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Divine Card Creator 130 The Sixth Mountain!

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The fifth mountain.

Lu Ming held Gao Xiaoqing's hands to cross the land of thunder and fire.

Gao Tianlang was dumbstruck.


Why was that girl with Lu Ming?!

Wait a minute…

They were holding hands!

Gao Tianlang's eyes spewed fire, as he stared intently at the two who held hands.

At this very moment…


A bolt of lightning struck.


Gao Xiaoqing muttered.

She was just an Array Master, her body was not as tough as Lu Ming!

Therefore, although the lightning only barely touched her, she could hardly bear it and let out odd sounds…


Gao Tianlang's expression darkened.

He felt like killing someone!

Damn Lu Ming!


He noticed that his sister had reached her limit with the lightning tempering and she was only one step to breaking through to four-star! As a result, he did not dare to interrupt them!


His sister would soon be a four-star!

The lightning tempering had such a magical effect!

Of course.

This was only so for a three-star!


Gao Tianlang clenched his fists.

He had to put up with it!

He must wait until his sister reached four-star level…

"Oh," Gao Xiaoqing muttered.

She shut her eyes, she could only passively withstand the waves of lightning attacks. All of her senses could feel that her energy was being tempered!

This time…

She must breakthrough!

On the other side, Wu Hongfei widened his eyes in shock.

Damn it!

They were holding hands now?!

Wooing Xiaoqing was part of his big plan to alter the Wu family's genes. He was still in the planning stage but Lu Ming had already started the courtship?!

He already had Lu Yan. How dare he set his designs on Xiaoqing?!

It was too much!


Gao Tianlang did not even say anything. There was nothing that he could do.


He quietly moved to stand next to Gao Tianlang. "Bro, how can you tolerate this?!"

Gao Tianlang cast him a gloomy glance. "Get lost!

I am not your brother!

Besides, could you stop what you are doing when you were next to me? Don't you find it tiring to talk while releasing your Sword Aura to go against the thunder and lightning and at the same time trying to surpass me?"

Shameless old fellow!

Moments later.

Lu Ming brought Gao Xiaoqing to the finishing point.


Just then a huge thunderbolt struck, Lu Ming felt relaxed and carefree. His energy level was nearing the brim, it exploded instantly when the energy from the lightning rushed into him!

It was a success!

The lightning in this assessment was indeed very powerful!

He only made two rounds and the black cat's energy was full!

His body, his energy, and the Original Card had been enhanced and strengthened. He could not tell how much they had improved, but it was just a feeling…

It was odd!


Lu Ming put aside his Original Card, he could vaguely feel an electric buzz on it.

In fact, he wanted to walk a few more times. Unfortunately, the cat had gone to sleep now that it was full of energy. He looked at the lightning bolts all over the assessment site and did not dare to go in again.

At this very moment…

Gao Xiaoqing moaned softly.


Lights danced!

A surge of power burst forth from her body.

Four-star, breakthrough!

Gao Xiaoqing had broken through to become a four-star!

Right then…

Gao Tianlang and the rest were already waiting at the finishing point.

But they did not know what to say especially upon hearing the groans and moans when Lu Ming and Gao Xiaoqing reached the finishing point at the same time.

"Brother. I have broken through."

Gao Xiaoqing was excited.


Gao Tianlang had mixed feelings.

His sister had broken through to be a four-star…

He should be happy, but why did he feel bitter?! Ah, it was some other man who helped his sister breakthrough…

As her brother, he felt that he was not needed.

At this very moment…


There were some familiar pictures on the stele.

First place: Gao Xiaoqing.

Second place: Lu Ming.


Zhao Yunshan's pupils constricted.

First place?!

It actually belonged to Gao Tianlang and his sister?!

Damn it!

Lu Ming, it was fine that you rushed to the finishing point. But why didn't you cross it first? Why did you allow Gao Xiaoqing to cross first? What was wrong with you?!

It was a little troublesome now…

This was the first time that he turned grim.

He was far better than Gao Tianlang in many ways, except that he was not as talented. However Gao Tianlang…

Was ranked first!

Although it was Gao Xiaoqing who made it possible!


It was still as troublesome!

Their overall score might be lower than Gao Tianlang's team!!!

This was the biggest problem!

"Gao Xiaoqing was ranked first?"

Lu Ming scratched his head. He did not take note of that.

It was true.

Since he was holding her hand, they did not notice who crossed the finishing line first.

And this was how it turned out in the end.

"First place?"

Gao Tianlang stared dazedly at the highest picture on the stele.


They ranked first!

This was the first time they ranked first in the assessment!

It was a great opportunity!

But when he thought about it, it was Lu Ming who gave the first place to his sister. This was problematic.

These two children…


Gao Tianlang swept his unhappy gaze across the two of them.

"There's nothing!"

Gao Xiaoqing blushed, waving her hands.

What was he talking about?!

Lu Ming needed the lightning and she provided it for him. That was all! They still had some grudges! She and Lu Ming were impossible!

"You have grown up."

Lu Yan stroked her brother's head with a smile.


Gao Tianlang swept his angry gaze over him.

Lu Ming was speechless.

His sister should not be saying this right now?!

At this very moment…


The assistant path appeared.

Niu Xinghai and the rest came over after completing the tempering.

"Calm down."

Niu Xinghai patted Zhao Yunshan on his shoulders. "Lu Yan already said that she brought Lu Ming with her so that all of you can see what the world is like…"

Zhao Yunshan was in a daze. Did Lu Yan say that?

But then again…

"Why didn't Lu Ming hold your hands and bring you to the finishing line?"

Zhao Yunshan scrutinized Niu Xinghai. "Useless! You can't even catch up to a three-star Array Master!"


Niu Xinghai rolled his eyes.


This was not about one's capability.

If Xiaoqing was not around, he would try to fight for this chance. But, with such a beautiful lady around, he had no chance of winning. Should he put on ladies' clothes to compete for Lu Ming?!

This was crazy!

But the data…

He squinted. It did not look good!

Although they couldn't care less, they had been keeping track of the data! Zhao Yunshan used to be one step ahead of others!

And now, he might lose to Gao Tianlang!

The next assessment…

He might have to go all out!

There were things that he could joke about and there were things that he had to be serious about!

Whether it be chit-chatting or ridiculing others, in fact, everyone had been keeping a check on what was going on. They never put down their guard and they knew very well that they might have to go all out to compete in the sixth round!


Everyone looked at Lu Ming with a gloomy expression. Would this fellow mess everything up?!

They were really worried!

This was a Swordsman assessment, no?

This was not a Card Creator assessment.

They carefully reviewed all the previous assessments, from the mental strength, to the body, to swordsmanship talent and Sword Embryo tempering. Every one of them was a Swordsman assessment!

It had nothing to do with a Card Creator!


Why did this guy rank first in all the assessments?!

It was fine that they ranked first for the assessment that Lu Yan took part in, but what about the other assessments?!

They were breaking down a little emotionally.

It was true.

They could accept it if Lu Yan was better than them.

But Lu Ming was just a Card Creator! He was only a two-star cultivator!

A two-star Card Creator had created a mess in the legacy. All the Swordsmen began to have doubts about life…

"It is just by chance."

Gao Tianlang's voice was low.

He believed…

It was impossible for Lu Ming to be able to pass every round easily!


He left with Gao Xiaoqing first.

That was right.

Everyone looked at each other and left one after another.

Very soon, they reached the sixth mountain and went over the mountain. A familiar scenery appeared in front of them.

The mountain was still a mountain.

The trees were still trees.

This was the most common scenery on the mountain top.

There was nothing special about the sixth mountain. There was nothing but lush trees and forests. But they could not help but feel that something was not quite right.

This place…

They walked to the foot of the mountain.

They took a closer look at the surroundings, but there were no changes.


Lunar Shadow's voice whispered in their ears.

"A Swordsman… has to stay alive… in order to have the chance to get the legacy… Do your best… to escape… the person who survives for the longest time… will rank first."

Lunar Shadow's voice faded away.


Stay alive?!


Everyone's expressions changed drastically.

What did Lunar Shadow mean by that…



Behind them…

The lush and green sixth mountain began to vibrate.

A landslide?


They turned back and were scared stiff. The sixth mountain slowly grew. It formed a boulder man that was as huge as a mountain!

It was massive!

It soared above the clouds!

"You… are too slow!"


The earth trembled.

The gigantic boulder man's low voice sounded like thunder.

Damn it!

Everyone's expressions changed drastically.

Nobody would have thought that when they reached the sixth mountain and they were just a few steps away from getting the legacy, the assessment would be a survival test!

People who were slow would die!

There was no finishing point here!

Lunar Shadow had been very clear. The boulder man at this level was not someone that they could deal with! Whoever survived the longest would rank first!

This was…

A real survival assessment!



The earth trembled.

The sixth mountain was ready.

"Old Niu!"

Zhao Yunshan snarled.

"Let's go!"

Niu Xinghai slapped his palm onto Zhao Yunshan's body. Strange black and green lights flashed. They seemed to turn into ghosts and they appeared in the far distance at the speed of lightning!


Gao Tianlang roared.


Gao Xiaoqing pressed two hands onto the ground.



An array was activated.

They suddenly sped up and broke through the air.

"Third uncle!"

Wang Xuan said in a deep voice.

"Let's go!"

The old man next to him nodded slightly and took him away.

"Are you okay?"

Wu Hongfei looked to the Card Creator next to him. He remembered that he had handed all the cards to Lu Ming.


The Card Creator searched through his pocket in the pants and took out a card.

Wu Hongfei was speechless.


The card dissipated in the air, bringing him and Wu Hongfei away instantly.

Right now…

It was the assistants' time to show what they were capable of!


For unknown reasons, their abilities should be limited right from the start, but there had been no limit. That was why the assistants were able to use their terrifying abilities right now!

They might not have powerful fighting skills, but when it came to fleeing…


They were better than Swordsmen!



Within a few seconds…

All of them had left, Lu Ming was the only one left behind.

Lu Ming was speechless.


Had all the assistants taken steroids?!
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