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The fifth mountain.

The inheritors were very silent.

No one expected such an outcome during Zhao Yunshan's first try!

It was too terrifying!

Too ghastly!

Forget about the lightning attacks. What about the magma explosion?!

Volcano's burst of lightning?

A single spark igniting huge flames?

T-this… They were almost cooked. How were they supposed to take on the assessment?!

They were unable to dodge the lightning!

Since they could not do so, perhaps it would not cause too much harm.

Wu Hongfei was slightly tempted. With a leap, he jumped into the assessment area and bore the brunt of a bolt of lightning. He was instantly charred on the outside and in a bad state.

He only regained his senses from the numb state after two whole minutes.


This lightning can temper energy and increase one's cultivation level,"

Wu Hongfei concluded.


Everyone sneered coldly.

Useless words.

Did they need him to tell them this?

They, too, knew the many uses of lightning but the utilization rate of this was too low!

For every bolt of lightning that struck, you could at most absorb one-ten-thousandth of it to temper your energy and body and increase your cultivation level. The remaining nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine would be used to electrocute you!

Could you really absorb it?

This would only happen at the legacy site. If this was the outside, one lightning strike would cause you to become invalid…


Seeing that everyone did not fall for his trick, Wu Hongfei could only return.


Wang Xuan suddenly stepped into the assessment area.


A bolt of lightning struck.

Wang Xuan swept across a ray of Sword Aura in his hands.


The Sword Aura ruptured.

The collision of the lightning and Sword Aura actually destroyed it in the air!

This was…

Everyone's eyes lit up immediately.

Their common sense had caused him to misjudge the content of the assessment. Who told them that Sword Aura could not destroy lightning? At the very least, it was entirely possible during this assessment.



Wang Xuan took several successive steps forward.

That strange and mysterious lightning followed him like a shadow. It would strike with every step that he took!

From the starting point, lightning would strike as long as they moved forward. One could only move forward normally after defeating this lightning!


In that case…

They would be able to reach the destination as long as they smashed this lightning?

It seemed very simple.


The first assessment was on reaction time?


One by one, the Swordsmen entered the assessment area.


When they truly began the assessment, they discovered that it was not as simple as they had imagined, because those damn lightning bolts were striking at increasingly sharper angles!

Their shapes were getting odder and odder!

Some of the lightning was in cracked shapes…

Some of the lightning was like beaded chains…

Some of the lightning was spherical…

The worst thing was… Damn, some lightning was actually in a 'C' shape. The lightning formed a humongous arch as they went around you and then attacked you from behind…

Did your family's lightning look like this??!


The further they moved, the odder the shape of the lightning. There were even shapes of animals appearing…



The Swordsmen were caught off guard and bombarded back and blue.

Each time they thought that they had correctly predicted the position of the lightning, strangely and mysteriously, the lightning would skim through on a trajectory or change its direction and then attack them from another angle!

Here, prediction was not effective.

This was not an assessment of reaction time!

This was…

"Dynamic visual acuity!"

They suddenly understood a little.


Dynamic visual acuity!

The true test of this assessment was dynamic visual acuity!

Each of the lightning of various shapes was moving rapidly and changing constantly. One had to detect them with an acute sense of perception!


To succeed in one strike!

That was the true objective of this Lunar Shadow assessment!

It was just that…

"Why are we tested on dynamic visual acuity?"

Wu Hongfei was puzzled.

The specialization of a Swordsman was the sword. Even their bodies were considered as an aid, much less peripheral techniques such as dynamic visual acuity. Was that not something for a Sharpshooter?

Why did a Swordsman need to learn this?

To aim better during a toilet trip?!

"It's very useful during actual fights," Lu Yan explained to everyone, "Having strong dynamic visual acuity allows you to increase your speed and accuracy when you're killing someone. You will be able to hit the vital parts of the body or escape more easily."

K-kill someone?

Wu Hongfei suddenly felt his mouth turned dry. "D-did you learn it before?"


Lu Yan nodded slightly.


All of a sudden, the world was silent.

Everyone glanced at one another and dared not pose any more questions.

Although they would encounter various kinds of dangers outside and inevitably, lives would be lost, none of them had specially learned such things before!

Those earlier words, simply put, meant —

Murder is my specialty!

Who would dare to continue with this conversation?

What if Sister Yan were to slash me?!

Sensing the awkward silence, Lu Yan felt a little apologetic.

Many of the participants in this legacy were students from The First Academy. She had no intention to stir up any trouble. She merely wanted to explain this to them.

She did not know why it would turn out as such.

"Oo, dynamic visual acuity…"

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

In his past life, he had come into contact with something similar.

There was a period when his vision was blurred and the sun looked green… Oh, putting this aside, anyway, his gaming standards dropped tremendously!

After going for a check-up, the doctor said that his dynamic visual acuity was poor.


In order to dash to the silver ranks in the Overwatch, he then began to practice fervently.

Visual acuity is a set of knowledge that encompasses many things including DVA (Dynamic Visual Acuity) and KVA (Kinetic Visual Acuity) and so on. He mainly practiced the DVA.

The effect was remarkable.

The so-called DVA (Dynamic Visual Acuity) was how to control the DVA, ride to Soldier 76 and Jesse Mccree within the shortest time and shoot them till they explode.


He was certain that he had trained himself correctly.

Because he had really attained the silver ranks afterward relying on this tactic.


He did not expect Elder Lunar Shadow to assess this as well!

Should he give it a try?

Lu Ming tried to step into the assessment area. One bolt of lightning appeared in the air and headed towards him. Before he could see it clearly, he had been struck. His entire body felt numb and he could not move at all.

Lu Ming was speechless.


His dynamic visual acuity had actually become so weak?!

He had in fact seen the direction of the lightning and had reacted accordingly. However, that angle…

He was still unable to see it clearly.



Lu Ming shook his head slightly. He had some regrets. It seemed that this assessment did not have anything to do with him.


He was unaware of something.

During the assessment.

Zhao Yunshan and the group had been paying attention to Lu Ming.


Lu Ming had fooled around during the past few times. This time, they specially observed Lu Ming. After confirming that Lu Ming did not manage to dodge the first bolt of lightning, they then felt assured.

You won't be able to mess around again this time!

After all…

You can't even duck the first bolt of lightning!

There was a long journey ahead on this fifth mountain and there were endless lightning, how could you possibly travel quickly?!

Lu Yan?

They specially cast a glance at her. Lu Yan was totally disinterested.



"Let's go!"

Zhao Yunshan and the group glanced at one another, in preparation for competition again.

This time…

It was a competition between them!



Sword Auras shone.

Lightning surged continuously.

The assessment at the fifth mountain was unprecedentedly lively and bustling.

At this very moment, Niu Xinghai actually joined them. However, he neither advanced nor averted. Instead, he endured the attack from the lightning!


Lightning struck!

Niu Xinghai revealed a slightly pained expression mingled with some comfort.


Niu Xinghai laughed loudly.

Everyone was shocked.

What kind of unknown fetish did this guy have?

However, at this moment, that five-star Card Creator seemed to have understood something. He also stepped into the assessment. Similarly, a bolt of lightning struck and there was a bright flash before his eyes.

"Sure enough, there are some effects!"

The Card Creator was overjoyed.


Lightning tempering!

It could increase one's energy and temper both the energy and body!


To Swordsman, the effect was negligible but for the assistants with extremely weak physiques, such an improvement was already powerful enough!


All this was free of charge!

As they were at the legacy site, this lightning would not pose any danger to their lives!

What kind of rare encounter was this?

So what if they were to endure some suffering?

This assessment was a jackpot for the assistants!

"All of you can go ahead and compete with each other!"

Niu Xinghai wore a relaxed expression. "I want to soak in a lightning bath. Hahahaha."



One by one, the assistants entered the assessment area.

"I-I'll give it a try too," Gao Xiaoqing said with a weak voice.


A bolt of lightning struck.


Suddenly, her body emanated a refreshing and fragrant scent. At that instant, everyone had a strange look on their face. This lady… She really wanted to become a wonder pill…


Gao Xiaoqing blushed instantly.

She did not expect the herb-like fragrance in her body to appear during the lightning tempering process!


She was very determined now.

Even if she was blushing slightly, she insisted on the tempering. Her energy, which was already tempered to a high level, was beginning to gradually improve in its quality as well…

She was only a step away from four-star!

She was going to have a breakthrough!

The Swordsmen swept their gazes across her but no longer paid attention. Without Lu Ming fooling around in this assessment, they were going to have a real competition!

"You should temper your body too."

Lu Yan glanced her younger brother.

Clinching the number one spot and things as such were superficial. Only actual improvements were tangible and useful.


Lu Ming nodded slightly.

Although it was only one-ten-thousandth of lightning tempering effect, he was contented.


He stepped into the assessment area again.


Lightning was striking!

Lu Ming did not dodge.



At this very moment, shadows and lights flashed before his eyes and the entire legacy site suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only an endless void in front of him.


A pair of cat eyes that looked furious!



Brother Cat!

Trembling, Lu Ming was jolted awake.
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