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Divine Card Creator 126 A Mountain Full Of Sword Auras!

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The third mountain.

Lu Ming was working hard on creating the cards.

While he was waiting for the assessment to end, he had already integrated the Full Moon seven times. Anyway, he only needed to turn his back to them and release his Original Card secretly.

It was pretty easy.



A brand new card appeared on Lu Ming's hands.


Energy rating: Two-star.

Movement method: Moon-like Sword Aura.

Energy requirement: Two thousand five hundred points


This was the new card.

He had no idea what effect it would have. But without a doubt, this was a two-star limit card!It was far more powerful than the current Full Moon!

Initially, he did not really want to use a new card.

It was because he was worried that others could tell the shape of his thoughts… it was too ugly! But on careful thought, this was an assessment of one's talents, it should have nothing to do with the thoughts.


Lu Ming made the strike.

He walked to the stele and activated the card.


Lights flashed.

An awe-inspiring Sword Aura that was condensed by energy burst and became a delicate and compact circular shape, it cut at the stele, making a large emptying sound.

The shape…

The radian…

Wait a minute.

Everyone felt that something was not quite right, this appearance… seemed to be a compact disc?!


The full moon released by Lu Ming looked like a compact disc!

Lu Ming looked grim. He did not use his thoughts. The full moon became a compact disc after it evolved!

Must be freaking kidding me?!


New data appeared on the stele—180%!


All the data disappeared.

The ranking appeared on the stele in accordance with the respective pictures of their Lunar Shadow Cards. The picture of the Lunar Shadow Card that Lu Yan and her brother had was ranked first!

Lu Ming: First place.


A shocking figure!

Even Gao Tianlang, the swordsmanship expert only managed to have 110% within such a short period of time. However, a Card Creator was able to reach 180%!

How could this be possible?!

Perhaps he had sealed the full moon in the assessment?


The shape was different.

After all…

Theirs was a full moon, while his was a compact disc.


The five-star Card Creator shook his head. "I have tried it. After sealing the full moon, the power was only about 30%."


It was only about 30%.

After all, they were only Card Creators and they could not grasp the essence. The full moon in the third assessment had danced in the air for a long time. By the time they sealed it, it had already weakened!

Besides, even if they replicated it perfectly, it would only reach 30 to 40%. Why did he reach 180%?


Didn't Lu Ming laze around with them just now?

When did he learn it?!

This feeling was very upsetting. It was like when they were in school and everyone complained that they had done badly on the exams, however, he would turn out to rank first in the exam…

Where was his shame?

"I don't understand swordsmanship."

Lu Ming was modest. "But I would watch when my sister practiced and I understood a bit of it. I did not go to any extra trouble, but I changed the lines slightly when I created the cards."



Was it that simple?

Before coming here, they heard that the strongest fighting vocation of The First Academy had been chosen and it was the Card Creator. Did it mean that a Card Creator was the strongest fighting vocation?

Everyone looked toward the five-star Card Creator of The First Academy.

The five-star Card Creator felt embarrassed.


He knew how to change the lines.

But he had to go through numerous tests and optimization experiments before he chose a more suitable altered effect.

What did he mean by did not go to extra trouble?!

Perhaps Lu Ming had inherited the ancient Card Creator legacy?


That was possible!

"It was really…"

Everyone was silent.

It turned out that when Lu Yan delegated the task to her brother, she was not looking down on them. Lu Ming was capable of doing it.

One felt upset at the thought of it.

At this very moment…

Wu Hongfei had mixed feelings.

It was fine that Lu Yan was gifted in swordsmanship. But as a Card Creator, why did Lu Ming have such superb swordsmanship?!

It would be too wasteful!

If the gift was given to him…


Damn genes!

But then again, was the genetic gap so huge? What about his future children? Would they lose at the starting line? Should he find someone to change his genes for the next generation? He supposed it was impossible with Lu Yan… well, the Gao family seemed to have good genes. Perhaps he should try it with Gao Xiaoqing?

Wu Hongfei suddenly had clarity of mind.

"Old Zhao, aren't you upset?"

Niu Xinghai smiled at his companion.

"Get lost!"

Zhao Yunshan sounded angry. "Why should I be upset? This pair of brother and sister are devils. I am no longer upset. Anyway, I admit that I am just average!


It's those that are talented that should be embarrassed."

Therefore, everyone looked toward Gao Tianlang.


Xiaoqing was slightly worried.


To everyone's surprise, a lot of emotions flashed across Gao Tianlang's face, but he eventually calmed down. Perhaps, he was used to being defeated by Lu Yan. He was better able to withstand pressure now.

"You should learn swordsmanship."

Gao Tianlang sounded very serious when he spoke to Lu Ming.


Given his talent, it was a pity not to learn it.

Lu Ming coughed.

Learn swordsmanship?

He himself knew whether he was gifted or not.

Besides, he realized that Gao Tianlang and his younger sister Gao Xiaoqing were sincere and honest people, he felt embarrassed to bully them.

Let bygones be bygones. They should forget about the bulls!

After a short rest…

Everyone proceeded to the fourth mountain.

Perhaps they had been dealt a harsh blow, the atmosphere was heavy. No one made a single sound when they proceeded to the next mountain.

There was a shocking scene in front of them.



Countless Sword Auras appeared in front of them!

Numerous Sword Auras plunged down from above, they seemed like sharp swords that dropped from the sky, falling straight onto the fourth mountain, stabbing into the ground!

It was like a mountain full of Sword Auras!

There were endless Sword Auras!

The huge fourth mountain was covered with Sword Auras!


Everyone was astonished.

They had never seen such a shocking sight!

Tens of…

Hundreds of…

Thousands of…


Every Sword Aura was perfectly inserted into the ground.

"It is very powerful."

Lu Yan was surprised as well.

It was like a mountain full of Sword Auras! It would cost a lot!

Previously, she was already somewhat surprised by the snowstorm that was full of sword intent. But looking at the sky full of Sword Auras, she knew that she had underestimated veteran Lunar Shadow!

The assessments were extensive…

What kind of legacy was this?!

Everyone was startled.

Right then…

They never had such burning gazes.

It was too powerful!

The legacy…

They had to get it!

"Children… Gather as many Sword Auras as possible…"

Lunar Shadow's voice sounded.


Wu Hongfei had an idea.

This word…


He stepped into the assessment area and smashed one Sword Aura to pieces. The Sword Aura turned into a stream of light and entered the Sword Embryo.


Lights danced.

His Sword Embryo had become stronger!

"Sword Aura tempering!"

Wu Hongfei was elated.


Sword Aura tempering!

The sky full of Sword Auras was an assessment as well as good preparation.

This time round, the assessment was no longer about the body or the thought, it was about the basics of a Swordsman—Sword Embryo!

Although the Sword Auras were being protected by some special barriers, so that it could be permanently inserted into the ground, as long as the barriers were broken, the Sword Aura would be integrated into the Sword Embryo, strengthening it! According to Lunar Shadow's instructions, the person who had the most Sword Auras would most likely get the legacy!

"Let's go!"

Gao Tianlang and the rest joined in as well.

This time, they would not waste any time!


The sword gleam flashed.

A lot of Sword Auras were being destroyed.

It was just that…

Gao Tianlang paused.

He could clearly feel that among those Sword Auras that were destroyed, those that were further away and closer to the finishing point contained more Sword Auras. It was a few times more than those at the front!


If he wanted to get the most Sword Auras and to have the best tempering effect…

"Let's go!"

Gao Tianlang took his sister with him and dashed to the finishing point without hesitation.

He had to start from the finishing point!

He would have the best effect if he started destroying the barriers at the finishing point!

Zhao Yunshan and the rest were in a daze before they quickly recovered themselves and dashed to the finishing point. They randomly destroyed a few Sword Auras along the way, and true enough, there were more as they moved further ahead! When they were halfway there, the Sword Auras that could be integrated were already ten times that of those at the starting point!

Since that was the case, those at the finishing point…




Everyone dashed to the finishing point.

Niu Xinghai and the other assistants could not help but charge forward. There were no rewards for them in the previous round, how could they miss out on the rewards in this round.

Although it was Sword Aura…


The auxiliary vocations had their individual cores as well!


The fireball in the hands of the six-star Elementalist exploded and he destroyed ten Sword Auras in one go, revealing a thrilled look on his face.

The Sword Aura tempering…

Was effective on the magic core as well!

"Let's go!"

He dashed toward the finishing point.


In Niu Xinghai's hands…

A worm climbed onto one of the Sword Aura, gnawing away the barrier. The Sword Aura rushed into the worm, making it look intoxicated.

It had absorbed the Sword Aura.


It seems that other than the Sword Embryo, it is useful to the cores of all the other vocations."

Niu Xinghai was thrilled.


Everyone rushed to the finishing point, including the five-star Card Creator.

No one would miss this.

They made the correct decision instantly—reverse absorption! This was similar to what Lu Ming did when he tempered his body in the river!

He headed to the finishing point before he absorbed the energy.

Very soon…

All of them disappeared from Lu Ming's sight.

The fourth mountain was very huge, they could vaguely see the fifth mountain in the far distance. Perhaps, this was the biggest blessing that Lunar Shadow left for the Swordsmen!

After a long time…

They had finally reached the finishing point.



Everyone was excited.

They did their best to attack the Sword Auras.

The Sword Auras over here were much stronger and deeply rooted than those at the starting point. They had to use all their strength to destroy one Sword Aura. However, the effect was one hundred times higher than those at the starting point!


The Sword Aura tempered the cores.

Everyone was shocked.

It was a rare chance!

It was the biggest blessing!

No one would attack someone else, as there was an abundance of Sword Auras here!

The fourth mountain seemed to be infinite. Even at the finishing point, it was wide enough for everyone to have their own area to work on. No one needed to fight with each other over the Sword Auras!



There was a glowing radiance on everyone's face.

"My Sword Embryo is steadier!"

Wu Hongfei was thrilled.

The Sword Embryo in his hands had already achieved concretion!

This was his weapon as well!

The weapon that used to be flawed as he was seriously injured became flawless and it was stronger and more powerful!

"My Original Card is stronger!"

The five-star Card Creator was ecstatic.

He worked hard for a long time to create a powerful card. He finally destroyed a Sword Aura and the Original Card was being tempered! In that case, would the lines drawn by the Original Card be more stable?

"My array core has become stronger."

Gao Xiaoqing was excited.

She did not expect that as an Array Master, she would have such a rare opportunity!

This assessment…

She had gained a lot from it!

Right then…

Everyone was very diligent.

Everyone had forgotten about the competition or to think about the ranking. All they were interested in was to keep improving!

While Wang Xuan was absorbing the Sword Aura, he suddenly thought of Lu Ming. He was nowhere to be seen at the finishing point!

It was not scientific at all!

This was a great chance to increase one's capability, why would Lu Ming give up on this?

How could that be possible?

What was he doing?

After a long time…

Just when they had cleared a small area of Sword Auras, and everyone's core had been improved, they could feel a strong vibration!


The Sword Auras kept vibrating.


The ground was shaking, the entire fourth mountain was shaking!

What's the matter???

Everyone was in shock.

They wondered what had happened in this assessment!

Wang Xuan who had been through this came to a realization, this was…


He yelled, retreating to the finishing point with his third uncle.

The rest of the people were also dumbfounded.

But seeing the terrified look on Wang Xuan's face, they did not dare to loiter.



Everyone retreated to the finishing point.

Right then, many cracks appeared in the ground. The Sword Auras that were being deeply entrenched shook crazily, exploding all of a sudden.



All of the Sword Auras burst!

The fourth mountain was collapsing!
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