained in a low voice, "I'm certain that Lu Ming won't be able to find ways to beat the assessment this time. After all, he's only a two-star…"



The ground was shaking gently.

A horse-drawn carriage passed by in front of their eyes. Vaguely, they could see a familiar figure in the stone house on the carriage…


Lu Ming.

This chap was beginning to fool around again.

Everyone was already numb to it. Simultaneously, their gazes turned to Wu Hongfei.


Wu Hongfei was in a daze.

I only wanted to establish my presence in front of my brother-in-law…


"Leave him alone!" Zhao Yunshan bellowed.

What the hell was the horse carriage?

What the hell was the stone house?

Could horses made of stones run?

No one wanted to be bothered about this.

They did not want to know either.

Having braved so many 'storms', they were already immune to Lu Ming's odd acts. Although they could not help feeling curious in their hearts, the legacy was more important!

The Lunar Shadow legacy was right in front of them!

At this juncture, how could they lose their cool because of curiosity?!

"Gao Tianlang! Let's have a proper competition for once!" Zhao Yunshan hollered.


Surging lights surrounded him.

He continued to charge forward in the rainstorm.

"Come on!"

Gao Tianlang had a determined look in his eyes.



The heavy rain pelted.

Sword Aura circled him.



They had to charge forward because no one knew whether and when the assessment would disappear again.

"Why didn't you call out to me?!" Wu Hongfei hollered furiously.

Did these two guys look down on him?!

He, Wu Hongfei, was a genius five-star cultivator, alright? Although one of you is talented and the other has abundant resources, I am older and more experienced!


He gritted his teeth and dashed forward.



Right now…

Everyone began to go all out.

Seemingly agitated by Lu Ming, everyone was charging fervently.

This was a long, stormy road but it only took a short while for them to complete one-fifth of it. However, at this moment, a horse carriage drifted past them again.

Everyone was dumbstruck.


They instinctively glanced over.

In the horse carriage, Lu Ming was smiling at them, his eyes filled with kindness…

Damn! What was with that look in his eyes?!


Calm down!

Calm down!

Everyone took a deep breath.

They were strong-willed Swordsmen, indeed. They calmed down very quickly. Focusing their gaze on the destination, they began to dash again!

What was Lu Ming?

They did not care!

How could he be more important than the legacy?!

This guy must be unhappy that he had to accompany them in the chase. He was thus deliberately stirring up trouble.

They could simply ignore him.



He was arrogant because he had Lu Yan as his backer!

They would ignore him!

They would ignore him!


There was a devastating downpour.

Everyone sprinted for a distance.

At this moment…

Wang Xuan had taken the lead.

Due to the presence of that six-star Elementalist, Wang Xuan's speed was ferocious. It was as if he was on a deserted land. What did a six-star Elementalist with unlimited energy mean?

They had seen it for themselves.



Everyone gritted their teeth.


The six-star Elementalist was glad.


Finally, he could send Wang Xuan to the front!

These five-star Swordsmen were certainly valiant. Unfortunately, even Lunar Shadow did not consider the possibility of his presence. He did not set any constraints, which led to such a strange outcome.

"All of you don't need to feel disheartened."

His expression was calm. "This is a loophole in the rules."


This was a loophole in the rules.

According to the initial set up, the rules included a restriction of one's ability.

"All of you will definitely surpass me in the future. Don't be anxious. I am a six-star because I am older," he said slowly.

Given his age and identity, he could say all of this.

He was a six-star!

Given his identity, his existence was akin to a software bug…


The ground was shaking gently.

A familiar horse carriage shuttled past everyone once again.


The atmosphere froze again.

The smile on the face of the six-star Elementalist suddenly turned awkward.

"Damn it.

It is this guy again!

Do you have to refresh your existence like this repeatedly?

If you really come first, can't you wait at the destination? But you keep making your presence known with your horse. What do you want?"

The Elementalist was almost breaking down emotionally.

Forget it.

He fell silent.

Everyone continued to dash forward diligently.

They were not sure what happened. They were initially in a heated competition. After Lu Ming traveled past them back and forth a few times, they actually lost their enthusiasm.

It was true.

Because it was very idiotic…

They covered more distance.


The ground was shaking gently.

A familiar horse carriage and a familiar person.

A shameless guy drifted past their eyes again.

That look in his eyes…

It still looked so kind.

"Damn, this third wheel! I will give you a beating sooner or later!"

Wu Hongfei could not take it anymore.

Everyone was speechless.

His words did not seem to pose any threat.

In normal circumstances, wouldn't one say something like - You're so arrogant, I'll definitely kill you! Why was it 'I will give you a beating sooner or later'?!

Was he that much of a coward?


Wu Hongfei felt very helpless. "Lu Yan doesn't have class in the afternoon."

Everyone was speechless.


Lu Yan did not have a class during the afternoon, so you don't dare to beat him at noon?

It was seriously logical.

Wait a minute.

That third wheel…


Gao Tianlang's gaze turned sharper. He was not a fool. Wu Hongfei had been addressing him as brother a few times in private, and the way he looked at Xiaoqing…

"If you call him third wheel again, I will beat you up now!"

There was a murderous glint in Gao Tianlang's eyes.

Wu Hongfei was dumbstruck. "Why don't you give Lu Ming a beating?"

Were you mad?!

Lu Ming was the culprit, okay?!

He even held your sister's hands! Do you know what holding hands mean? Perhaps the two of them even thought of the name of their child!

"Nonsense," Gao Tianlang sneered, "I can't beat Lu Yan anyway."

Did he really take him for a fool?

His brains would be damaged if he were to beat Lu Yan's brother in front of her.

Wu Hongfei felt even more aggrieved. So, you'll beat me instead?


He heard that Gao Tianlang was an honest person. Why did he feel that he was not honest at all? He had become so cunning and shameless… Wait. He was not like that in the past.

He was a fine man…

Why did he change suddenly?


There was a devastating downpour.

As the two conversed with each other, their steps did not slow down at all.

Hearing their conversation, Zhao Yunshan and the group broke out in a sweat. What was it so messy? Did Lu Ming, Gao Tianlang and Wu Hongfei start a love triangle?

Did people nowadays have such a strong taste?

It was ridiculous.

Forget it.

They continued to charge!


A familiar horse carriage drifted past…



Everyone took a glance. They were already used to it.

Of course.

If the white-haired elder were to witness this, he would definitely have an in-depth discussion with them. The process of the change in one's emotional state from fierce resistance to numb endurance…

They were already used to it.

It was true.

Since the abduction of the sixth mountain, they had lowered their expectations…

They were contented as long as the assessment still existed.

As to whether Lu Ming came first, they did not care.

It was a calm and chill competition!!!


In the next half of the journey.

Everyone advanced silently amid the wind and rain. A gamboling horse carriage circled them, sometimes overtaking them from behind and sometimes cutting across the road in front of them…


Run and do your own thing.

If I become angry, I'll consider myself the loser!

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