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Divine Card Creator 132 As Long As You Don't Tear Me Down, I Will Tell You Everything!

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The sixth mountain.



Human shadows traversed in front of them.

There were constant booming noises from afar. The running footsteps of the gigantic boulder man sounded extremely frightening and the two tiny figures behind him looked even more terrifying!

This was because they were chasing the gigantic boulder man!

W-was an assessment supposed to be like that?

Everyone looked confused.

"Did we misunderstand the intent of the assessment?"

Wu Hongfei was deeply fearful that he had read it wrong.


He reviewed the content of the assessment again.

"A Swordsman… has to stay alive… In order to have the chance to get the legacy… Do your best… to escape… the person who survives for the longest time… will rank first."

These were Lunar Shadow's words.

That was right!

Escape, right?

This was what Lunar Shadow said, right?

Survive for the longest time? Wasn't that what Lunar Shadow said?!


The scene before his eyes…

Puzzled, everyone glanced at each other.

Could it be that…

The fearsome-looking green giant was in fact a paper tiger?!

It had zero defense ability?


Chasing and killing him was the actual assessment?

"Tell me, do you think that's possible?"

A strange thought suddenly popped up in Wu Hongfei's mind. "Lunar Shadow's speech is always intermittent. Perhaps he missed out something in between the words or he ran out of electricity… Oh, wrong. Perhaps a long time had passed and he ran out of energy…


If we include some words in between the lines…

Do your best to chase and kill the gigantic boulder man!

Gigantic boulder man, escape! Try your best to survive the person who survives for the longest time… Whoever defeats the gigantic boulder man will rank first!" Wu Hongfei said.

The rest of them looked at him as if he was an idiot.

Was he mad?!

Did you think Elder Lunar Shadow also had holes in his brain?!

Who would stutter to that extent when introducing the rules?!

Furthermore, they had personally witnessed the power and terror of the gigantic boulder man. He was not something that a human could contend with. Hence, they escaped here as quickly as they could!

The gigantic boulder man was too powerful!

He was the incarnation of the sixth mountain!

He was evolved from an entire mountain. Why would he… be chased by the Lu Yan sibling pair?

They could not figure it out.

They completely could not understand.

"Because Lu Yan is too powerful?"

Someone made a guess.


The six-star Elementalist cast him a cold glance.

Powerful, what crap?

Regardless of how powerful she was, she was not a match for this gigantic boulder man!

Given his current ability, naturally, he could easily tell that even a six-star cultivator could not win the fight with the incarnation of this entire mountain range!

There must be a problem here!

"Whatever the problem is, let's chase them and take a look!" Gao Tianlang said in a low voice.

The sixth mountain was so huge!

No matter how fast the gigantic boulder man was, he would reach the edge of the mountain. Hence, to avoid the pursuit, he definitely would not head in the same direction all the time. Since that was the case, chasing and besieging him would certainly work!

Was the gigantic boulder man that powerful? They would find out after they give it a try?!

Wasn't that so?

They were in the same assessment…

On what grounds could the Lu Yan sibling pair chase the gigantic boulder man while the situation was the other way round for them?

"Let's go!"

Everyone rushed over at the same time.

At this very moment…

The gigantic boulder man was still diligently dashing forward.

It was so annoying.

It was so infuriating.

As a general of the Lunar Shadow legacy, he was endowed with a simple mind. Nevertheless, after countless years of evolution, he had finally attained a certain degree of wisdom and analytical ability.

He was very clear that he was born with the legacy, and along with the legacy, he would cease to exist upon the destruction of the former.

This was his destiny.


Each time the inheritors appeared, he would execute his mission conscientiously.


Never did he expect that…

One day, he would actually be chased by the inheritors!


He was being chased!

That inheritor was very scary…

He could sense an extremely dangerous aura from the card in the inheritor's hands. This was because earlier on, Little Four (the fourth mountain), which had not yet attained cognitive spirit, had died under the attack of it…

He could sense it.

That aura… was terrifying.

Hence, he started running away without any hesitation.

However, the sixth mountain was so huge. What could he do?

He had to run around it.


Lights and shadows circulated.

It seemed that some fleas had appeared, trying to block his way…

He was angered.

He was enraged!

It was true.

Forget about that fearsome and malicious human. Even these things wanted to block him?

He was the gigantic boulder man!

He was the incarnation of the sixth mountain!

Super fearsome!


He slapped the fleas and was on the run again.



He had been delayed for a while and they almost caught up.



The gigantic boulder man disappeared from the spot.

At this moment…

Wu Hongfei, who was in charge of blocking the way of the gigantic boulder man, struggled to climb up from below the ground… He had been slapped underground.

Everyone was silent.

Hence, the gigantic boulder man was still so ferocious!


Lights flashed before their eyes.

The Lu Ming sibling pair flashed across their eyes again, chasing the gigantic boulder man.

"Thanks," Lu Ming even greeted and thanked them. Without Wu Hongfei's painstaking efforts in stopping him, they almost could not catch up.

Wu Hongfei was speechless.

Damn you! Damn third wheel!

Everyone was speechless.

They were a little confused.

It was true.

Why would the gigantic boulder man flee?

You are so ferocious. Destroying the sister-brother pair will only take you a few minutes?

This assessment…

Why was it completely different from their imagination?!

Seemingly, it was an assessment of speed and survival skills but perhaps it was in fact assessing something else? Of course, they were also facing a rather serious problem —

The gigantic boulder man had run away. What would happen to the assessment then?!

Everyone glanced at each other with a dazed expression.

"Old Zhao, have you seen such a situation before?"

Niu Xinghai was pondering deeply.

"No," Zhao Yunshan said unhappily, "The legacy site is so precious and honorable. Who dares to mess around with it?"

He had participated in seven legacies!

A total of seven times!

For some of them, it was because his abilities were too weak…

For some of them, it was because he had not gone through such assessments before…

For some of them, it was because the conditions were too unique…

However, he had never seen any legacy that was so strange and mysterious! The dignified Swordsman assessments were topped by a two-star Card Creator, and even the incarnation of the assessment was being chased, resulting in a world of chaos!

Was this also Lunar Shadow's intent?!


When he attained the legacy, he wanted to see what this so-called assessment was about?!

At this very moment…

The Lu Ming duo was still pursuing the gigantic boulder man.



The gigantic boulder man did not stop moving for a single moment. He was fast.

However, no matter how fast he ran, he could not seem to leave the territory of the sixth mountain. Hence, he could only run back and forth in this enormous sixth mountain range.

Sometimes, Lu Ming would simply wait for him. Anyway, his elder sister would drive him to him with her chasing.

"Stop running."

Lu Ming looked at him smilingly. "It's pointless to continue running."

"You… are bullying me!"

The gigantic boulder man was infuriated.

"When did I bully you?"

Lu Ming did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Aren't you the assessment itself? Your mission is to test who is the strongest one and reward him. Do I deserve your reward?"


The gigantic boulder man shook his head. "But… not… everything."


Lu Ming felt ridiculous.

Based on the assessment rules, the stronger one was, the more they would be rewarded.

"Because… If you take everything, there will be nothing left for the rest," the gigantic boulder man said sullenly.


Lu Ming pursed his lips. "Your energy should be tempered energy? Is it prepared for three-star? Those people are four-star and five-star. Not many people need them!"

In his mind, the only one who was at a three-star level was Wang Xuan!


Given this guy's talent, most likely, he didn't need something like energy tempering.

"N-not them."

The gigantic boulder man shook his head. "The next groups of people."


Lu Ming's heart jumped a beat.

Next groups of people?!

The siblings glanced at each other and suddenly felt that something was not right.


"Isn't there only one batch of inheritors?"

Lu Ming suddenly asked.

"I-initially yes."

The gigantic boulder man scratched his head in puzzlement. "B-but… there are already many batches. H-hence, I can't give you all the energy."

Lu Ming's pupils constricted.

Initially, yes.

There were many batches?

These words of the gigantic boulder man revealed ominous information.


They were not the only inheritors of the Lunar Shadow legacy. Could it be that… Elder Lunar Shadow had created in bulk over ten thousand sets of Lunar Shadow Card many years ago?!


That was impossible!

A set of Lunar Shadow Cards could already cause such a sensation. If there were really over ten thousand sets of cards…

The legacy site would be overstretched!

No one should underestimate the ability of the cultivators in pulling all-nighters!

If there were really enough entrance tickets, they would refresh indefinitely until they attained the legacy!


They had never heard of this!

Hence, where did the 'many batches' from the mouth of the gigantic boulder man come from?

This place…

Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.


There was a deafening sound.

Lu Ming looked up, only to discover the gigantic boulder man quietly preparing to leave. It was bending down, tip-toeing, looking like it was on its guard…

Lu Ming was shocked!

Brother, are you mistaken about your build?

Damn, you have the height of a mountain when you stand up. Yet, you actually wanted to escape quietly… Moreover, such a skillful posture and movements, where did you learn them from?


At the sight of Lu Ming glancing at him, the gigantic boulder man rubbed his hands embarrassingly.

Lu Ming was speechless.


The gigantic boulder man also knew how to act?

"Come here, I won't tear you down."

Lu Ming sighed.


The gigantic boulder man boomed.


Lu Ming did not know whether to cry or laugh. "However, you have to tell me. Who are those people?"

"I don't know."

The gigantic boulder man squatted down and paused for a moment. Seemingly, he felt that his posture was not good. Therefore, he simply lay on the ground. "Anyway, there is always someone coming here after a period of time has passed…."

"Tell me about it."

Lu Ming squinted his eyes.


The gigantic boulder man was very obedient.

As long as he did not demolish him, he was very easy to talk to.

At this very moment…

Qing Ming City.

At a card shop in the downtown area.

"Little boss, get me two Leviathan Cards."

A customer entered.


Xiaobai sold the two Leviathan Cards that she had just created to the customer.

The sky gradually turned dark.

Xiaobai then closed the shop and returned home.


Although master sent her home, her father was seldom at home and she felt bored. Hence, she simply came to the shop on her own accord and opened it for business.

"How's it today?"

Smiling, Jiang Feng looked at his daughter.

"It's still not too bad."

Xiaobai was very happy. "The shop's business is not too bad."

Jiang Feng's face darkened. "I'm asking about your learning progress!"

Earlier on, didn't this child say that she could practice her techniques in the shop as it was very quiet?!

To hell with it… The business was not bad?!


Xiaobai pondered seriously. "I've already learned lamination. I can create Leviathan Cards now. Master will certainly be very happy when he is back."

Jiang Feng was speechless.

Why did she talk about that brat again?!

Did I ask you about him?


I am your father!

Who was that brat?

"When I was young, I was much more capable than Lu Ming!"

Jiang Feng snorted coldly.

"Y-yes, Dad, you're the most formidable one," Xiaobai snickered.

"Go and practice in your room!" Jiang Feng said unhappily.

He really did not have any dignity in front of his daughter.

"Got it~"

Xiaobai waved her hands.

This girl…

Jiang Feng shook his head.


As his gaze landed on the table, his expression became grave again.

Speaking of that brat…

He had received some news recently. The Lunar Shadow legacy… Something did not seem quite right about that place…
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