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Divine Card Creator 135 Since One Could Not Fight Back...

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The sixth mountain.


The numbers jumped.

Zhao Yunshan's Lunar Shadow Card was still tracking the time.

One hundred seconds…

Two hundred seconds…

One thousand seconds…

According to the original rules, the higher the number, the longer one had lasted. But right now, the gigantic boulder man that was the examiner was chased all over the place by Lu Ming…

What was the point in persisting?

Was the assessment still valid?

He had no idea.

Everyone glanced at each other with a dazed expression.

"Let's go!"

"Let's chase them down and take a look," Gao Tianlang said in a low voice.


Zhao Yunshan nodded slightly.


They took up their chase once again.

The strange thing was, they could not hear any tremors or vibrations, and there was no sight of the gigantic boulder man. They had chased after them for a long time, and they finally saw them when they were close to the finishing point.

Over there…

Lu Ming draped his arms over a boulder and seemed to be saying something.

Where was the gigantic boulder man?

What the hell was the small boulder? The son of the gigantic boulder man? Wasn't Lu Ming hunting down the gigantic boulder man? Why would a son appear while being hunted down?

Everyone looked dumbfounded.


Wang Xuan was about to say something.

However, they noticed that Lu Ming and the boulder man went to the foot of the seventh mountain one after another. The next second, the number on their Lunar Shadow Cards disappeared.

The assessment had ended!

Everyone had a look of confusion on their faces.


Had it ended?!

Therefore, the person next to Lu Ming was the gigantic boulder man?

Everyone had a mental breakdown.


The stele appeared.

There was no data on the stele.

Everyone was silent.

They suddenly realized that they had underestimated Lu Ming's capability.

It was true.

They could disregard the fact that Lu Ming ranked first in the previous few rounds. At the very least, they could compete for the second spot. But, what did he mean by abducting the examiner?!

Wasn't there going to be a second place?!

"Lu Ming!

Stop right there!"

Wu Hongfei roared.


Energy surged.

His terrifying aura vibrated and broke through the air.


Lu Ming glanced at him.

"How dare you…"

Wu Hongfei's shot daggers from his eyes at Lu Ming. But he tried to control his anger at the sight of Lu Yan who was next to Lu Ming.

"We should have some reward for the sixth mountain."

Wu Hongfei did not sound confident as he made an argument.

What a timid guy!

Gao Tianlang pursed his lips.

He knew that he could not count on him!

"Oh, you are right."

The gigantic boulder man suddenly remembered that he had yet to give these people their reward.

"You can owe them first."

Lu Ming patted him on the shoulder. "You have to pay the debts in chronological order. You can only give them their rewards after you have cleared the debts that you owed me."


The gigantic boulder man boomed.

Everyone was confused. What did it mean by that?

To owe them energy?

This was shocking!

They never knew that the examiner could owe them the rewards in the legacy assessment!

"Forget it."

Gao Tianlang sighed. "Let's take it that the sixth round doesn't exist."


Everyone glanced at each other, there seemed to be no other way.

Everyone did not have any results. It did not make a huge impact on them. But why did all of them feel upset?

"Let's go!"

Wu Hongfei had no wish to stay there any longer. The next round would be the last assessment and after which, all the assessments would be completed!

By then, all of them could return home!

All of them could go back to their mothers!

He had had enough!


The few of them crossed the mountain and the sight of the seventh mountain appeared in front of them.


The weather changed suddenly.

Bitter cold wind blew against their faces and torrential rain poured down on the earth, making deafening sounds when they hit the ground. It turned out that hail fell along with the rain!

"This hail…"

Wu Hongfei tried to use his Sword Embryo.


There was a white mark on the Sword Embryo.

This force…

Everyone was startled.

The hail would attack them from all angles. It seemed like a dynamic visual assessment. However, it was more intensive than that! The bitter icy wind was piercingly cold. One could vaguely feel pain. The wind seemed to be tempering the body!

"The rainstorm contains energy."

Lu Yan suddenly spoke up.

She could feel the energy in the rainstorm.

These energies were unlike the energy that nourished the body in the river. It was the type of energy that could restore and replenish one's inner energy!


When the rainstorm and hail pelted down on them, it seemed to become a real comprehensive trial—it would provide one with endless energy replenishment while one was being assessed on how long one took to finish walking the path!

In a faraway place.

The finishing point of the seventh mountain.

A place without mountain ranges.

That was the end.

If they reached it…

They would get the legacy!


Everyone's heart was stirred.

Mental strength, body, talents…

They had been through many assessments and they would finally be able to put their skills to good use in this round. They could not wait to use their abilities in this round!


The Sword Aura could easily destroy them!

How did Lu Ming manage to survive? He fought the thunder and lightning head-on! He seemed to have a body that was immune to thunder and lightning!. However, the hail would make an impact on their physical self!

If he had the guts, he could fight them head-on!?

It was ridiculous!

Besides, there was also torrential rain.

Although they handed a lot of resources to Lu Ming previously, they had retained their trump cards. However, they had inevitably given some precious herbs to Lu Ming!


If they had to continue the fight…

They might not be able to defeat Lu Ming!

There was no choice.

He had many herbs with him.

However, the rainstorm was able to replenish their energy and all of them would be at the same starting line, canceling out Lu Ming's advantage!

The body…

It seemed to be part of this round as well.

How did Lu Ming manage to pass the previous round?

A boat.

The shameless guy drove a boat and headed to the finishing point. However, now that there was a downpour, there were no water puddles on the ground, there was no way that he could drive a boat anymore.

Besides, they had to look out for the hail. Even if one had a boat, the hail might cut through it!

"Let's go!"

Zhao Yunshan snarled.



The Sword Aura was all over the place.

The falling hail exploded.

Zhao Yunshan entered the assessment site while Niu Xinghai grinned and followed right behind him. Circles of dark green lights flashed, forming a shield around them.

They had to win in this round!

"Let's go."

Wu Hongfei entered the site as well.

Everyone glanced at each other and entered one after another.

The combined powers of the people taking the assessment as well as the assistants made them even more powerful.

They had decided to ignore Lu Ming and the rest totally. They had to fight for a higher ranking!

"Oh, two of them?"

The gigantic boulder man was dazed. Shouldn't the inheritor take the assessment by himself?

"They are cheating!"

Lu Ming sighed. "My sister is very serious about following the rules. Therefore, she refuses to help me. I have to compete with the pairs by myself. Isn't that unfair?"


The gigantic boulder man felt that it was too much.


Lu Ming patted him on the shoulder. "Come with me. As the guardian of the legacy, you have to ensure that the legacy is competed in fair terms. Everyone has to be in a pair for it to be fair."

"I-is that so?"

The gigantic boulder man was confused.

"Of course."

Lu Ming was very satisfied. "Let's form a team. Since you can become small one second and big the next second, and turn into a gigantic boulder man from a mountain, can you transform into other things?"

"Yes," the gigantic boulder man boomed.

"How about a bumblebee?"

Lu Ming's eyes lit up.

"W-what is a bumblebee?"

The gigantic boulder man had a blank look on his face.


Lu Ming coughed. "I am sure you can turn into a car, right?"

"W-what is a car?"

The gigantic boulder man still wore a blank look on his face.


One look and he could tell there was no network in the legacy.

"How about this…"

Lu Ming paused slightly. "Can you change into a house, or perhaps a stone house? The top part will be a house and the bottom part will be wheels and it must have a very high speed."


The gigantic boulder man boomed.



Several stones split and combined again.

After a long time…

The gigantic boulder man had completed his transformation.

Lu Ming was dumbstruck as he stared at the scene before his eyes.

House, it was a stone house.

It was just that there was a carriage below the stone house and five horses that were formed by stones were in front of the carriage. All of them looked magnificent and strong.

Bao Ma (Bao Ma in Chinese could mean BMW as well as precious horses)?

Lu Ming was taken aback.

"Can this thing move?"

Lu Ming was doubtful.

"Yes," the gigantic boulder man boomed, "these horses are transformed from my limbs."


Lu Ming realized something in his heart.

He used his four limbs to transform them into horses…

"Not bad."

He knew that the gigantic boulder man could move at lightning speed, but, wait a minute…

Lu Ming felt that something was wrong. He looked carefully at the horses in front of the carriage and counted the number of horses, one, two… well, there were a total of five horses!

Why five?

Lu Ming looked up. The horse in the center… the horse seemed to be the leader of the group. It looked majestic and energetic, and it was very hairy…


Could it be that the gigantic boulder man was a man?

"The horse in the middle of your limbs…"

Lu Ming was surprised.

"That is my head."

The gigantic boulder man boomed.

The horse looked at Lu Ming and gave him an earnest smile.



It turned out that it was transformed from its head.


Lu Ming coughed.

Lu Yan glanced at her brother, she suddenly felt like bashing him.


Didn't he say that they were facing a powerful enemy?

"Wait a minute."

Lu Ming paused for a moment.

He stopped at the same spot and began to create cards.


To his surprise, since his energy had been tempered to three-star peak, his lamination level had been dramatically increased. There was no increase in the number of layers, but…

The stability was incredible!

Every lamination would not collapse!

If not for the time constraints, he would like to study this function!

It was a pity…

Lu Ming looked solemn.



After a long time…

Lu Ming completed his cards.

With these…



Lu Ming suddenly looked toward Lu Yan and said, "What if we fail?"

He was slightly nervous.

This was unlike any other fight in Qing Ming City. Qing Ming City was his home base. He would have careful planning and preparation whenever he was in a fight!

But now…

He was about to face an unknown enemy!

He did not know how many of them were there!

Their abilities were unknown!

He was not confident at all.

All he could do was to use all his means to put up a strong fight!

"Then we shall kill them and clear a path for us."

Lu Yan sounded very calm.

If things got to that stage, they could only kill them to save themselves.

She excelled in that.


Lu Ming smiled.

Since that was the case, he and his sister would put up a good fight!

"Boulder, let's go!"

Lu Ming got onto the carriage.


The five horses galloped away.

The carriage disappeared in the rainstorm.


The white-haired old man focused on the scene in front of him.

These people had finally reached the seventh mountain again…

He had no expectations.

It was true.

This had been the umpteenth time since people came here and he had his hopes high countless times. Right now, he had already gotten used to them coming here and leaving…

Someone seemed to be spying on him across the sky.


He had gotten accustomed to it.

It was true.

He remembered he was furious the first time someone spied on him. He even battled with the people who were hiding in the dark and there was a serious fight between them… He tried hard to fend them off the second time. When it was the third time, he merely made a feeble attempt to fight… When it was the fourth time, he was perfunctory about fighting them… right now, he would feel odd if no one spied on him…


It was not bloody enough?

If you were spied on by others more than a thousand times…

This was life. Since one could not fight back, one should just enjoy it.


There seemed to be something wrong about this assessment.

The old man's blurred eyes swept over those people and his gaze suddenly fell on a speeding carriage. Wait a minute, wasn't this the sixth mountain?!

Why did this guy leave his own turf?!

He could not take this lying down!

This violated the rules!

This violated the rules!

Anger fleeted across the old man's face. It spurred him to raise his hand, however, he had just lifted the wrist when the trace of anger vanished…


Forget it.

It was very tiring to use one's power…

He could not be bothered with the violation. The rules had been violated more than one thousand times…

He wished that they would be done with the assessment and they would leave as soon as possible.

I could be going to bed…
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